Sunday, May 22, 2011

Vesta Conjunct Pallas Athene in Aquarius: Fighting for Our Investment in the Future

Asteroids Vesta and Pallas Athene are currently conjunct in Aquarius as Pallas slows for a retrograde station May 31. Under this aspect, we're fighting for the soul-level investment we've made in the future direction of life on this planet. We're fighting for a free humanity, and the effort takes all we have this week.

Pulling into the retrograde station, we're starting to tire. The fight has been long and hard, to say the least. Working for a broader vision of freedom, justice and equality on this planet has kept us battling, on the outside looking in in many ways. We knew the direction we had to go. We saw the path laid out in front of us. And we followed it, come what may. We've accepted our outside-the-mainstream status as bizarre, eccentric, odd, weird, misunderstood, and we've stood apart while holding the vision. We held the vantage point and kept driving forward because we knew what existed on this planet fell far short of where we needed to be.

But with Vesta and Pallas Athene in tense square aspect to the Mercury-Venus-Mars conjunction in Taurus, we're starting to wonder if it's even worth it anymore. We're starting to question whether we have it in us at this point. We're starting to ask, where's the incentive?

Don't let up. Don't give in. We've put too big a personal investment in (Vesta) at this point to let it slip away now, so close to the tipping point.

One foot in front of the other gets the job done this week as Pallas Athene inches forward, inches forward, planting the flag at 15 degrees Aquarius before falling back into a retrograde that goes all the way back to 27 Capricorn. Pallas will go direct again September 24. With Pallas Athene, the fight is a creative fight, so find whatever creative outlets and creative mojo you can find to eke out those last bits of driving feminine warrior spirit energy. Join with others of similar mind if you can and draw on the energy of the groups of people who also fight these fights in their own ways.

Pallas stations as we experience the Gemini New Moon partial solar eclipse June 1, kicking off triple eclipse season and the Cardinal Grand Cross summer of 2011. The battling, never-say-die feminine spirit infuses the proceedings.

Vesta, too, soon goes retrograde - June 21 at 19 degrees Aquarius until turning direct again September 16 at 6 degrees Aquarius.

Vesta represents a great soul-level investment. It is the flame we continually tend, keeping it alive and burning despite the personal sacrifice and diligence that entails. In Aquarius, it relates to the future of humanity on this planet. It's the direction taken right out of the Aquarian era gate. It's our own vision of the future that we tend, outside the carefully manufactured options presented to us that take us into more of the same.

Use the energy of the Taurus squares over the next two weeks to dig in and commit fully to your own version of the Aquarian future, staying grounded within some very bizarre and ungrounded societal and planetary scenarios.


Anonymous said...

I really get this...I have been spending the last weeks,before I get up to work in an enforced system of slavery with the rest of the planet..asking guides please take me home..I am so tired..I get it..what duality is..the skies,my food,everything is poisoned..everything is mind control.filth..everything is a lie..did I do enough for others, I ask myself?..can I make it the rest of the way?..Sunday bucked me up..let us go to the end together, my friends..I believe we are almost there..thank you Willow for your fire..I need this..kauai

Deb said...

I'm realizing that being on the outside enables us to pick and choose who hangs out with US. It's kind of a good place to be these days, actually :).

Love your work as always, Willow. And hang in there, Kathryn!

msfullroller said...

I had to read this post again today as I'm quite ready to just say F-it! One step forward is 15 steps backward. It does not help that I'm not feeling that well today either. Gonna take your advice and keep trudging on.

Thanks so much for your for your work!