Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sun - Saturn Conjunction in Virgo

So the day of the Sun - Saturn conjunction in Virgo, I found out that the owner of the store where I work is planning to close/I am out of a job AND I will have to move apartments due to very unforeseen circumstances in the building. Home and work both in upheaval at the exact same time.

I have been having problems at work for some time now, but this really is a shock, since we just moved into a new and much better location in the mall two months ago. Just barely got going in much improved circumstances, I thought, and word is we are out at the end of September. I will have to move apartments at that time, as well, due to another quite shocking turn of events in my building...

Well, sure are one mutable son-of-a-bitch, aren't you?

I felt things shake loose during the eclipses in August - things felt very unglued and up-in-the-air...which eclipses are designed to do (one backdrop ends, another begins). But with so much Uranian energy involved, it was even more erratic-feeling than usual.

Then I had my Saturn Return August 20 - just after the August 16 Full Moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius (conjunct Neptune which rules, among other things, dissolution).

At the time of the August 30 Sun - Saturn conjunction, three degrees from my natal Saturn, I had just returned from a week at my parent's farm - the first time off I've taken from this job in almost two years - and I learned the news about my job and apartment...within about 24 hours of each other.

The Sun - Saturn conjunction made the eclipse shake-up concrete. My structures are dissolving. They will reform, in time, sure. But all I can focus on now is the dissolving.


I am planning to continue doing bead designs on my own, but I'm quite upset that my job is over and Art of My Heart will soon be no more. I really thought things would go differently. I guess something could still happen. It could come back in another incarnation somehow, but I won't hold my breath.

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SteamyWeenie said...

lol... not funny but that mutable s.o.b. sure makes me smile.. for the moment.

saturn was in conjunction my sun black moon lilith and south node at 14 degress virgo.. adding a trine to neptune ascendant n not to forget that node opposition.

it might explain why I spent those two or three weeks under the wonderful influence that is marijuana without thinking twice about it. for the sake of saturn, I did make it last though. aahahahahahaha

what I found out helps a lot.. is focusing on that jupiter!!! :)