Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Taurus Stellium Trines Pluto in Capricorn as the Canucks Celebrate the Birthday of the English Matriarch

This upcoming weekend is the first long weekend of the spring in this country, and many Canucks far and wide will be camping and drinking and whooping it up - or at the very least, taking an extra day off work - after coming out of the long, dark winter.

This holiday (falling on the first Monday on or around May 24) is unofficially called May Long but, outside Quebec where it is called Patriot's Day, it is actually a celebration of Queen Victoria's birthday - Canada's first sovereign and the matriarchal head of the British Empire at the time of Canada's confederation. In other words, this holiday is yet another shout out to Canada's toxic Mummy Dearest mother figure and the overlying and underlying power structures of the British Empire.

The Moon entered Capricorn this afternoon and will conjunct Pluto early tomorrow morning, setting a deep, dark, Plutonic emotional tone as people start to get the party started for the weekend. As usual, there is a lot more going on beneath the surface than is apparent to the beer-drinking barbequers on this traditional day of national celebration.

By tomorrow, Mars, Mercury and Venus are conjunct in Taurus at 7 degrees exactly trine Pluto Rx in Capricorn. The sign of tradition and living of the good life (Taurus) coming into flowing aspect with the corrupted power structures of Pluto in Capricorn.

Yesterday, I was at the shop where I'm doing readings and selling my jewellery, and I could feel people on the avenue starting to ramp up for the holiday. It was hot, sunny, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

Until the tell-tale white streaks appeared out of the back of an aircraft.

I watched from the counter as the aircraft sprayed one long streak through the otherwise entirely blue sky, and over the next couple hours, the standard hazy, filmy chemtrail clouds started to form.

I watched the people going by on the avenue, none the wiser. No one looked up from the busy goings-on. But I could see the whole scenario unfolding in the sky.

It was a hot, windy day, and I had the door open to let the breeze in. Bad idea. By later that evening, my lungs were reacting. I woke up throughout the night feeling chest constriction. By morning, my throat and airway felt raw, which has continued throughout the day. I'm a person with a history of asthma and allergies - my body has been rejecting this sorry, post-industrial revolution excuse for "air" since pretty much birth - so adding a layer of chemtrails is not a good thing.

We aren't going to be so lucky as to have a hot, sunny May long weekend. It's like clockwork every time the sun is shining. This morning, the sky was cloudy, and rain drops came down intermittently. I couldn't help but think that with the combination of chemtrail chemicals, leftover Corexit from the Gulf of Mexico and possible radioactive fallout from Japan, being caught out in the rain, especially with bare skin as I had, was not an innocuous thing. I also started to wonder if it would be wise to start wearing a mask while outdoors.

The Plutonic layers of the situation are bizarre, indeed - especially as the mainstream has no idea any of this is going on.

The Sun enters Gemini on Saturday (May 21), and the duality, the co-existence of multiple realities, becomes a prevalent theme.

In light of this, I say, hey, if we're going to celebrate the birth of the English matriarch, let's dig right in. Let's celebrate surviving the raw lungs, dry coughs, runny noses and fake clouds full of chemicals! Let's celebrate living through the multi-layered abuses from our power structures - the long tradition of living through them - as we watch powerful, murderous figures dupe the mainstream into thinking they warrant our celebration. Let's get right to that Plutonic edge with our Taurean good times and good food and good pals.

All hail the Queen! Cough, cough.


Anonymous said...

it's the same here in northern Wisconsin and it was the same in southern Oregon when I lived there: sunny day, then chemtrails, then days and days of overcast haze and coughing, coughing, coughing...

Willow said...

I think they've just upped the ante, too, as far as the potency of them. My friend in California said her lungs have been burning after the most recent spraying. Mine have been, too, and my throat is still raw. This is the most severe reaction I've had so far, and we only had a single trail sprayed.

Thanks for the report from your neck of the woods. It helps to talk about it - it's a very isolating feeling when you see this going on and 90% of the population has no idea.

P said...

Oh yeah, I felt this one...

It was my ex-husband's birthday. I hadn't told anyone in my social circle I am divorced. A few people found out through his FB profile that said he is divorced.

He / we filed for divorce last Aug, now the baby is born in May (9 months, less a week).

Transiting Moon hitting natal Juno, transiting Juno hitting natal Moon, natal Saturn squaring transiting Pluto, going thru Saturn return.

Yep, the gods love f***ing with me.....

Willow said...

And people think Juno is nothing but candy, flowers, and candlelit dinners! ;-)