Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Why Sarah Palin in Power Scares the Crap Out of Me - The Wounded Extremist

In addition to the fact that she is, as someone I know put it, an “anti-gay, anti-abortion, member of the NRA, evangelically-backed, oil lovin,' hockey mom of five,” her chart shows a level of extremism and wounded extremism at that. A person with a strong vision for the future, but a partial and fragmented vision. Not the kind of person I would want with her finger (or influence) near the nuke button, so to speak.

Palin was born Feb 11, 1964. These are her planets:

Sun 22 Aquarius
Moon 1 Aquarius
Mercury 1 Aquarius
Venus 1 Aries
Mars 23 Aquarius
Jupiter 16 Aries
Saturn 25 Aquarius
Uranus 8 Virgo
Neptune 17 Scorpio
Pluto 13 Virgo
True Node 10 Cancer
Chiron 13 Pisces

The first thing that stands out to me is five Aquarius planets (a stellium) and two Aries planets. No earth (groundedness, in touch with reality) or water (emotion, compassion, intuition) in the personal planets. All yang, little yin. Extremely masculine/outer and individualistic. The Aquarius air feeds the impulsivity, aggressiveness and leap-before-you-look Aries planets. So let’s not be fooled by the fact that she is a woman. She has very little yin receptivity - despite the fact that our structures, especially business/political structures, are crying out for that energy to balance the extreme masculine. And the water planets that are represented in her chart are tied into her wound and her dharma - a dharma she seems to be eschewing to a certain extent.

This is a woman with a Cancer North Node, meaning her dharma (life path/what she is required to develop and take on in this incarnation) is to focus her energy in the direction of nurturing familial growth and development and creating a cohesive and secure emotional environment. Not to mention, developing her own inner world, emotional nature and soul connection. Learning to use her emotional responses and connection to the feminine as a guide for her actions. Creating a connection to the Earth and making it just as important as fiscal considerations. A lot of development needs to happen here.

It looks to me as if the ambition of her Capricorn South Node is what is driving her actions right now. Capricorn strives for ever-increasing power, recognition and status in the public/business world. But with a South Node Capricorn, this direction of energy is not going to be successful on a soul level. It may be what society thinks is successful and what Palin herself thinks is successful, but the South Node relates to an area that we’ve already mastered to a certain extent. We’ve pretty much gone as far as we can go there and have to direct ourselves to the North Node in order to stay healthy and balanced. Insisting on staying in the South Node creates karmic experiences that happen in an effort to force us onto the North Node path.

Karmic experiences like, well, giving birth to a baby with Down’s Syndrome. A baby with Down's syndrome needs more care and attention than a baby without, more care and attention than a nanny can provide or from being passed around from sibling to sibling.

Or a karmic experience like, well, a 17-year-old daughter becoming pregnant and choosing to give birth to the baby, which will occur about a month before Palin would be (heaven forbid! Seriously, please - forbid!) inaugurated into office.

Both these children require an intensive amount of support and care from their mother.

How much intensive support and care will Palin be able to provide her family as Vice President of a nation that would be heading ever-closer to World War III? To me, this is a job that requires 100% commitment of time and energy. I would hazard to suggest that it would be impossible for Palin to fulfill the requirements of her North Node in this position. A mother choosing to work 35 hours a week at the local K-Mart often finds it difficult to have the time and energy to properly nurture and be there for her family. How will a woman with five children, one with special needs and one who’s having a baby of her own, who is Vice President of the nation manage this successfully?

Now, I’m not suggesting all women need to give up careers and be the little Mama at home. But someone with a Cancer North Node who is the mother to five children really does need to direct her energy there, taking on the more difficult challenges of the North Node rather than falling back on the familiar ground of the South. This is a woman who has already developed the ability to rise to the top in the public world. What is being asked of her is to develop as an emotional being, as a woman and a mother, in combination with her professional pursuits. The extreme focus on career ambition and quest for power in the big boys club of U.S. national Republican politics are South Node pursuits for her and will lead to further karmic over-extension.

Another thing that unnerves me about her chart is the extreme amount of Aquarius combined with Chiron in Pisces. To me, this indicates a problem I've been talking about in the past - diving head-first into Aquarian leadership without having first learned and integrated Pisces lessons. Recipe for disaster.

From a previous post:

“The main thing Pisces teaches us is that we're connected. What affects one affects all. We're part of a whole, an energy that has no real separation. A slight against one is a slight against all. There is no escaping the connections to each other or to the planet.

Aquarius without Pisces is science run amok, detached to the point of dehumanizing. Think Nazi scientific experiments done on captive people. There is no emotion, no compassion, no understanding of the importance of human life. It is science used only to control, manipulate and enslave the masses. Instead of using science as a tool to improve conditions for all human beings, using it as a tool for the wealthy and powerful so that they can maintain/increase their wealth and power by any means necessary.

Science has the power to completely destroy life on this planet if it is controlled by those without an understanding of Piscean concepts. The nuclear war games currently being played around with are a good example. Which is why it is crucially important for the people who haven't grasped the Pisces lessons to do so now.”

Without the understanding of energetic connection, compassion and “what affects one affects all,” the amount of Aquarius emphasis in her chart is downright scary. And this leads to her Chiron wound in Pisces.

Chiron in Pisces is a wound related to faith - the ways our faith has let us down, especially faith in the spiritual goodness of people and in the connected nature of energetic reality. This person has been hurt by her own spiritual idealism and then the bubble bursts when it is discovered that reality is much different from the rosy Piscean dream. Thinking the best of people, helping them, and then being let down, being bitten in the ass. Being hurt by one's own naively open and loving nature. Being damaged by trusting divine guidance or faith or by being spiritually naïve to unpleasant realities.

Her Chiron in Pisces is disposited by Neptune in Scorpio, so spiritual betrayal on the deepest levels. Scorpio is a sign of extremes, and I think this points to the possibility of an individual acting in extreme ways out of the personal wound she carries. This could involve vengeance, violence, spite, us versus them, black and white-type thinking (U.S. as the Good Guy, anyone standing in its way as the Bad Guy). Wounded Scorpio tendencies. Pisces and Neptune relate to the subconscious, so this is stuff she would not necessarily be consciously aware of, and it would not be clearly visible to the mainstream public who do not yet have the ability to see through these veiled behaviours. But again, not someone I necessarily think needs to have her finger (or influence) anywhere near the nuke button, so to speak.

With this Chiron wound and related pain, combined with the other placements, I can see someone completely turning his/her back on Piscean principles and focusing purely on Aquarian/Aries individualism and detachment from humanity.

I think nuclear war could be more likely rationalized by someone with these placements. Depending on the level of emotional disconnect, any kind of atrocities could be rationalized. This is a woman who sued George Bush for putting polar bears on the endangered species list because it would interfere with oil drilling in certain areas. Again, not understanding the connection humans have to each other and to the environment/animals, especially on a spiritual or soul level. Not understanding that what we do to the environment will eventually cycle through human systems, as well.

Palin’s Uranus and Pluto are in Virgo, so the abundance of Aquarius in her chart is ruled by Uranus in Virgo. The co-ruler of Virgo is Chiron, so there is the woundedness at the forefront again. It all comes back to that Chiron in Pisces wound, ruled by Neptune in Scorpio.

Virgo without the balancing effect of it’s opposite sign, Pisces, can be dangerous - as can any sign without a tempering polarity point. Remember, Virgo is related to purifying. Aquarius is related to humanity. Purifying humanity - according to whose ideals?

Without understanding the nature of the whole, Virgo can become obsessive about the way things should be, the right or proper way of living and doing things. I think we can see this in her personal beliefs about gay people, abortion, religion - pretty much everything. To her, there is a right way to live and a wrong way to live. Virgo can dissect and reject anything it considers dirty or unnecessary. In order to fulfill its function in a balanced way, Virgo needs to be tempered with Pisces - compassion, understanding, connection, love, faith. Without integration of these Piscean concepts (or with a wounded sense of them), it is far too easy to have a futuristic vision (Aquarius) that does not benefit people.

The Sabian Symbol for her Uranus in Virgo is: An Expressionistic Painter Making a Futuristic Drawing.

So we see a person here who is driven by her vision for the future. But is it a vision we all want to live and take part in? Is it a vision that will benefit the planet/humanity as a whole…or just the select few already in power?

The caution for this symbol involves, among other things: Not seeing the complete picture. Being unrealistic. Losing touch with the real world. Thinking the worst will happen. Being stuck on one version of the future.

I see that this is a distinct possibility, considering the rest of her chart. As I said, extreme yang/masculine with little yin/feminine, and what yin is there is wounded or related to a dharma she seems to be shrugging off to a certain extent. Little earth and what is there opposes her Chiron in Pisces - so a wounded polarity prone to wounded application of its energies.

Palin's Aquarian vision for the future is definitely not a vision I want to live out.


savia said...


This is an excellent and thorough analysis - I hope a lot of people get to read it. Thanks for taking the time to put it together!

Anonymous said...

Hi Willow, Just been forwarded your post as someone thought it is so similar in tone to the sentiment I penned myself. Therefore, really enjoyed this similar view and I'll check in again now I know you are here.

I have also noted that people with Mars/Saturn conjunctions invariably either; become very involved with the military; become very militant; or lead a hugely regimented existence i.e control freaks ( or all 3) until transcended.

We can only hope that she bows out. I see something big stirring around 22nd Sep and then totally coincidentally saw that when Tony Blair made his 'stepping down speech' the Moon was at the same degree as her Sun. Her Mars/Saturn does mean 'cut dead' Neptune on her Sun - scandal, so we'll see how she does with her speech today and what else emerges in following days.