Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Pressure Eases...A Bit

Mercury Rx in Virgo is pulling away from Saturn in Virgo and out of its opposition to Uranus Rx in Pisces, and you can feel the pressure easing, especially mentally. Our brains (and entire physiological systems) are out of the vice grip...for now.

The Sun, newly in Libra, is also pulling out of this morning's square to Pluto in Capricorn. More good news on the "tensions easing" front.

Mercury is, of course, stationing direct September 28 and will make a final pass over the opposition to Uranus Rx in Pisces while conjuncting Saturn in Virgo in early October. That final pass with Mercury direct should feel much less constricting and internally pressurized than the one we just experienced. The final pass should be more about putting what we've gotten clear on during the retrograde into action, the finishing Virgoan touches and final details, sanded down using the finest-grained sandpaper.

The Mercury-Saturn opposition to Uranus we just experienced with both Mercury and Uranus retrograde was some cosmically downloading madness, I must say. So much going on in our own minds and bodies that we could only be partially conscious of at the time. Too much consciousness of the exact details would fry the system, so you have to love the Piscean psychic anesthesia during those times. Now, we should be infused with the necessary cosmic awareness and connections. The circuits have been charged and tuned up, and we start to move forward as Mercury goes direct.

Other than Mercury stationing direct at 21 Virgo on September 28, we have no major aspects going on until Sunday, October 4 when we experience the Aries Full Moon and Mercury opposing Uranus in Pisces for the final time with Mars in Cancer trining Uranus. That trine should ease the overloading, short-circuiting potential of the Mercury-Uranus contact by bringing in the physical/emotional outlet of Mars in Cancer.

So as the Sun begins its transit of Libra and we step into fall, we really are enjoying a clearing point where we can catch our breath and enjoy some equilibrium.

That's not to say that there aren't major things going on in people's natal charts, triggered by the transits.

But as far as the cosmic weather forecast, things should be pretty clear for the next ten days.

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