Monday, September 21, 2009

Mercury Rx in Virgo is Still Right on the Saturn-Uranus Opposition And TMI is Painful, New Allegiances Emerge with the G20 in Pittsburgh

The amount of information being dug up during this Mercury Retrograde is immense. But as always when Virgo is involved, only some of it will be personally pertinent. We have to choose our information sources carefully, then pick through the information and focus only on what's necessary - the missing puzzle pieces of information and angles of perspective without which we could not move forward.

The squares of Mercury in Libra to Pluto in Capricorn have kicked up a slew of information related to the dark and twisted mess of our hierarchical power structures. Now, as Mercury moves retrograde, there is a rehashing of information. Facts and figures and informational tidbits are pushing to the surface to give us a clearer big-picture understanding about what this Pluto transit through Capricorn has unearthed so far, what's really going on behind the scenes within the structural hierarchies. Determining the extent of the grand-scale corruption, lack of legitimacy and hidden motives within these set-ups and the mess people are finding themselves in when they've bought into what these set-ups were selling. Wading through the rubble and trying to determine: what now?

Hidden motives, secret allegiances, under-the-table handshakes. The connections are becoming clearer. As fast as the dirty deals are made, Mercury Rx in Virgo (the virgin) is working to inform us of them.

We're in the final stages of Virgoan adjustment and reorientation, armed with the details Mercury Retro is digging up. The pressure of that process, coloured by the square to Pluto, is pretty difficult.

Pluto is direct now in Capricorn and the old-school hierarchies are restructuring themselves into new hierarchies. The Old World Order becomes the New World Order. Shifts in power and in allegiance are happening within the same old set-ups, and these same old set-ups are being sold to desperate people as new and improved. People are clamoring for the next new thing. The next get-rich-quick stock or idea. Business people are consulting astrologers and psychics, desperate for that inside tip that will take them to the top.

And the decision is put forth to humanity, in this very polarizing time: to take one's place within these hierarchies, to scramble for power and position within the new old set-ups...or to take one's leave from all that is personally illegitimate and to become soul sovereign.

Informational warfare is in full swing and as is always the case when Pluto is involved, we must dig through the surface words to the underlying motivation, to the root energy, and sever ties with what isn't compatible with us.

Mercury Rx in Virgo conjuncts Saturn early tomorrow morning at 3:08 a.m. MDT, assisting us in picking our way through the onslaught of information sources threatening to overwhelm us. These are sobering times, and this connection of Mercury and Saturn drives home that point. If we have not been as discerning as we should have been, Saturn will put us in check here. (Erm...not looking forward to that, actually.)

One thing that is not nice about this combo of Mercury Rx and Saturn in Virgo is the possibility of anxiety and worry. Mental stress about our situations and where we go from here can be somewhat overwhelming these days. Virgo is prone to worry and turning things over and over in the mind. Saturn relates to constriction and restriction, so we can feel confined with these worries and anxious thoughts. Combine that with dark, pressure-filled contacts to Pluto in Capricorn and the feeling of being stretched past the point of comfort with the "grand meaning of it all" Uranus in Pisces and, yeah, not the greatest feeling of astro aspects.

Mercury Rx in Virgo is opposite Uranus Rx in Pisces, exact Wednesday morning. So not only do we have the daily information sources and conversations to wade through but we also have the pressure of integrating downloads of spiritual insight and perspective. A lot to contend with.

We must use the skills we've been developing during Saturn in Virgo here to separate the wheat from the chaff and deal only with the specific information that is most personally meaningful. If we keep the floodgates open, we can expect headaches, stiff necks, repetitive stress and general overwhelm of the system.

Even though the Plutonic pressure is immense here, with perspective after perspective pushing and shoving for our attention, we have to close the dam down to a trickle...a meaningful trickle. Otherwise, we will miss the information and insight we really need.

Stepping back, getting out of the way and letting the processes going on do their thing (while maintaining awareness of what is going on around/through us) will help over the next couple weeks.

The Sun enters Libra tomorrow afternoon, and we reach the Fall Equinox. My favourite season. The first day of fall after a very tumultuous and challenging summer and a day of equilibrium. Here, we can come to a point of balance and catch our breath for a moment.

But not for too long. (Argh.) Because we almost immediately have the Sun in Libra squaring Pluto in Capricorn (8:22 a.m. MDT on September 23, just an hour before Mercury Rx opposes Uranus Rx).

I have to laugh.

That bloody cardinal square again on the zero degree of Libra/Capricorn. Precursor to Saturn in Libra squaring Pluto in Capricorn on that degree November 15 with two more squares following...

And here is the push forward. The initiating leadership and relationships formed as old hierarchies Plutonically morph into new ones...or people choose the egalitarian track and sever ties with as much of illegitimate hierarchy as they can.

The United Nations General Assembly will be held tomorrow, as the Sun enters Libra. (Still not convinced that astrology is used to plot the course?)

Obama will host the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on September 24 - 26. World "leaders" plot their course for this new and improved hierarchical reality, still rooted in the old pyramid scheme power structures. But new relationships among new power players within those power structures will now begin to come to the forefront.

They need a police force of 4,000 to contend with the tens of thousands of protesters (editor's note - uhhh...OK, way less than that made their way into the perimeter) who will be there voicing their displeasure with the world economic oligarchy. The people will be there demanding justice (Libra) and shining a light on the less-than-transparent dealings of the leaders of the G-20 countries.

And with a square to Pluto on zero Capricorn, there will be complex power struggles going on within these meetings. Betrayals and the fusion of new allegiances.

Let's not forget the vicious in-fighting and jockeying for position that will be prevalent within the structural hierarchies as Pluto transits Capricorn during the next 15 years, especially with the cardinal squares involved between now and 2015.

And it bears repeating...there are many different visions for the future of humanity on Planet Earth as we head into Aquarian times. It's up to each one of us which version we will support. The cardinal squares we keep being hit on are reinforcing the importance of being our own leaders in this respect.


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