Monday, September 15, 2008

Sarah Palin's Chiron in Pisces

I’d like to talk a bit about a topic coming to the forefront these days as we hurtle ever-closer to the official start of the Aquarian Age. And that is, the importance of first learning and integrating the lessons of the Piscean Age. We can’t truly move forward in any sort of progressive way until this is mastered.

And I know she has been talked about ad nauseum lately, but an example that keeps slapping me in the face is Sarah Palin with her stellium of planets in Aquarius, North Node in Cancer and a Pluto - Uranus conjunction in Virgo opposite Chiron in Pisces.

See, Pisces is the sign related to Jesus (as a figure) and the spread of Christianity. And as an evangelical Christian attempting to become the Republican Vice President of the United States of America, I see Sarah Palin as a prime example of the danger of jumping headlong into Aquarian leadership without first mastering the finer points of Pisces.

Now, I’m not holding Jesus responsible for everything that has been done in his name, but with Pluto moving forward over the last degrees of Sagittarius, I think it’s pertinent to point out the differences between what Jesus is reported to have said and what the Christian right wing is doing under the banner of Christianity.

Jesus understood that we are energetically connected on this planet. In effect, what is done to one person affects all people, and we are responsible for our actions toward others and toward our surroundings, in general. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Treat each other like brothers and sisters. Thou shalt not kill. You know, don’t destroy, terrorize and hurt each other because, in effect, it is destroying, terrorizing and hurting yourself. Have compassion for each other. Have compassion for the pain of another because it’s the universal pain of human existence. Help and love, don’t harm.

When you look at what George Bush Jr. and Sr. (and Co.) have done over the course of their regimes, I really have to wonder: What Would Jesus Say??

The actions of this so-called Christian right wing are so far removed from actual Christian tenets that they are unrecognizable. And this is the party with which Sarah Palin is now aligning herself.

Many estimates of over a million Iraquis dead (and counting) since the first Gulf War. Soldiers from the first war dead and dying of Gulf War Syndrome while their government denies it even exists. Four thousand (and counting) dead U.S. soldiers from the current war alone. Thirty thousand (and counting) completely disabled from injuries. Ninety-seven dead Canadian soldiers. Many others I do not know about. An epidemic of cancers and other radiation-related diseases in the populations of Iraq and Afghanistan (not to mention the former Yugoslavia) as a result of the (continued) use of depleted uranium ammunition and bombs. An epidemic of hideous radiation-related birth defects in babies in Iraq.

Absolute crimes against humanity that will affect generations of people. And all for control of oil and monetary gain. What has been done cannot be underestimated or explained away.

This is the administration touting itself as good Christians. This is the track record Sarah Palin is now aligning herself with in her quest for political power and prestige.

Which, to me, is a very solid example of Chiron in Pisces combined with her large amount of Aquarius and Aries planets. Wounded sense of faith. Spiritual disconnect from what Jesus was really talking about. Intellectual detachment from humanity and the suffering of others. Incomplete understanding of the energetic connection of human beings. Inability to really connect compassion with actions. Or conversely, actions with painful and harmful consequences.

It’s all just blistering individualism for her.

With a North Node in Cancer (which I see her ignoring for the more prestigious spoils of the Capricorn South Node), Palin is being asked to develop her own personal soul connection. Not to just hand over her power and responsibility to an organized religion and what its structure tells her to believe and do, but to develop her own emotional/soul self, to develop a rock-solid anchor there as a guidance mechanism. And THAT will help heal her Chiron wound. That will start to bridge the disconnect, to help her tap into the emotional, soul-level part of her own spirituality.

Making the connection between feeling the pain of an Iraqui mother watching her baby die from radiation-related birth defects and discontinuing the policies and actions creating and causing that pain.

I have to believe this is a deeply conflicted woman.

Palin has a son fighting in Iraq. She claims she hates war.

But she keeps talking about “God’s plan” for the war there. She keeps taking those “good Christians’” words for it, that there is a plan, that it is divinely inspired. She keeps handing over her own responsibility to "God."

And here is a big misstep in these tail-end Pisces days. Taking anyone’s word for it over your own. Being guided by anything other than your own personal connection, your own moral code, your own emotional anchor. And thinking that the sins being committed against humanity right now will have no consequences for us all.

Until she stops doing that, I’m afraid Mrs. Palin will just be along for the ride, taking all those good Christians’ words for it. And that’s one ride I don’t care to take.

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