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A Cardinal Grand Cross Summer Solstice and Triple Eclipse Season: Here We Go Again

Flooding in southeastern Saskatchewan.

- Gemini New Moon: June 1, 2011 at 4:03 p.m. Central, partial solar eclipse at 11 degrees
- Sagittarius Full Moon: June 15, 2011 at 3:14 p.m., total lunar eclipse at 24 degrees
- Cancer New Moon: July 1, 2011 at 3:54 a.m., partial solar eclipse at 9 degrees

Cardinal Grand Cross Summer 2011

We're heading into very similar astro conditions as last spring/summer with a Cardinal Grand Cross forming by the June 21 Summer Solstice and the entry of the Sun into Cancer.

It feels like deja vu. Or rather it feels as if we never left the conditions of the Summer of 2010. Ontario, Canada was turned into a "you aren't in Canada right now" official police state as it hosted the G8 and G20 meetings last summer for the initial ingress of Uranus into Aries. The tone and agenda were set at that time for the series of Uranus in Aries - Pluto in Capricorn squares running through 2015.

Currently, we have widespread flooding in the Canadian prairie provinces, just like last spring. Roads are closed and washed out. Homes are flooded. I don't remember my home area ever flooding, and now it has been under water two years in a row. Many farmers were unable to seed crops last year due to excessive moisture, and the same problem two years in a row is devastating. Many farmers who were able to plant last year saw their crops drowned out later. In addition to the obvious hit to food production and farmers' incomes, there were many offshoot problems, including honeybees starving to death because there were no flowers to sustain themselves with. Honeybees starving to death in addition to the mass deaths due to colony collapse disorder. Very, very unpleasant. A harbinger.

Last year on April 20, the Deepwater Horizon exploded, leading to the ongoing nightmare of oil, Corexit and synthetic oil-eating micro-organims that has laid waste to the ecosystem of the Gulf of Mexico and caused tens of thousands (more?) of people to become sick. Some are dead. People are dying of bacterial infections down there or just dropping dead with no satisfactory cause. Many have flesh-dissolving rashes. Respiratory problems. Pain. Nausea. Diarrhea. Tremors. Exhaustion. Their organs are compromised. Cleanup workers are going blind from exposure to the toxins. Three-year-old children have chemical toxicity and kidney stones. People have been poisoned and infiltrated with organisms the human body has never experienced before.

Peoples lives, livelihoods, ways of life have been wiped out. Florida Oil Spill Law remains the best site for ongoing coverage of the Gulf.

But the world media has moved on.

Time has become compressed as we're psychologically and physically rocked by multi-layered global crisis events being set off like dominoes. Does it really feel as if an entire year has passed since the Gulf disaster? As the fabric of our energetic existence on this planet is screwed with by those who erroneously believe they hold dominion over God, things have gotten very, very bizarre.

This April, we have another (in my mind pre-planned) End Times scenario going on with the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan. The earthquake/tsunami/nuclear crises were triggered just as Uranus slid out of Pisces and into Aries, moving into cardinal square formation with Pluto in Capricorn. Uranium square plutonium. The latest news I've seen on timeline indicates a best case scenario of nine months until they can contain the radioactive emissions. Food, milk and water are now contaminated with radioactivity. It's hard to say how far it will reach, but my guess is, after nine months or more of continued spewing radioactivity, there won't be many areas on this globe completely spared. The Northern hemisphere will be widely affected, at the very least.

We can expect the Summer of 2011 to be a continuation on the theme - another tension-filled and unpredictable summer with many things coming unglued both personally and on the world stage. The mind-boggling shitstorms we're dealing with on this planet continue to sink in at the same time as new ones are unleashed.

The ballgame continues to shift. The cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) relate to the points in the year when the seasons change. We're in the midst of a period of time (2010-2015 most intensively) when all four seasons change at once - and then again, and again, and again. This hasn't really let up from last summer's cardinal action, and it increases stress levels. The next steps on the global agenda are unfolding, and people are striving to find survival territory - both physical and soul-level - in their own lives.

As upheaval-weary as the human population is at this point, we've only just begun. New directions are being forced on multiple fronts with new community leaders coming to the forefront out of sheer necessity as the global agenda steamrolls ahead.

Mercury will enter Cancer June 16 and kick off a two-month Cardinal Grand Cross. This is two oppositions forming four squares among the initiatory, leadership-oriented cardinal signs. It is kept strong as Mercury, the Sun, Venus and then Mars in Cancer trigger the Cardinal Grand Cross configuration into late August opposite Pluto in Capricorn with Uranus in Aries opposite Saturn in Libra. Saturn in Libra stations direct June 12 at 10 degrees.

Squares (90 degrees) and oppositions (180 degrees) are considered challenging aspects requiring a great deal of energy, focus and dedication to successfully navigate. In the cardinal signs, these aspects are forcing us to make our moves under tense and pressure-filled conditions. Let's be clear: we're taking the directions that are being spurred and stepping into newly opened leadership positions with humanity under various levels of duress. Anyone who doesn't acknowledge this fact is not fully aware of the situation on this planet.

This summer, things are even tighter than last. There is even less room for error or for denial. Last summer, the configuration was actually a cardinal t-square with the fourth leg of Saturn in late Virgo making it an energetic Grand Cross. It was a Grand Cross by orb (degree), but it was not a Cardinal Grand Cross because Saturn was in a mutable sign.

This summer, Saturn's in Libra, and we've got the full-on real deal.

In addition, Uranus will be highly potent, pulling into a retrograde station July 9at 4 degrees Aries. As it stations, Uranus will be within a degree of its first exact square to Pluto in Capricorn at 5 degrees Capricorn within the Cardinal Grand Cross formation. This is some lightning-hot intensity ahead of the first exact Uranus-Pluto square June 23, 2012. Next spring/summer, Saturn will be in late Libra, out of orb of the Cardinal Grand Cross.

If people were able to resist or deny the grand-scale movements and global upheaval initiated (and forced) during the cardinal t-square summer of 2010, that will change this summer, the Cardinal Grand Cross summer of 2011.

Sagittarius North Node: Our Real History Isn't in the History Books

With the North Node transiting Sagittarius, there will be renewed optimism and expansion in our lives betwixt and between the horror. It's when we're pushed to our breaking points and beyond that the power of our inherent wisdom, passed along through generations enduring historical horror after historical horror, proves its real mettle. Here, we draw strength from the real history on this planet - our history, the people's history. The grace and wisdom we've gleaned through our cultural heritage moves through us, lives in us, guiding us and connecting us across cultural lines, hand-to-hand, heart-to-heart. This is the truth of the human condition on this planet - for those who know and live it.

The versions of truth being portrayed on this planet - even the supposed alternative versions - are not even close to the real story. The magic we hold has never been captured by their history books. What we know could never be contained there.

What the history-keepers (predominantly men) of the world think matters is not what I think matters. My version of an important historical event or trend, what's important to me personally, wouldn't be big or sexy or monied or deadly enough to enter their record books.

There are those who think they have the story all wrapped up. We know differently.

The women of the world have the missing half of the puzzle inside them.

As Jupiter enters Taurus June 4 and becomes the dispositor of the North Node, we draw on the wisdom of simplicity, goodness in basics, groundedness, reserve, and one of the most important aspects of humanity's continuation on Planet Earth - endurance. Like the bull, we persevere. We dig in. And we really don't get too excited about much of anything - even a two-month Cardinal Grand Cross within triple eclipse season.

Triple Eclipse Season

The Cardinal Grand Cross at the northern hemisphere's Summer Solstice this June is sandwiched in a triple eclipse season, which includes a total lunar eclipse at 24 degrees Sagittarius conjunct the North Node.

We're not going to be able to hold standard positions in the same old fort this summer. Everything is on the move. The cardinal points are triggered all at once, and there's no damming ourselves up against the force of what needs to move. Things are not as they were, and we come to understand more fully what that means.

Eclipses usually produce a between-spaces, unglued energy, resulting in big emotional back-drop changes and sometimes involving shattering events. The timing of global socio-political events is often tied to these points. Eclipses happen every six or so months and are basically New and Full Moons that involve a more exact alignment than usual of the Sun, Earth and Moon and are considered more potent than standard New and Full Moons because of it. There are usually two - a Full Moon eclipse and a New Moon eclipse - though three is not all that rare. The last triple eclipse season we had was July/August 2009.

From June 21, 2009: Two New Moons in Cancer and Eclipse Season, All Wrapped Up in a Plutonic Bow

This summer we have three eclipses (Gemini New Moon, Sagittarius Full Moon, Cancer New Moon) in combination with the two-month Cardinal Grand Cross, shaking our foundations and spurring movement that much more.

The Gemini New Moon partial solar eclipse June 1 happens trine stationing Saturn in Libra. With the South Node also in Gemini, the era of much too much information, constant contact, milli-second attention spans and instantaneous, multi-front communication is coming to a close. Though now a part of many lives to some degree, social networking has reached its peak. The fevered pitch has broken, and the din dulls now to a manageable hum. Society starts to wean itself from its constant connection addiction, moving into the Sagittarius North Node of direct experience in the world, real, meaningful conversation, and the type of guiding wisdom and intuition that doesn't really have to say a word.

We started into electromagnetic detox and a detox of the mental environment as the North Node entered Sagittarius March 3. This New Moon eclipse influenced by the South Node steps it up a few notches, moving us out of the social backdrop where people, en masse, are constantly, ridiculously glued to internet/cable/cell/Blackberry/Facebook/Twitter/iPod, etc. The high adrenalin communication junkie vibe becomes passe. The collection of as many friends and feeds and sites and followers and perspectives as is humanly possible goes on the wane.

With a trine to Saturn in Libra, the communication channels we do receive necessarily become streamlined - quality over quantity. We'll be looking for more substantial information and connection over entertaining fluff. More serious, adult fare than the perpetually high school-ish chitter chatter that has become omnipresent over the last decade. The stylish, stylish yet unsatisfyingly superficial perspectives being churned out and sold on internet, in magazines and on television will no longer be cutting the mustard. It will become harder to propagandize and put one over on an increasingly media and politics-savvy public with the North Node carving out a track in Sagittarius. The same old ploys and diversions no longer work - though there are some big blind spots and pitfalls associated. I've been writing about this theme for a while, but things should shift dramatically after this eclipse.

The Full Moon total lunar eclipse June 15 happens at 24 degrees Sagittarius conjunct the Sagittarius North Node. This is another strongly symbolic time for the unfolding of current overseas war agendas. Following the guidance of our inherent wisdom, especially the old school wisdom of female kin, keeps us on track during a time when, with the Sun conjunct Mercury in Gemini conjunct the South Node, the propaganda will be flying fast and furious, spurring the next chapter of "war on foreign terrorists." We have to listen beyond the words to hear the truth. Expect directional and philosophical shifts both personally and globally as the grand-scale global power shift and shuffling of the cast of characters continues.

The New Moon partial solar eclipse July 1 at 9 degrees Cancer happens just one degree off the "Haiti Earthquake" Full Moon partial lunar eclipse (10 degrees Cancer) on December 31, 2009. This is one of those prime symbolic times, so seismic activity would not be a surprise. Don't blame Mother Nature if it should occur.

The New Moon Cancer eclipse happens on Cancer Sun nation Canada's birthday - July 1, and we can expect this nation to rise to new prominence in the furthering of the current global agenda. Its merger with the Cancer Sun nation to the south is a done deal, and it is acting as an arm of the U.S. miltary in Afghanistan and Libya. This includes the escalation of Canada's role in the attacks against Libya with Canadian General Charles Bouchard being appointed head of the NATO campaign. Four hundred thirty five Canadian personnel are currently involved. Canada still has a sort of benign, "peacekeeper" image on the world stage, but my guess is that will hold out about as long as Obama's Hope Train did.

The Cancer New Moon eclipse happens three days prior to the birthday of the Cancer Sun nation to the south (Independence Day), and this is a nation whose fundamental understanding of itself is in the process of shattering. The United States' ego (Sun) has taken multiple hits - though it's still running on bravado in a lot of cases. Like those CEOs who saw that the jig was up but kept flying around making bad deals on the private jet. A new global role for the United States continues to emerge as the financial string-pullers shuffle the deck. The U.S. economy is still being artificially propped up. It's running on fumes, postponing the full brunt of the 2008 orchestrated economic collapse that began as Pluto entered Capricorn.

The Summer of 2010 also involved eclipses along the Cancer/Capricorn polarity - the third of three sets of eclipses on that polarity. From those eclipses:

Post-Eclipse Emotional Backdrop Transformations and What the Crab Can No Longer Deny


Anonymous said...

With regard to...

"women of the world have the missing half of the puzzle inside them..."

Indeed they do, and this one is tirelessly speaking out: A must see video:

Anonymous said...

I apologize that the above U Tube link does not work, apparently You Tube has "scrubbed" or censored it!

It was Dr. Helen Cadicott speaking in Montreal at length on the deadly danger of the "fallout" from Japan.
Her website is "still" up, and she minces no words about this huge cover-up.
Her website:

Deb said...

Willow, hope you're OK out there with the floods. Our town becomes flooded all too often (even after delicate showers sometimes) due to our poor infrastructure and the fact that our ick-foundation is built on a marsh (I know, we're not planning on staying here forever-- we rent). Nor'Easters screw us, naturally. But I don't even want to begin to imagine the aftermath of a hurricane here thanks to all those cardboard "luxury" condos continuing to sprout up all over the place, doing away with whatever protection from storms we once had...

Sigh. Greed and corruption are ugly.

Take good care of yourself and be safe!

(And right on about shifting from shallow-talk to real-talk. I'm with you.)


Willow said...

Thanks for the re-link, Anon. I saw Helen speaking about it on an FB link, and it's highly pertinent.

Deb, I'm fine where I am, but I'm worried about more massive crop failures. Honeybees starving! And then people do. :-(

libramoon said...

Canada Election 2011 - Who to Vote for!

freeforall said...

Thanks Willow, awesome analysis. We're in for a ride this summer! It is a concern about the floods and food. I forsee this creating a big problem that will become very evident this winter. A lot of people growing their own fruit and veggies this summer, even in containers, to supplement their household needs.

Not happy about the honeybees! Also concerned about the radiation from Japan. " effect on human health." Yeah, right! The Establishment thinks we're stupid, but people are waking up.

nelliep said...

Libramoon: It was my understanding this blog was non-political - was I wrong?

Anon and Ever said...

Yes it is an orchestrated economical crisis that continues in Europe...

All this is due to the basic mechanism at the core of the capitalistic economy, the Financial level...

Anonymous said...

nelliep said...
Libramoon: It was my understanding this blog was non-political - was I wrong?

I say EVERYTHING is political!

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As it says at the top of the website home page: Current transits and astro-journalism, blending astrology and the socio-political scene on the planet...
great info, thanks