Thursday, September 17, 2009

Stevie Harper Loves Him Some Big Bruddah

The Harper Conservatives are attempting to pass their very own Patriot Act in Canadian Parliament to legalize the spying on citizens without a warrant.

Two bills were introduced in June: the Investigative Powers for the 21st Century Act and the Technical Assistance for Law Enforcement in the 21st Century Act.


From an article in the Yukon News:

"The legislation would allow authorities to track all types of electronic transmissions such as text messaging, e-mails, web browsing and internet phone lines - without a warrant.

This is not quite eavesdropping: while it would allow authorities to trace the flow of information, they would not be able to read the content of message without a warrant.

The legislation would also allow authorities to activate tracking devices in cellphones and cars.

And the draft laws would compel internet service providers to provide the personal information of subscribers to authorities."

And another article on the subject from the CBC.

In an era in which anyone disagreeing with the government's agenda is labelled a terrorist, this grants the police some frightening powers.

Fingers crossed that this government does come down, leaving these bills dead on the books.

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