Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Neptune Stations in Pisces and We Head to the Gemini New Moon Entryway Into the Cardinal Grand Cross/Triple Eclipse Summer of 2011

Flooding in southeastern Saskatchewan

As I've written about, the current cardinal t-square formed by Uranus in Aries opposite Saturn in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn becomes a quite unsettled (and unsettling) Cardinal Grand Cross mid-June through the end of August. We're under very similar astro conditions as we were last summer, only tighter and more condensed. The parallels are striking - and orchestrated.

- Last summer, the Canadian prairies, where I'm located, were flooded. This caused massive crop failures - if farmers were even able to get a crop in after an unusually cold and wet spring. Honeybees starved to death due to the lack of flowering crops - not a good omen.

This spring, we have more of the same: unusually cold temperatures and heavy precipitation. Farmers can't get on the land due to flooding. People along the rivers have been evacuated from their homes, and they're calling it a once in 300 years flood.

- Last spring and summer, the prairies had wild weather all summer long, including baseball-sized hail, destructive winds and tornadoes.

This spring, various U.S. states are experiencing deadly tornadoes and baseball-sized hail. A HAARP-induced tornado Sunday night in Joplin, Missouri killed at least 116 people and destroyed large swathes of the 50,000-person city.

More artificially-created, unnatural disasters are to be expected. Don't blame Mother Nature or even global warming on these ones. Their hands are being forced.

- Last spring, the major, gut-wrenching disaster was the oil/Corexit/synthetic micro-organism horror show in the Gulf of Mexico.

This spring, it's Fukushima. (Both events are under media blackout.) The most recent readings released to the public show radiation releases from Reactor 1 shot up from 45 sieverts per hour to over 200 sieverts per hour on May 22/23. For perspective as far as how much radiation this is: an exposure of six sieverts per hour results in almost immediate human death. With a timeline of nine months until containment (as if anyone could really pinpoint it), the entire northern hemisphere is at risk for contamination by radioactive fallout - all while the government and media tells us next to nothing. Almost 5,000 Japanese nuclear power plant workers have been found to be suffering from internal radiation exposure after inhaling radioactive materials near the disaster site.

- In April of last year, a volcanic eruption in Iceland spread ash across northern Europe, stranding 10 million air travellers.

This May 22, just after Family Radio's "Rapture Weekend," another volcano blew in Iceland, kicking up similar clouds of ash and causing more air traffic problems.

- Last summer, the G8 and G20 meetings took place June 26-27 under a cardinal t-square/energetic Grand Cross as well as a wickedly potent Capricorn Full Moon lunar eclipse exactly conjunct Pluto at 4 degrees. The meetings took place with Uranus on the zero degree of Aries, moving into its long-term square position to Pluto in Capricorn, and planning for the Uranus-Pluto square series was laid out.

This summer, NATO is involved in a brand new war against Libya, headed by Canadian General Charles Bouchard. The initial attack was scheduled to begin on the vernal equinox 2011 as Uranus re-entered the zero degree of Aries. (The invasion of Iraq was scheduled to begin on the vernal equinox 2003 as Uranus ingressed Pisces.) NATO warplanes have been bombing Libya since then with the heaviest shelling to date happening this morning. Three people are dead and at least 150 injured, many gravely.

Osama bin Laden's death was announced May 1 just before Obama's appearance on The Oprah Winfrey show, giving his approval ratings a boost as he leads the United States into another attack on a sovereign nation. Other reports claim bin Laden has been dead for years. Now, aggressive language is being ramped up against Pakistan for supposedly harbouring bin Laden, justifying an attack against that country.

It's all a farce.

As we head into another potent eclipse season within Cardinal Grand Cross, the socio-political scene across the globe is incendiary, and the orchestrated war machinations take direction from the energy and decisions made at those G8/G20 meetings under the Plutonic lunar eclipse.

Obama has recently made purposefully confusing statements about Israel and Palestine, with CBC reporter Neil McDonald writing: "A diplomatic fog surrounds U.S. President Barack Obama's explosive remarks last week about the borders of a future Palestinian state...The diplomatic fog, as is often the case, is deliberate."

You nailed it, Neil.

Neptune is currently stationing retrograde at 0 degrees Pisces (going retro June 3), and communication tensions related to this strong Neptunian overlay infuse the Gemini New Moon eclipse June 1. Everything has that tinge of foggy surreality - especially when related to the media (Gemini) - and this energy is being purposefully utilized to veil, divert, confuse, and sway mass opinion.

We're in a confusing and arduous place with this Neptune station, moving through life in a world where dream (nightmare?) and waking life are difficult to differentiate.

The Sun in Gemini is currently moving out of a square to stationing Neptune in Pisces. As the Neptune-influenced Sun moves through the eclipse and to a June 13 conjunction with the South Node in Gemini (followed by Mercury, Venus and Mars), media-related diversions abound. The line between truth and manipulated information is as blurry as a surrealist watercolour, and we're only getting the latter from most sources.

And still the Sagittarius North Node demands that we stick to the truth - staying firmly within the bounds of what we know and feel to be true, what we have faith in. This is the shield that keeps us sheltered as we move through the kicked-up Geminian detritus of half-truths, partial-truths, artifice, lies and utter bullshit. This is how we stay straight and true as an arrow, moving through the bluster of words and frequencies attempting to toss is this way and that.

- Gemini New Moon: June 1, 2011 at 4:03 p.m. Central, partial solar eclipse at 11 degrees
- Sagittarius Full Moon: June 15, 2011 at 3:14 p.m., total lunar eclipse at 24 degrees
- Cancer New Moon: July 1, 2011 at 3:54 a.m., partial solar eclipse at 9 degrees

- Cardinal Grand Cross (Uranus in Aries opposite Saturn in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn opposite Mercury, Sun, Venus, Mars in Cancer) in effect June 16 to August 29, 2011

Points of intensification:

- June 18 - 22 as Mercury in Cancer triggers the Cardinal Grand Cross
- June 25 - July 2 as Sun in Cancer triggers the Cardinal Grand Cross
- July 1 - Cancer New Moon partial solar eclipse at 9 degrees Cancer within Cardinal Grand Cross formation
- July 6 - 13 as Venus in Cancer triggers the Cardinal Grand Cross
- August 8 - 25 as Mars in Cancer triggers the Cardinal Grand Cross

Now, I'm pretty sure those who read this blog are able to handle and absorb the facts of our planetary situation, but for those who find information laid out like this overwhelming, I will remind you of the love, spiritual guidance and people fighting the good fight that you are always connected to, never separated from. We're experiencing this mystery together, and the love and spiritual power we belong to is so much stronger than the forces attempting to break it.

No matter what happens, you are loved, you are beautiful and you are whole. Every nasty trick and shitty turn of events is just one more layer to experience (with black humour, if possible), move through and shed. They never touch the core of you. They don't even come close.

The loving spirits we're connected to know what we're going through. The information we're collecting, the perspective we're gathering, and the work we're doing are invaluable. None of it goes to waste. All of it matters. We're here now for a reason, and for those of us who have the skills, getting to the root, to the full ground-level reality of what's going on here is where we're most effective. This is how we add to the cumulative knowledge of what's going on and what can be done about it. This is how we hit the energetic marks where things can change.

Not many can go there, right to the central points, so there is honour in doing so. It hurts. It's hard. It's scary. It's lonely. And you're honoured for doing so. Feel the lineage behind you. Feel the grit it's gone through. And honour yourself for being another sexy, hardcore motherfucker in a line of sexy, hardcore motherfuckers who had the courage to go there. Thank-you for having the courage to stay with it. It's not easy.

I don't live in terms of things being "light" or "dark," "positive" or "negative." I personally believe that the light-dark paradigm is an artificial one, perpetuated through New Age to keep people from their true effectiveness. To me, that way of looking at things is overly simplistic. It keeps people using training wheels. I just don't see things in those terms, flipping back and forth like a switch. I don't feel the subjects I write about are "dark" and that I then need to run out and take a bunch of hits of Neptunian ether "light" to counteract the effects.

My soul craves give-it-to-me-straight reality. That's what I find beautiful and inspiring. I know it and feel it, anyway. I'm not able to deny it. So to know the way things are on a deep level gives me strength. It validates that I am not crazy and that my experience of this planet is on the money.

I'm not attracted to gloss, watered-down social artifice, or artificial light. I like reading about reality, and that's what I like writing about, so that's my contribution. It's the type of information I find important and pertinent to the situation of being human on this planet at this time. So, to use a hockey metaphor, I have to keep driving to the net, and I can't and won't apologize for the information I include on this blog.

From now on, I write what I write, and the chips can fall where they may.


the BCth said...

Thank you, Willow, for letting the voice of truth speak through you so clearly and powerfully. Also, your wonderful words of encouragement came just when I needed them most. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Yes Willow we are loved. No matter the unspeakable evil mankind can shower on this planet, we will stand together in support of each other. Thank you and remember you are not alone.

Melissa said...

I live in the southern US, and when the horrendous tornadoes swept through the south, we were certainly hiding in small rooms bracing for the worst. Brian Williams, NBC news, spoke live on air with Weather Channel's Jim Cantore asking what was causing all of this… "Is it something we are doing?" Cantore replied, "there is no scientific data to support that, but the human in me says yes."

Deb said...

LOVE this post, especially this:

"I don't live in terms of things being "light" or "dark," "positive" or "negative." I personally believe that the light-dark paradigm is an artificial one, perpetuated through New Age to keep people from their true effectiveness."

"Optimism vs. pessimism" can also suck it.

I had a dream about violent, gigantic tornadoes coming, and they were anything but pretty. I think the US hasn't seen the worst yet.

But you know what? I don't feel afraid of any of the crap anymore. It's like I'm just not afraid to go anymore, and every day I'm less and less intimidated by idiots as well.

Thanks, Willow. You hit the nail on the head every time.

Willow said...

You're welcome, the BCth and Anon! Thanks very much for your comments.

Melissa, someone admitting to being human on air! That was quite a coup. I actually didn't know how bad the tornadoes were down there - don't know how I missed it, but it's news overwhelm these days especially when you have disasters going on in your own area. 329 people killed across seven states and utter devastation. :-( I'm really sorry. It's just terrible.

This is definitely not natural weather.

A comment from the most recent Dutch Sinse YouTube video:

"I'll say it again, they are out to destroy the "bread basket" of America."

I would agree and will add to that the Canadian breadbasket. It has been devastated with flooding, hail, destructive winds, etc. two years running now.

It has to be the food derivatives scheme...and also just gaining control as independent farmers are forced out. The Monsantification of the food supply.

Pakistan's breadbasket was also completely devastated by flooding last year, also.

That or it's all-out weather wars, and it's coming from another source.

Apparently, there was similar flooding and tornado destruction prior to and during the Great Depression. We are, of course, experiencing the same series of Uranus in Aries squares to Pluto that we saw in the lead up to and beginning of the Great Depression.
So they had this technology then and were using it.

Deb, I'll give you a "hell yeah!" on the optimist/pessimist thing, especially since being a realist who is aware of the situation too often equals pessimist and living in blissful ignorance or denial equals optimist. Not being afraid is a good place to be. It's very hard to be manipulated there. And thanks for your comments. To be honest, I can't keep up with everything that is going on, but I do my best.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Willow.Your post keeps me going.HI.

Diane said...

Been off the internet for awhile but I'm grateful you're still here and as I've previously requested please never stop saying what has to be said. Also thank you for reminding us that we are loved. For some reason I've been feeling this generalized non-fear for several weeks now and it's most comforting since we're just now entering our tornado month in my neck of the woods. As I've watched the skies darken and the storms approach, I can't shake the feeling that these megastorms are so terrifyingly beautiful [Kali?], they literally take your breath away in spite of the fact that they brutally extinguish life.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Keep givin' it to us straight! I'm still trying to figure out the light/dark stuff and I have to fall back on nature. What does a pack of wolves do when one of their own becomes abherant (eg:Kills their own or eats/destroys all of the food)? They act out of self preservation. Our self-preservation buttons seem to be turned off! But they can be turned back on as we see in Eqypt and Wisconsin.

NellieP said...

Great post, Willow!! Keep on keeping on - I am so proud of you :)

shannon said...

thank you willow. i honor you.
sending you love. always.

Willow said...

Actually, I guess the more likely scenario is that the flooding and tornadoes, etc. were natural at the time of the Great Depression and that they are being set off unnaturally now as Uranus squares Pluto in that sort of sick symbolism we've all grown to know and love.