Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Scorpionic Flavour of Palin's Chiron in Pisces Wound

And it just keeps coming, folks!!

Word is that when Palin was mayor of Wasilla (1996 - 2002), the city made rape victims pay for collecting the forensic evidence (rape kits) for their own criminal cases. It was billed to either the victim or the victim's insurance company.

In 2000, the then-Governor of Alaska Tony Knowles signed a bill making it mandatory that the municipalities pick up the tab for collecting this police evidence. All other locations in Alaska already paid for this, but not Wasilla! It was complaints about the practise in Wasilla that prompted Knowles to pass the bill.

This bill was opposed by the Wasilla Chief of Police (appointed by Palin), Charlie Fannon, who claimed he didn't want to "burden taxpayers" with the cost.

The rape kits cost $300 - $1,200 each. In a town of 8,000 people...well, you do the math. Not exactly going to break the bank. (Even taking into account that Alaska has the highest rate of rape in the U.S.)

But there's that free-market-at-all-cost governing again. Dollars and cents over any form of compassionate humanity or responsibility to hurting citizens. Aquarius without Pisces.

Here, again, we see this fanatical individualism and rational detachment from feeling in Sarah Palin's form of governing (unchecked Aquarius/Aries).

You can see the Scorpionic flavour of her Chiron in Pisces wound very clearly in this case, which is ruled by Neptune in Scorpio.

With Scorpio involved, the wound is connected to sexuality and power...or lack thereof. The powerlessness of a rape victim lying on a table in a hospital and a distinct lack of compassion from those in power. Not only a lack of compassion, but an exertion of state control, making them pay for being the victims of crime. Victimizing them again with the system.

Palin is also anti-abortion, even in the case of incest or rape. Another show of wounded Scorpionic ruthlessness and lack of compassionate understanding. Another show of the state's control over women's bodies and sexual reproduction. Her Capricorn South Node coming into play...

In Palin's perfect Neptunian dystopic world, not only do you have to pay for the collection of forensic evidence after you've been raped, you will be forced to carry any child that is the product of that rape - even if it's your Daddy's!

Sure, we're going to have (and are already hearing) the obligatory denials that Palin knew this was going on.

But let's look at the situation and use our own analytical skills here, shall we?

This was going on for four years under Palin's mayoral tenure...until a bill was passed by the Governor of Alaska with her town, alone, in mind. She fired the previous Chief of Police (who supported closing bars at 2 a.m. and cracking down on concealed handguns) and appointed Fannon herself. Fannon spoke out about his opposition to the bill in the media - not something a hand-picked Chief of Police would generally do if his boss were not of the same mind. In a town of 8,000 or so people, is it possible Palin did not know what was going on? Is it possible she did not know before Governor Knowles passed the bill in response to complaints specifically about Wasilla?

I would actually go so far as to say that Palin is embodying the underlying collective hatred for the feminine. The subconscious (and not-so subconscious) collective desire to punish the feminine.

With Pisces and Scorpio involved, she is definitely bringing something deep out of the collective, something hidden.

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