Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Aries Stellium Completes Under a Full Moon in Scorpio

The Aries stellium we've been experiencing for two months finally burns itself out this evening as Mercury and Venus ingress Taurus, joining Mars and the Sun in the fixed sign of the bull.

As the moon grows full in Scorpio (exact in the early morning of May 17) and opposes the Sun in Taurus, the super-charged, full-blast initiating energy of the Aries stellium shifts. The last of the embers of the blazing, initiating fires wink out and we enter quieter territory. The green, green grass of Taurus may take a while to fully soothe our singed selves after two full months of blazing, fiery, Arien roar, but by this evening, our toes touch down, and we can take a breath on solid ground.

Venus enters very comfortable territory in its domicile of Taurus at 5:12 p.m. Central this afternoon until ingressing Gemini June 9. Mercury enters Taurus just an hour later at 6:18 p.m. until ingressing its domicile Gemini June 2.

Mercury and Venus are heading to a second conjunction at 0 degrees Taurus at 4:25 a.m. tomorrow morning, creating a cementing and solidifying touchpoint for the new directions coming out of the Aries stellium trine Sagittarius North Node. Work to ground what you like in your life. Things start to dig in.

Mercury and Venus were also exactly conjunct May 9 in Aries before Venus pulled ahead a little. Mercury was still slow at that point, gaining speed direct after its retrograde in Aries (March 29 - April 22). It has now regained full speed and catches up to and passes Venus in the zodiac, giving us a bonus conjunction, this time in Taurus.

Jupiter has also almost had its fill of ram, ram, ramming into new territory and moves into Taurus for its year-long stay June 4 until ingressing Gemini June 11, 2012. As of June 4, the dispositor of our path-guiding Sagittarius North Node becomes earthy, sensual, organically-timed Taurus, which we will need to keep us grounded during this summer's Cardinal Grand Cross and triple eclipse season.

We're hurtling toward this time frame, which begins with the Gemini New Moon partial solar eclipse June 1. The two-month Cardinal Grand Cross is first triggered June 3 - 5 with the Moon in Cancer and then June 16 as Mercury enters Cancer.

Mercury, the Sun, Venus and then Mars transiting Cancer keep the Cardinal Grand Cross hot, triggering Saturn in Libra, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn in waves until late August. Shattering changes spurring new initiatives and new leadership - a continuation and furthering of what was initiated last summer under similar configurations.

Two of the major Cardinal Grand Cross players station over the next while, increasing the potency and permeating the astro atmosphere further. Saturn stations direct at 10 degrees Libra June 12 and moves forward in the zodiac until stationing retrograde on the anaretic (29th) degree of Libra February 6, 2012. Uranus stations retrograde at 4 degrees Aries July 9 until stationing direct December 9, 2011. This is in addition to a Neptune retrograde station at 0 degrees Pisces June 3. Neptune dipped into its domicile of Pisces and now heads back into tail-end Aquarius for a bit of unfinished Pisces-to-Aquarius-related business.

The Aries stellium of planets trine the Sagittarius North Node definitely fired people up as far as socio-political ideas and personal beliefs. From a previous post:

"The North Node is in Sagittarius now disposited by Jupiter in Aries. Getting clear on our personal beliefs (and maybe more importantly, on what we don't believe), speaking up about it when necessary and directing ourselves accordingly are the keys to our successful progress here."

This energy was meant to get that Sagittarius North Node humming, with people directing themselves by their own guiding personal beliefs and truths, beyond culturally dogmatic or socially artifical constructs that were not getting to the heart of the matter.

Coming out of these trines, we should know exactly where we stand and where the people around us stand.

With the Uranus ingress of Aries March 11, we tipped the scales toward a stronger Aquarian overlay, out of tail-end Pisces. The lazy, hazy, glossed-over version of unity coming out of tail-end Pisces no longer gets the job done. It never really did. Under a stronger Aquarian overlay, our individuality and our true, raw personal perspectives and beliefs matter.

I've written about this before as it pertains to astrology:

"Astrology blogs, astrologers and astrology audiences are differentiating rapidly. Stronger astrological identities are being forged, and the distinctions of politics, perspective, beliefs and motivation are becoming more important."

So it was interesting to see how these themes came up during this period of time.

My most recent post on the Canada Day eclipse, Cardinal Grand Cross and Canadian uranium industry was censored on AstroDispatch. This is the problem that arises when another professional astrologer (a quite competitive one) is in charge of a situation that involves group effort and a range of perspectives.

I don't appreciate being censored. I don't think there was anything so inflammatory in that post that it needed to be censored. And I don't think one individual's personal politics should reign supreme over all others on that site. I'm guided to do the work that I do and to the topics and information I cover. It pertains to issues that need to come up into the public's awareness, and believe me, doing a post like that one takes a lot out of me energetically. I'm not doing it for fun or for blog hits or for popularity. And I don't believe it's the right of any other individual to cut that or any other post off at the knees in a public arena.

Coincidentally (or not), this censorship happened a few days after I was drawn to the comments section of another astrologer's post on the Osama death announcement. A commenter had written that he/she did not think astrology and politics should be mixed and was quite indignant about that post "crossing the line." I replied to the comment, writing that nowhere does it say astrology and politics should be separate and that I actually thought the most potent astrology of the day did take on the pertinent socio-political issues.

I think it's important to realize that the personal is political. People's decisions about what to do, what to say and how to live their lives are political. One astrologer's decision to write a post about uranium mining and the nuclear industry is political, just as another astrologer's decision to censor that post is political. This takes on even more relevance considering the media black-out on the nuclear diaster going on in Japan.

In other words, an astrologer who chooses not to touch the controversial socio-political issues of the time for whatever reason is making a personal political choice just as an astrologer who chooses to write and speak about them is.

There is a lot of hiding and glossing over of personal politics and true personal perspectives going on in the astrology of the day. A lot of astrologers choose not to say how they really feel about things so as not to alienate their followers, supporters or paid customers.

This is fine as long as people are aware that it's going on, but unfortunately, it's mostly hidden.

No one is completely neutral or objective. That doesn't mean personal politics enter heavily into paid readings - I'm sure most pro astrologers, like me, are careful along those lines.

But in the case of a site like AstroDispatch where astrologers' work is grouped together and lip service is paid to its diversity, a single astrologer's personal politics arbitrarily dictating what posts "cross the line" and where that line even is is not something I can personally support.


Melissa said...

As it is written, so shall it be done.

The prediction you wrote in the closing paragraph of your March 22, 2011 post segues smoothly into May 15.

Keep up the good work.

Deb said...

"A lot of astrologers choose not to say how they really feel about things so as not to alienate their followers, supporters or paid customers."

I can't add anything to that. Some people live on praise. You nailed it.

And we're definitely not completely objective and neutral around here either-- you're right about that, too. Which reminds me of my disdain for certain writers who spend too much time editing themselves and pretending to be neutral/objective. They have some nerve to turn up their noses at the forms of expression of others, when they whore themselves out to the public, and heavily censor their true, raw feelings. I don't envy these writers at all. I find them annoying, and I find their "careers" short-lived.

If only some would do us all the grand favor of making a decision that rings true. If some only knew how much others would respect them-- not kiss up to them-- for it.

Thanks, Willow.

freeforall said...

Well, the censorship is just more bullshit from the so-called "enlightened" astrologers who suck on the "New Age" teat. These "Enlightened Ones" are the most insufferably intolerant practitioners that I've run across. Guess they haven't heard of mundane (or political) astrology! How about politicians who secretly consult astrologers? Hmm. Forgot about that aspect, did they?

I just shake my head at those who are so competitive and call themselves (or imagine themselves to be) "Masters." Their distain for the rest of us astrologers is a mark of their ignorance - and their disrespect for astrology itself.

Willow said...

Thanks, Melissa. :-) It wasn't all that shocking, all things considered. heh.

Deb - Yeah, I really don't mind what people think or believe as long as they're honest and up front about it because then you know who/what you're dealing with. I find it extremely disingenuous, though, when astrologers hide those things in order to be more palatable and popular, and I really do find it underhanded that this astrologer has taken it upon herself to censor me because I have a point-of-view that conflicts with her (generally hidden) political views.

freeforall - Thank you!! Exactly. People need a little lesson on astrology and the history of its uses, I think. It's obvious to me that people with power and resources are using astrology (always have), and I think it's part of the intentional dumbing down of astrology that people are led to believe it should be somehow separate from the socio-political realms.

The lady who censored me is not a New Age guru type, but she has compared herself to Oprah in the past! heehee

Anonymous said...

Willow - your work is so imnportant. Keep on keeping on. Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear will hear you.
We are living in unprecidented times and it will the rigorous thinkiers like you that help us through.

all strength to you and your elegant turn of phrase. The pen really is mightie than the sword!


Anonymous said...

I don't really think AstroDispatch is representative of all the great astrology articles out there and not for the benefit of all. Any slight hint of competition is crushed rather than a community being fostered.

Anonymous said...

Willow you are a powerful and courageous women. I salute snd thank you for your wisdom and insight. Never mind what others think or do because you, my dear are on the right track.

Dee said...

Willow, your perspective is astute and intuitive and very important. I, for one, am not afraid of mundane astrology and find your writing refreshing and informative. Jude Cowell of Stars over Washington is another intelligent and courageous astrologer. I enjoy her perspective of astrology of the U.S. and it is good to read of yours and of Canada.

As for elsaelsa...I'm not surprised you were censored. I am surprised that she continues to give you play at all on the dispatch as she obviously finds you threatening in some way. I was affected as well in the past and totally blocked from her site. One of my comments about pedophilia rampant in the Catholic Church didn't sit right with her as well as another time when I suggested she waylay her fear. That was it--it was OUT. Her blog is like FOX News...some people can't get enough of it. Others realize there's not a lot of worthwhile content there.

Keep up the excellent writing. You have plenty of people that love your work.

Willow said...