Monday, May 2, 2011

New Moon in Taurus and the Canadian Federal Election

It's Election Day in Canada, and it's unfolding under the Dark of the Moon in Taurus. I'm sure the date of this election is no coincidence. Stephen Harper, the Bilderberg-approved head of the newly re-branded "Harper Government" is a 9 degree Taurus Sun. The New Moon happens on the 12th degree.

By 1:51 a.m. Central tomorrow morning, things have been astrologically set to unfold into a Taurus New Moon and a new Taurus-led Stephen Harper government. It will more than likely be a minority government again, something Harper can't stand. So that's one ray of sunshine. Can't fight that Libra North Node conjunct Juno, Stevie! Especially now that transiting Saturn is conjunct it.

Most know I'm a big non-fan of Harper and of the neo-con Harper Conservatives. But I'm not really a fan of any of the candidates, to tell the truth. At a certain level of governmental hierarchy, they all play the same game these days. I don't see any of the candidates as strong enough leaders to pull us out of the quagmires we've entered. I don't think you reach that level of government at this point if changing direction dramatically is your goal.

Do I think an NDP or Liberal government will get us the hell out of Afghanistan and Libya? No.

Will a national leader from one of those parties ban genetically modified alfalfa and kick the rest of the crap out of the country? Will they extricate this nation from the North American Union? Will they stop development of the tar sands and of the nuclear industry and move into the free energy sources that have been so far suppressed? Will they dismantle corporatism and class injustice and restore power to the people? I don't think so.

Regardless, anything that decreases Stephen Harper's power is a good thing in my books.

At the same time, the mass media diversions away from the Japanese nuclear disaster are coming fast and furious. First was the royal wedding and now, lo and behold, Osama bin Laden has been killed! This will most certainly make the rogue attacks on Libya easier to swallow by the North American public.

Just in time for Obama's appearance on Oprah. How convenient.


Willow said...

Oh. Dear. God.

The CBC has just called a Conservative majority.

Quintuple unhappy face.

Willow said...

I think it was freeforall who said we should keep a close eye on Harper as he was not above rigging the election.

To me, there is no way we come out of a minority government with the country as divided as it is...into a Conservative majority.

Harper is the most Americanized Prime Minister we've had, and with all the Aries in the election chart, it's going to be war, war and more war.

Really, really bad news coming out of Canada this morning, kids.