Friday, September 25, 2009


"If there's such broad consensus on the plan of action for a global economic oligarchy then why the thousands of military and militarized police attacking people in the streets with tear gas, rubber bullets and sound weapons.

Why is there no coverage on the fact that these people have been made into criminals for the very act of assembling to protest. Your silence makes me sick corporate media."

- CBC online commenter Orgizmo

"Why only G-8 or G-20? Only the richest 8-20 countries matter. Everyone else is subject to their undemocratic, self-beneficial decisions. The other countries on the planet should get together a G-198 or so and pull the rug out from under the minority G's."

- CBC online commenter paulonius

"And the World Government progresses, right on schedule...

These are the people whose deregulation and 'liberalisation' schemes, created behind closed doors without oversight and protected from the democratic process by all manner of violent repression, created the current economic crisis they now tell us necessitates the transferring of the wealth of the public coffers into private hands.

The people they were teargassing and beating in the streets outside their various summits were the ones warning that this disaster was coming.

For 15 years."

- CBC online commenter JordanThornton

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