Thursday, April 28, 2011

Aries Planets Trine the Sagittarius North Node: A Generous Boost Over the Hump(s)

April 30 - May 15

We're heading into that two-week glory span of time when the planets in Aries conjunct each other and trine the Sagittarius North Node before moving out of the massive Aries stellium and into Taurus.

We're going to get a generous boost from the universe long as we don't get greedy. Jupiter/Sagittarius energy is beneficial, expansive and generous, but it also has the tendency to trigger overconfidence, over-expansion, and gambling with a resultant fall on our faces unless we keep a realistic, level head with both feet on the ground. Luckily, the Sun in Taurus assists us to do just that so this boost can really dig in and get us somewhere.

Both Mars and Venus in Aries have busted out of their squares to Pluto in Capricorn (which stationed retrograde April 9), and we're hitting a burst of lovely energy that gives us a big boost in whatever direction we're moving in. This burst forward is the reason heeding and acting on the Mars in Pluto square was so necessary. We have to be going in the exact right direction personally within the true broader context of the times in which we're living in order to get the full benefit of these trines to the North Node, which includes Jupiter in Aries, the North Node's dispositor.

Trying new things, moving in new directions and broadening our horizons in whatever ways inspire us are lucky now, as long as we have heeded Pluto and dropped absolutely every direction that is not necessary. The more detritus we've purged and the more effective and streamlined we are at this point, post-Pluto square, the more we progress.

If you've been toying with doing something new, now is the time to get it fully on the move. This is a timeframe when we need to be inspiring ourselves daily and acting on impulse in ways that excite and interest us. Think big, believe in yourself and take action.

April 30 - Mars conjunct Jupiter in Aries at 22 degrees
May 2 - Mars in Aries trine the North Node in Sagittarius 24 degrees
May 9 - Mercury conjunct Venus in Aries 22 degrees
May 7 - Jupiter in Aries (dispositor) trine the North Node in Sagittarius 23 degrees
May 10 - Mercury and Venus in Aries trine the North Node in Sagittarius at 23 degrees
May 11 - Venus conjunct Jupiter in Aries 24 degrees
May 11 - Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Aries 24 degrees


Anonymous said...

Well thank goodness!.Have been coming home from work and placing a cold wet washrag over my temples and crying-Kauai

Willow said...


Yeah, the structures slowly imploding creates a pressure cooker. Take good care of yourself...and think about new directions. Things aren't going to get any easier with the Cardinal Grand Cross.

Anonymous said... too (work and crying scenario).
i feel like jumping ship, before i get pushed.
am tweaking my mind set accordingly.

my thoughts are with you, i need some shift in the current drag..........