Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pluto Stationing Direct on 9/11 At Zero Capricorn

I feel ya.

This long-term Mercury in Libra square to Pluto in Capricorn (as both planets stationed - Mercury retrograde and Pluto direct) is making for some painfully heavy and loaded communication. Every word now has the potential to trigger that deep, intensely emotional internal processing...and to push us to our breaking points. So now as Mercury moves retrograde, we temper our communication, slow the pace and process what we've already come to learn. Our words as well as the words we take in have to be carefully measured and balanced here. Only the finest on Libra's scales.

We have to put forth the effort to maintain the light/dark, yin/yang balance here mentally. Things can get very dark and very bleak with Pluto contacts, and it's important now not to get sucked into that vortex. The economic/worldwide government situation is forcing a lot of people into some very dark places. As is the intensity of the energetic shifts we're going through, in general. Awareness is a bitch. Battle back by watching a lot of videos of cute kitties and puppies! heh heh

Pluto is sitting stationary in the sky at the moment and will creep direct tomorrow (September 11) morning. Zero Capricorn at Ground Zero. Here we start to figure out what to do now, how we move forward from square zero, dealing with the aftermath of complete economic collapse and grand-scale corruption within our structural outgrowths.

Collectively, those who want the awareness have integrated the understanding that we were set up to fail within this system. That some knew it would happen and in fact banked on it happening. Even orchestrated it. We've always felt this underneath it all, but now we move forward from this ground zero point armed with concrete knowledge. We head out of the rubble truly as our own authorities.

Mercury is moving retrograde in Libra to another square to Pluto in Capricorn on the first degrees of the signs (September 17). Very potent on the first degrees of those cardinal signs, so the loaded communications do not let up. More effort toward getting our new directions and new initiatives underway. They're being wrestled out of us. Listen to a little Rage Against the Machine for the flavour of this aspect...ongoing. Mercury is within range of a square to Pluto during the entire three-week retrograde and after it goes direct...until mid-October.

The power of oratory and the Facade of the Authority Figure are tools the individuals within corrupt hierarchical power structures have always used to advance their agendas.

But we can use the current cosmic energies in even more powerful ways - to see through the lies of our elected officials and business heads. To peel away the layers of double talk. To see with X-Ray Plutonic vision through the facades and the strategic moves. To listen intuitively and separate true motivation from the words designed to sell it to us.

We can use the power of Pluto direct at zero Capricorn to deconstruct the power hierarchies, strip them down and disarm them, right from the ground up. To blow the lid off the pyramid scheme scams and demand better. We can remove ourselves here (Saturn in Virgo) from any harmful, coercive influence and align only with what we know in our souls is real and true.

Mercury Rx is heading right back to the point where it first conjuncted Saturn in Virgo (August 17). You'll recall that this is also the point where Saturn left its retrograde shadow and entered degrees it will not be revisiting in its next retrograde (Virgo 21 - 27). We have completed the first two legs of Saturn's journey through Virgo (more on that later at the Virgo New Moon - when it's official), but now, true to Virgoan form, Mercury heads back over these degrees to finish every last detail and integrate every last piece of pertinent information. Internal processing of the events we've experienced and preparation for what's up ahead.

Mercury will go direct again September 28, squaring Pluto in Capricorn for the final time from the first degree of Libra on October 10. Going over that cardinal square, the initial thrust of the new directions, working out the kinks...

Venus in Leo is opposing the Aquarius triple conjunction now, also. Venus will oppose Jupiter in Aquarius tomorrow just before Pluto goes direct. "This little light of mine! I'm gonna let it shine!" The power of who we are and the creative expression of that, pure and true, right from the heart, is the balancing tension necessary for that detached, global community Aquarian emphasis. We're not just expendable numbers - a dangerous and common sentiment from Aquarius at its extreme. We really ARE unique and beautiful snowflakes, no matter what Fight Club tells us. So shine on.

Knowing exactly who we are and expressing that, no apologies, is the way we avoid entering into false karasses or being swallowed up by the group. This is how Aquarian groups and communities grow and expand in the right way...

That Venus in Leo opposition to Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune (all Rx) in Aquarius is ongoing for the next five days. Venus will finish the opposition on September 15, the same day as the third Saturn in Virgo-Uranus in Pisces opposition.

Black Moon Lilith has also re-entered Aquarius and has joined the Aquarius triple conjunction, adding her depth and breadth of awareness to the proceedings. BML will make sure we don't get too wrapped up in the Aquarian idealism and potential of it all without full awareness and integration of what has gone on and continues to go on around the dark, disturbing edges.

The possibility of science and technology destroying life on this planet is very real at this point in human history if the voices giving the crucial warnings are not heeded. BML is doing her very best to bring her consciousness to the table while all the blueprints are being drawn up for the future plans on this planet - even if she's not invited. Especially if she's not. And we can assist BML consciousness now by honouring it, listening to it and bringing it to the table in our own lives, integrating it in our own blueprints, as well as demanding its inclusion on the local, federal and global stage.

Rah, rah! Go, Black Moon Lilith! Kick some ass and take some names.

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