Tuesday, May 3, 2011

As the Stars Foretold, New Moon in Taurus Brings New Harper Government

There's some amazingly bad news coming out of Canada this morning for anyone opposed to the trajectory of the current global agenda. Stephen Harper, our Taurus Sun Global Governor/Conservative Prime Minister, has been re-elected, and this time, in a majority. The Taurus New Moon unfolds into a new Taurus Sun-led government, right on schedule.

I felt that Saturn Rx on Harper's North Node-Juno conjunction at 12 degrees Libra would produce another minority government, but the Aries stellium on his South Node-Mercury has propelled him to independence. Free to pursue the corporatist war agenda at his will.

This is a man who has been held in contempt of Parliament, who refuses to hold press conferences or answer questions from journalists, who conducts governmental affairs under a cloak of secrecy. Under his "leadership," the House of Commons was all but abandoned, including a prorogueing during the 2010 Olympics. Harper has proven to be an insular, difficult, 'my way of the highway' type of Prime Minister under a minority government, and unfortunately, we haven't seen anything yet.

Harper spoke to the Bilderberg group prior to his installation as Prime Minister in 2006, and his government has gone full speed ahead into North American Union merger. Canadian troops were sent into the quagmire in Afghanistan and are now involved in the attacks against oil-rich Libya. A Canadian General leads the NATO mission there.

Development of the toxic and deadly tar sands in Alberta has steamrolled ahead under this government despite protest from native people who are being slowly poisoned by the carcinogenic tailings. Fossil fuels and nuclear power are the energy solutions under this government, guided strongly by corporate interests. The Harper Government is for the further development into genetically modified organisms. The moratorium on GM alfafa is now more than likely toast and the non-GM/organic industry goes with it. Harper has proven hostile to women's groups, slashing their funding. He has slashed government funding of social programs in all kinds of ways as he pours money into the wars against Afghanistan and now Libya. The list could go on and on...

This much Aries (Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Uranus, Black Moon Lilith) in the election chart conjunct Harper's South Node certainly does not bode well for peace.

Aside from the seemingly impossible Conservative majority (I'm not ruling out election fixing, to be honest. This man and Baby Bush are cut from the same cloth), there were other shockers in this election:

The New Democratic Party (leftist/labour) usurped the other establishment party, the Liberals, and is now the Official Opposition.

In a major upset, the leaders of the Liberal and Bloc Quebecois parties didn't even win their seats. Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff is stepping down.

And Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party, became the first ever Green member of Parliament after winning her seat. The Green Party hasn't even been allowed in the televised debates up until now, so this win should change that.


Willow said...

Post-Traumatic Harper Majority Syndrome

Symptoms include: nausea, sadness, depression, confusion, dread, anxiety, desire to move to another country, desire to move to another planet, avoidance, attempts to drown sorrows with potato chips and/or ice cream and/or liquor

Willow said...

The May/Green seat is a good thing, most definitely.

This election also produced a record high number of female MPs. A quarter of the 308 seats are now held by women - 76 seats, mostly NDP. This is up from 69 in 2008.

Of the 76:

40 are NDP
29 are Conservative
6 are Liberal
1 is Bloc Quebecois

Still a bit of a fail, though, since Canada is way behind on female political representation - 52nd in the world.


Willow said...

Wow. Apparently, in the 14 most contested ridings, the number of votes that put the Conservatives over the top was 6,201. Combined! In one riding, the number of votes that gave them the seat was actually 14. And 14 seats is what the Conservatives have above and beyond their majority.

Frigging first past the post bullshit. Grr.

Willow said...

Hey, hey, ho, ho. First past the post has got to go:


Conservatives win 54.22% of the seats with only 39.62% of the votes.

Anonymous said...

Armageddon-we are taught to expect ruin-the word in Latin really means-the unveiling-and the grand unveiling is worldwide now-how we vomit with disgust the news everyday now-I finally realise now this is a good sign-may the mighty Pluto tear it ALL down-I am ready-BRING IT ON!
P.S. I can tell you are pissed-no new posts-Kauai

Deb said...

Willow, I don't know what to say other than I'm so sorry and I feel your pain.

As for moving to another country, my sense is that's going to be a theme for more and more people due to more affordable and saner living conditions and opportunities elsewhere. They're not going to wait to be forced and moved around like Chess pieces. It's not a bad idea. We rent because we don't want to commit to buying a home here :).

Yay, nomadism.

Seriously, good stuff as always. Stay strong! We need a voice like yours.


Hannibal said...

I'm not sure where can we go. The NWO sons of a bitches plan to screw the whole world. During the Third Reich people could escape from Germany to the United States. But now, where can we go to escape from the Forth Reich?

psychegram said...

Actually, 'apocalypse' is 'the unveiling' (Greek: apo kaliptei, 'lifting of the veil'.) Armageddon comes from a place-name in Hebrew, apparently.

So far as the election goes, only in Canada could a surging left and a very slight uptick in the Conservative contingent (about 2% as a percentage of the popular vote) result in 31 extra seats and a freaking majority for the Harpercons. I'm with you, Willow. This FPtP bullshit has got to go.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if the Harperites were pulling dirty tricks in swing ridings to steal this election. Regardless, they are not MY government.

Kathryn said...

I like this girl..... http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/politics/article/1002856--mallick-rebel-page-is-the-real-thing

Willow said...

Kathryn, coincidentally, Michael Moore just offered her a job.