Wednesday, September 3, 2008

All right, all right...

Disclaimer: There is a possibility that Sarah Palin has a Capricorn Moon. As far as I know, there is no birth time for her at the if she were born in the morning, her Moon sign would be Cap.

This WOULD change things a bit. It would add an Earth sign to her personal planets...albeit one that was tied to her South Node. A Moon near the South Node would indicate to me someone emotionally attached to her own past achievements and past ways of getting to those achievements. So this doesn't necessarily change my analysis of her and my suggestion that she is letting her career ambition and quest for power to bring about her future vision (a vision I do not care to live through) drive her...rather than the concerns and emotional needs of her family and herself.

With a Capricorn Moon ruling her Cancer North Node, her nodal axis would be related to the balance of home and career, emotion and ambition. Blending the two - but doing the emotional work she needs to do would still be priority number one.

And still I would hazard a guess that maintaining that balance would be next to impossible as the VP of a nation hell-bent on war and imperialism...which, under McCain, would likely continue...

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centercontrol said...

great comments!

If Sarah Palin was a client complaing how unhappy she is in her personal life these comment are very useful and show wonderful insight.

However, her husband said it best
"She is not wired like everyone else"

this is not a warm cuddly woman

Aquarius sun? like Mr. Spock or worse the Borg. She will put her ideas above everything, no changing her mind and certainly no mercy.

be afraid very afraid