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Saturn in Capricorn and the Applying Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in 2019

What follows is a patron article on the Saturn in Capricorn transit that was first released to Willow's Web Astrology patrons on July 7, 2017.

I'm publishing this article on the public blog today (with the Sun and Saturn in a New Year's Day conjunction at 11 degrees Capricorn ahead of a January 5 New Moon at 15 degrees Capricorn (5:28 p.m. PST) conjunct Pluto) because the themes are highly relevant as Saturn transits Capricorn in an applying conjunction to Pluto throughout 2019.

Many of the simmering themes of the Pluto in Capricorn transit that I've been writing about over the past 11 years (80 articles and counting!) will be coming to a head as the Saturn-Pluto conjunction tightens. In light of this, I offer my work here (slightly updated for this re-publishing) as a navigational tool for any challenges up ahead. Being prepared with strong astrological back-up is a key for success in 2019 and always, and you will find no stronger astrological back-up for these challenging times than at Willow's Web Astrology!

Thank-you to all Willow's Web Astrology patrons for supporting me to do this type of in-depth astrological work and writing. It would not be possible otherwise.


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By Willow of Willow's Web Astrology

 - Saturn in Capricorn December 21, 2017 - December 17, 2020
- Chiron in Aries April 16, 2018 - April 14, 2027
- Uranus in Taurus May 15, 2018 - April 26, 2026
- Saturn conjunct Pluto at 22 degrees Capricorn January 12, 2020
- Jupiter conjunct Saturn at zero degrees Aquarius December 21, 2020

Saturn entered its own sign of Capricorn on December 21, 2017, and as it did, it formed a potent conjunction to the Sun at zero degrees Capricorn, marking solstice. This was followed by a stellium of bodies in Capricorn that stretched from late December 2017 through the end of January 2018. This stellium was at its peak at the time of the 26-degree Capricorn New Moon on January 16, 2018 when six bodies were transiting the sign - Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Pluto, along with Black Moon Lilith.

The 2017 solstice ingress and stellium that kicked off the three-year Saturn transit of Capricorn marked a powerful point of initiation, setting a new, more serious-minded tone.

More serious than the deadly-serious tone we already have on Planet Earth with Pluto transiting Capricorn, you ask?

Yes, indeed.

If there was little time and energy for screwing around before Saturn entered Capricorn, there is even less now. If we had to manage our finances and purchases wisely before, we have to be even smarter and shrewder under this transit. If we were getting nailed on areas where we were a little weak, a little soft, a little lax, we're receiving even less leeway there now.

The trick is to accept this tightening of energies without wailing and lamenting and resisting and feeling sorry for ourselves. These reactions (while perhaps useful for temporary relief) are ultimately futile, friends. Saturn is squeezing the absolute best from us over the course of this transit. It wants our A Games. It wants us absolutely rocking every responsibility, every challenge, and every karmic-shitty turn of events, riding it all like a straight-up, motherfucking boss. It won't take anything less.

Saturn in Capricorn doesn't want us to just meet expectations. It wants us to exceed them. Saturn in Capricorn has high standards for us because it knows what we're capable of if we put our minds to it and commit to seeing things through. 

Saturn will be hammering us on weak points we should have gotten on top of previously. This is a real "paying the piper" transit. So if you know you have been slacking in a certain arena, now is a great time to get on the ball. If you know there is something you have to address in your life or make amends for, now is the time. Head Saturn off at the pass!

Saturn transits become less difficult when we’re doing the maintenance as needed, rather than putting dreaded tasks off and allowing them to build up. 

While taskmaster Saturn is loving life in its own sign, we can expect experiences of restriction, constriction, limitation, blockage, tightening up, challenge, increased responsibility, and an elongation of time/slowing of the pace.

Basically, it's time to get down to business, no messin’ around.

As always with the Cosmic Daddy Figure, anything being put on our plates naturally and organically by the universe will be "for our own good"...eventually.

Digging in, taking on the work, taking it seriously, and seeing it through till the end - these are qualities that will be rewarded by Saturn in Capricorn.

Avoidance, denial, rebellion, shirking, passing the buck, whining, bitching, moaning - these are qualities that will not be rewarded.

This doesn't mean we have to accept just anything that is dished out. There are natural responsibilities bestowed by the universe and then there is the expectation that we will pick up the slack in a dysfunctional and poorly-managed institution, workplace, home, relationship, whatever.
We're not picking up the slack for a screwed-up system. That would be self-destructive and way too heavy, to say the least. 

But dropping responsibilities, letting things slide, not facing reality, letting people down, or not seeing things through till the end will have progressively more severe repercussions or "karmic bite back" during this transit. Saturn in Capricorn won’t allow any weaseling out or any immaturity. It’s one placement that lives by the old motto: what goes around, comes around.

But it also goes further than that. Saturn and Capricorn are both related to authority, power, and a sort of exalted status based on the experience and resources a person has at his or her disposal.

With Saturn in Capricorn, we will be getting checked as far as the way we use our particular status, resources, position, and authority, no matter how seemingly humble our stations in life. Saturn is looking over the way we run our particular ships, the way we rule our particular domains, and it's demanding the absolute highest of standards from us. Responsible leadership in every way without devolving into harshness, bitterness, or control freak-itis. 

Saturn in Capricorn definitely has a bit of the grim or the morose associated with it, and it is part of our challenge not to allow this to permeate our personalities or leadership styles. 

Abuses of our authority, even seemingly minor ones, will not be allowed with Saturn ruling the roost in home-sweet-home Capricorn. Only those who have earned their positions and status - and who diligently maintain right action within them - will get the full approval of Saturn in Capricorn. This involves the validation and shoring up of our efforts as a blessing to continue toward our goals. 

We will be taking on new levels of responsibility under this transit, taking on new position and status which will ultimately benefit both ourselves and the collective. Capricorn is about personal responsibility, hard work, and achievement, but it is also a sign related to collective progress and the responsibility we have to build things that benefit the group, not just us personally. Effort we put in and structures we build or maintain over the next years can further and support many others in the years that follow.

This theme will be most obvious in the areas associated with the houses where Capricorn resides in your natal and Secondary Progressed charts. You will be taking on new authority, status, or position in those areas but more than likely growing into it gradually over the course of the three-year transit. There is a framework coming together there, piece-by-piece and step-by-step. In light of this, it's a good time to set your sights on some concrete, longer-term goals.

Achievement is a primary theme of the Saturn in Capricorn transit, as well as setting the stage for long-term sustainability and success. 

Business and financial considerations will be a strong focus. 

We may also be rewarded for previous hard work and nose-to-the-grindstone diligence under this transit, provided with new security and status because of it. This rewarding of previous efforts is part of the “good karma” associated with Saturn in Capricorn.

We're achieving something big - I would even go so far as to say momentous - over the three-year Saturn in Capricorn transit. It won't be easy, but it will be worth the blood, sweat, and tears in the end. 

We have to set just the right foundation and just the right trajectory for this achievement to bear the fruit we’re looking for over the long run, and that's one of the reasons Saturn is such a hard-ass. We have to be looking at things and considering options with a mature and reasonable outlook. We have to realistically determine the time, energy, and resources these achievements will require and whether they are ultimately worth it.

Saturn in Capricorn isn't much of a gambler. It's pretty much looking for a sure thing.

Over the three-year transit, we’re looking to invest ourselves and our resources in people, situations, and material things that have long-term pay-offs.

One nice aspect of this transit is that Saturn in Capricorn will move into supportive sextile aspect to Neptune in Pisces, in contrast to the clashing square we experienced in 2015/2016 while Saturn was transiting Sagittarius. 

This Saturn-Neptune sextile indicates assistance and support from the universe, material frameworks that get a boost from the otherworldly, and concrete efforts that are divinely-inspired and -guided. There will be concrete assistance (Saturn/Capricorn) for solving even the most chronic and ubiquitous of collective problems (Neptune/Pisces). We’re channelling spiritual inspiration into even the most arduous of Saturnine efforts. This sextile is exact January 31, 2019; June 18, 2019; and November 9, 2019.

Saturn in Capricorn also brings up issues of age, aging, maturity, and experience. As we move further into the astrological Aquarian era, generational divides and rules around chronological age are breaking down, and using either our advanced age or our youth as a power move will be less and less effective. Saturn will cry foul if we are somehow using our age/experience (or lack thereof) against someone.

During Saturn's transit of Capricorn, people in positions of establishment power within the illegitimate pyramid-scheme hierarchies on this planet will be getting checked...hard. And we can capitalize on this.

We're going to see a fair amount of crumbling authority, a fair number of individuals being "unseated," as more people wise up to the fact that it is actually incompetent inferiors sitting in many of the positions of power and authority within the current establishment.

People who have been gifted certain opportunities or status because of who they know or how much money they have may find things increasingly difficult under this transit. Chronic nepotism and cronyism will be less tolerated. Saturn in Capricorn requires that we earn our positions every step of the way. 

The rules will be changing almost spontaneously at times as the Aquarian-era breezes blow in. Old Guard structures will be coming apart at the seams a little. Things simply aren't going to work that way anymore - at least, not as easily or seamlessly.

We don't want to be under anyone's thumb, no matter how supposedly benevolent the thumb-bearer. There is no more energy to uphold unsatisfactory power dynamics and hierarchical establishments. There is no more energy to prop up the same-old, same-old. As the energy abandons these structures and frameworks, there is an organic levelling of the power scheme. There are openings that can be capitalized on and beneficial changes that can be made. It's all about positioning ourselves to be in the right places at the right times so that we can effect this type of beneficial change, so that we can bring in new ideas and methods.

This doesn't mean there won't be people in positions of authority - it's just that more of this authority will be naturally-bestowed and fluid rather than tightly-controlled and rigid. People will be in positions of fluid authority because others agree that it is in the best interests of the communities and societies to have them there, playing that role, shouldering that responsibility. These aren’t rigid “lifetime rulers,” common under the Pluto in Leo generation. 

There is a new definition of authority on its way during the Saturn in Capricorn transit. It is authority that does not require force, coercion, manipulation, dishonesty, ass-kissing, or mind control. It doesn’t have anything to do with ego. It can’t buy its way into position and power. It can’t simply cozy up to the “right people” to gain status. Being born into the right family or into the right neighbourhood will not guarantee this type of authority. It is authority that is non-hierarchical, fluid, earned, entrusted, freely and naturally-given. 

Saturn in Capricorn ultimately rewards those who have earned their positions every step of the way.
On the other hand, we will also see extreme status-seeking behaviour during this transit. Many will be power and status-hungry, which means there will be no end to the corruption, rot, and illegitimacy Saturn in Capricorn will be working to put in check. It also means that people will be over-reaching, straining to bust loose from the constraints and limitations Saturn is placing on them - and getting caught. 

Again, we can capitalize on this. As long as we respect our own Saturnine limitations, we can position ourselves to be the stabilizing force as the status-seekers flail and structural breakdown throws things off balance. We can use the rules of the corrupt system against itself in many ways, making headway even using establishment channels.

Issues of control, power, and manipulation will be coming to a head during this transit. We may see increasingly desperate manoeuvres as people cling to increasingly unstable positions of power and status. 

There will be challenges as far as the use and misuse of collective resources.

Respect will be a strong theme - natural forms of respect versus the type of respect that is coerced through positions of hierarchical power. (You can't force respect. The natural form is the only true form.)

Saturn Conjunct Pluto 2019 - 2020

The overturning of illegitimate hierarchy (at least in minds and spirits) will be in progress in earnest throughout the Saturn in Capricorn transit, building to a crescendo as Saturn closes in on its one and only exact conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn on January 12, 2020 at 22 degrees.

Saturn-Pluto conjunctions are known to be hardcore. There is some true tyranny possible under this aspect: cruelty, hatred, inhumanity, domination, abuse, misuse of power. But there is also the possibility of desperately-needed, grand-scale structural transformation that brings us into better position, both personally and collectively. Things need to change, and this aspect indicates the potential for major structural and power-related shifts. 

Under this conjunction, people just aren’t going to be able to put up with the standard bullshit anymore, and this is going to create disruption and instability in “business as usual” on Planet Earth.

Many flagrant abuses of power and status, chronic within the current establishment, can be put in check under this transit. 

As Saturn traipses over the area of the zodiac that has been covered by Pluto in Capricorn since 2008, we'll be confronted with some acute challenges (Saturn) related to the economic violence that has been brought down by the authoritarian power structures (Capricorn). This comes to a head under the exact Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January 2020, but this aspect is within orb throughout 2019 and 2020. (Yes, we’re being dominated by a Saturn-Pluto conjunction for two years. Get ready for loads of fun!) Related themes first become acute in April 2019 as both Saturn and Pluto station retrograde within three degrees of an exact conjunction.

This area of the zodiac has pockets of "financial hell" associated with it, as it relates to the intentional housing collapse of 2008 in the United States and the waves of unemployment, inflation, insecurity, and homelessness that have been experienced worldwide ever since. Manipulated stock markets, insane levels of speculation, destructive gentrification, and criminal misdeeds in business, finance, and government have created a hugely unstable situation, hurting billions of people.

We have been collectively traumatized by this Plutonic economic violence, and Saturn now triggers this, drawing out concrete events that crystallize the reality of the situation. 

From the October 1, 2014 article, “Timed War Attacks at March Equinox and the Final Uranus-Pluto Square, March Equinox 2015”:

“When Lord of the Underworld dwarf planet Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, beginning a 16-year transit of the sign of business, hierarchy, status, and structure, the intentional collapse of the United States housing market picked up steam.

Criminally deregulated derivatives on mortgages that were intentionally set to be defaulted on led to a massive transfer of wealth from U.S. taxpayers to the big banks and insurance companies. People who could not afford to own their own homes were given "predatory" mortgages with interest rates that increased as the years went on. Those who were just squeaking by on their mortgage payments found they were unable to pay as the interest rates rose. They defaulted on their mortgages, losing their homes and their equity. And the big banks, the insurance companies, and the speculators were paid out on the massive derivatives schemes that insured those faulty mortgages, rewarding banks for their heinously irresponsible lending practises. 

The economic collapse that followed was timed to throw people into joblessness and homelessness, creating turmoil in families, marriages, personal relationships, and communities, much like the Great Depression of the 1930s did. The cracks in society became crevasses in the following years. The jobs lost around 2008 - many of the more decently-paying jobs - have not been recovered, and a staggering 43 million Americans now rely on food stamps to feed themselves and their families.
From housing derivatives, the speculators and financiers moved into the grains markets with rampant speculation and trading of grains futures that drove the price of food staples up worldwide. This created hunger and starvation all over the world, as well as the mass protests and rioting known as ‘The Arab Spring.’”

While we have certainly been through “the shit” during the Pluto in Capricorn transit, this transit of Saturn through Capricorn indicates that the things we've learned from the challenges and difficulties experienced since 2008 can now be applied to our benefit. We've been through some fairly heinous hell points, and we came through them. Now, we can come at it all from a more experienced perspective. 

Experience is very, very valuable with Saturn transiting Capricorn. The ability to shrewdly and patiently weather the storms - without panicking - is worth its weight in gold. The recognition that we've been through a similar wave or pattern or experience before helps us to navigate successfully over the next few years.

We'll be drawing on our hard-nosed/stiff upper lip reserves during the transit of Saturn through Capricorn, and at this point, they're well-developed! 

The exact Saturn-Pluto conjunction on January 12, 2020 is absolutely stunning, as it will actually be an exact four-body conjunction involving the Sun, Ceres, Saturn, and Pluto, all at 22 degrees Capricorn. Mercury will also be tightly conjunct at 23 degrees Capricorn, making it a five-body conjunction. Transiting Jupiter will be conjunct the South Node of the Moon at the time, as well, at 8/9 degrees Capricorn, creating a massive stellium of bodies in Capricorn - Mercury-Saturn-Pluto-Ceres-Sun-Jupiter-South Node.

This indicates a truly historic time and the beginning of a truly historic year (2020), one when the blinders will officially be off for most people as far as the corrupt power scheme on Planet Earth. People aren't even going to be able to play along with the standard "austerity is good for you" narrative. Dying or suffering because essential services have been cut in order to line corporate and political pockets (not to mention continue the insane global war machine) is going to be full-on out-of-vogue by 2020.

This conglomeration of bodies at 22 Capricorn indicates that priorities will be shifting, old hierarchies will be levelling, and people will be much less likely to follow the (corrupt, coercive, outdated) leader. This includes pseudo-alternative leaders, as well - gatekeepers, controlled opposition, "celebrities," so-called progressive agenda makers that control minds in the very same ways. These hierarchical, follow-the-leader control structures are flimsy at best by 2020 (though if you listen to the propaganda, you will think they have the same, business-as-usual iron grip. "No problems! Nothing to see here!").

Leadership that goes against the grain of the supposed alternative will be required just as urgently as leadership that goes against the grain of the establishment, as much of the supposed alternative is creating and reinforcing similar power and control dynamics.

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn December 21, 2020 

The year 2020 is one last purge of the power scheme on this planet, one final maya-annihilation and blinder-destroyer, ahead of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at zero degrees Aquarius on December 21, 2020. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, an aspect that occurs about every 20 years, marks another historic December solstice point, as we officially move into egalitarian Aquarian ethics and energy en masse. 

Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions are generally considered times when great enterprises get off the ground. They are associated with big structural and philosophical shifts, a general marker of historic events or themes.

The most recent Jupiter-Saturn conjunction occurred at 22 degrees Taurus on May 28, 2000, and things certainly did take a turn-of-the-millenium shift that year toward a more technological/futuristic outlook on things. It would be impossible to deny the absolute saturation of daily human life with technology since 2000. There was a massive acceleration that began as we entered the 2000s, made obvious when you recall that no one owned a smart phone in 2000, no one had social media, and many did not even own computers or have internet.

We also had a major, collective reality-altering false flag on the near horizon at that time - the orchestrated events at the World Trade Centers in New York City on September 11, 2001. We’re still riding the horror-show wave of war, violence, lies, destruction, and intensified state control that was initiated at that time.

So as we move to the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at zero degrees Aquarius in December 2020, just after both planets leave Capricorn, we can expect an opening into the next big structural and philosophical shift, including a wave of (often intentionally-orchestrated) historic events. Twenty-twenty-one opens the new chapter.

This will certainly involve technology (Aquarius), and in the current hands, we can expect a dehumanizing effect from many of the so-called advances. Technology used for further control and surveillance. Technology and automation that eliminates more jobs. Energy weapons and technologically-supported forms of warfare. Weaponry that affects the way a person thinks and then behaves. Alteration and control of DNA. Psychic energy harnessed or manipulated via technological methods. Establishment control and domination of outer space.

The philosophy (Jupiter) around technology (Aquarius) will come into hard check (Saturn) around this time.

At the same time, there is a strong possibility that the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in earliest Aquarius will open a chapter where people and communities develop and control their own technological advances, which will advance human society in beneficial ways. Advances with alternative housing and alternative energy would be two possibilities. 

Concentrations of energy in earth sign Capricorn over the next few years, particularly the massive stellium in January 2020, indicate that we will be building real, concrete frameworks and structures that will carry us into the future. 

We're moving from the blueprint stage to the actual building of it. 

The influence of Saturn in Capricorn indicates that we will have real projects to sink our teeth into, real, material investments for our time, energy, and resources.

Alternative communities and networks will be built or shored up and will become stronger points of resistance. But we are also looking to see major shifts in the mainstream structures and ways of doing things (Capricorn territory). We aren’t starting from scratch.

Money and finances are strongly in focus during this transit, as is the spending power we each hold. We are using our money wisely and in strategic ways, in ways that support or create the type of energy, dynamics, and business exchanges we wish to be part of. We’re building the preferable future one transaction at a time. Changing spending habits even slightly to better reflect our values creates major ripple effects.

Chiron in Aries and Uranus in Taurus

Two major ingresses occurred during the Saturn in Capricorn transit, and both colour the historic year of 2020 - Chiron left Pisces for Aries on April 16, 2018 for a transit that lasts until April 14, 2027, and almost simultaneously, Uranus left Aries for Taurus on May 15, 2018 for a transit that lasts until April 26, 2026.

Both bodies retrograded back into the earlier signs later on in 2018, but Chiron re-enters Aries for good on February 17, 2019, and Uranus re-enters Taurus for good on March 6, 2019.

The Chiron in Aries transit indicates a period of years when we have really been pushed to the brink as far as survival on the planet (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual). More people will be forced into a purely survival-based (Aries) reality due to the greed and injustice of the current establishment. 

Chiron will also transit that very symbolic region of 29 degrees Pisces/zero degrees Aries in 2018 and again in early 2019, an area that coincides with the Fukushima, Japan nuclear disaster, ongoing since March 2011. The tsunami occurred and nuclear disaster began as Uranus crossed this "end of the zodiac/beginning of the zodiac" point on March 11, 2011. Now, the wounded healer will traverse this point (April/May 2018; September/October 2018; February/March 2019), and perhaps the devastation and the collapsing Pacific Ocean ecosystem will become too much to ignore...

Chiron in Aries very directly relates to the pain and dysfunction (Chiron) caused by war (Aries).
(I do believe the Fukushima disaster is an intentional act of covert nuclear warfare...)

This includes the current chronic state of global warfare – killing people, injuring people, and putting lives at risk directly - but it also includes chronic class warfare in an intentionally-stratified economic/money system where people with less wealth and fewer resources experience violence, inhumanity, injustice, degradation, and life-threatening struggle.

The Uranus ingress of Taurus, coinciding with the Chiron ingress of Aries, indicates the possibility of trauma (Uranus) related to money (Taurus), eventually spurring radical changes (Uranus) to the money system, to the distribution and control of physical resources, and to what we consider valuable (Taurus). 

This transit is an indicator of a revolution (Uranus) of values (Taurus), in general.

It is a transit associated with both the Great Depression and the second World War (Uranus last transited Taurus from June 1934 to May 1942).

When people are starved of money, food, security, resources, and the comforts of a stable life (Taurus), they are much more likely to join the armed forces to fight a war directed by rich men. (Three squares a day, housing, and travel provided.) 

This was also the case during the Great Depression. In fact, the second World War was the event that ended the decade-long Great Depression (1929 - 1939). (Conscription/mass deaths lower the unemployment rate!) This has been a trick pulled by the establishment from time immemorial, and it is being employed again at this time, as we harden ourselves into "the austerity years" associated with Pluto transiting Capricorn.

Again, we have the inter-mixing of literal war and violence with economic/class war and violence, and this can be seen quite clearly in the current-day dynamics.  

The economic hardships of the Great Depression also spurred extreme sociopolitical views and hatred in the populace, which contributed to the conditions of the second World War.

Sound familiar?

The upcoming transit of Chiron in Aries indicates the possibility of further factioning and fighting along identity politics lines (class, race, religion, gender, sexuality, lifestyle, ability), turning on each other and blaming each other, rather than joining forces to hold the true culprits accountable. The pain (Chiron) caused by Aryanism, elitism, eugenics, excessive racial/religious/ethnic pride, and me-first narcissism (Aries).

There will be a strong opportunity to heal many of these identity-based divisions over the course of the transit, and those ‘wounded healers’ with natal Chiron in Aries (born 1968 to 1977) may lead the way on this front. 

Unfortunately, the powers-that-be are working these astrological transits and aspects like a rented mule, attempting to make some very nasty history repeat itself.

The initiation of war has been planned by the United States/NATO/New World Order around March equinox for the past two Uranus ingresses - the invasion of Iraq under false pretenses when Uranus entered Pisces in March 2003 and the bombing of Libya under false pretenses when Uranus re-entered Aries in March 2011.

Further machinations of the war machine could be planned for March 2019 when Uranus moves back to zero Taurus after its retrograde. This period also aligns with Saturn and Pluto stationing retrograde in Capricorn in conjunction in April 2019. Again, this could be literal war, or it could be further economic violence on people or entire countries, as the Global Government attempts to bring every country on the planet in line.

(Coincidentally (not), North Korea is one of the only countries on the planet, along with a handful of heavily-bombed others, that has not come under the control of the centralized banking system, headed, at least publicly, by the Rothschild family.)

Throughout the eight-year Uranus in Taurus transit, we can see a period potentially involving intense disruption (Uranus) to security, stability, comfort, money, tradition, routine, and material affluence (Taurus), and this will be intentionally exacerbated.

Uranus involves an element of extreme independence and autonomy. In this case, we are cultivating independent control over our own comfort, grounding, and sense of stability (Taurus) amidst very jarring, disruptive, and scattered collective conditions (Uranus). We are sticking to our own comforting threads of routine, stability, and continuity, even as extreme Uranian circumstances threaten to sever us from those threads.

We may be developing a pretty far out definition of stability, comfort, and routine over the next eight years. 

We will see conditions that bring innovation, ideas, new thinking, and rapid change in the Taurean realms. Alternatives to the current money system and a radical re-valuing of things/work/products/time/energy/knowledge can change the situation considerably.

Unfortunately, part of the (orchestrated) monetary/financial turbulence indicated under Uranus in Taurus may also mean we see an overt push for “One World Currency.” There is an extremely violent trajectory currently moving toward centralized control of all money/banking systems and resources on the planet, bringing all nations under the thumb of the Global Government/New World Order. 

(Yes, I know the concept of a New World Order sounds wacky to some people, but former CIA director and U.S. President George Bush Sr. himself announced it in a September 11, 1991 speech to Congress, viewable on YouTube. Hmm…do you think that date was coincidental?)

Something I recently dug up indicates that 2018 may be the year that was pre-planned for this “One World Currency.” 

The Rothschild-owned The Economist magazine ran a story in 1988 about the possibility of a “world currency” bringing a “new world economy” within 30 years. In the article, the hypothetical world currency was named “The Phoenix,” and the date displayed on the coin/token is 2018 – the year Uranus entered Taurus and Chiron entered Aries. 

The adoption of a world currency would mean that nations would lose control over their money and financial systems (whatever control they still have), falling in line under the centralized global regime.

This aligns with the astrological symbolism on a number of fronts: orchestrated disruption and upheaval (Uranus) in the money systems (Taurus) leading to the forced adoption of a universal (Uranus) currency (Taurus), which then breaks down the sovereignty and identity of nations in destructive and detrimental ways (Chiron in Aries). People being tricked or forced into giving up individual rights and freedoms (Chiron in Aries) as they are brought in line with the global (Uranus) agenda re: finances and resources (Taurus). The United Nations' Agenda 21 would be an example of this orchestrated agenda and control around money and resources. 

In light of all the nefarious orchestration, the wheels are greased for major structural changes and for a “radical re-valuing” that brings us into new-era, egalitarian/humanitarian values during the Uranus in Taurus transit.

Basic, universal, new-era values that could become stronger under Uranus in Taurus include:

- safe and comfortable homes accessible to everyone, regardless of income level
- the basics of life accessible to everyone, regardless of income level
- land accessible to everyone to grow food, regardless of income level
- a focus on simplicity and doing the basics well -  everyone on the planet has enough and obscene excess is no longer glamourized or even desired by most people 

(To be clear, I'm not talking about charity or hand-outs without effort or work put forth by the individual. But in the current economic scenario, many people working full-time or even more than full-time cannot earn enough for the basics of life. Unemployment and under-employment are rampant. In addition, not everyone has the ability to work full-time in the mainstream workforce. It is critically important that these issues be addressed and remedied.) 

The false set of societal values tied to a corrupt money system could be broken up entirely under Uranus in Taurus, and people could move back to valuing the basic good things of life.

I would see the Pluto in Scorpio generation (born 1983 - 1995) as being fundamental in this values shift, particularly those with natal Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn in Capricorn who will be experiencing their Saturn Returns. 

There will be a craving for simplicity (Taurus) after navigating the overly-complex and overly-complicated scenarios that have been engineered. Again, things considered valuable during Uranus in Taurus could be entirely disconnected from the current money system, which over-values destructive products and practises, as well as obscene luxury.

As a true Pluto in Capricorn-era symbol (and with the North Node of the Moon transiting art-related Leo), in 2013, a series of three paintings by artist Francis Bacon broke the record for the most expensive piece of art ever sold - $142 million. 

What type of world are we living in where people have that degree of excess wealth while others can’t pay for the very basics of life? Where people can spend tens and even hundreds of millions on memorabilia or something to hang on their walls? It’s truly obscene, in this anarchist astro-reporter’s opinion. 

Under the Uranus in Taurus transit, there will be a radical "market correction" with rapid changes brought about via this revolution (Uranus) of values (Taurus). There will be a stronger focus on the essentials and less focus on excess. 

(Don't think the establishment won't be on top of this shift, though. The attempted co-opting of "simplicity" and the "back-to-basics ethic" is already well underway...) 

We may see disruptions (Uranus) in food, farming, and agriculture (Taurus), potentially due to continued geoengineering and resulting extreme weather and soil toxicity. Unfortunately, violence and warfare committed via food insecurity and hunger are also tactics that have been used by the power establishment for millennia, including during the Great Depression. People have often been intentionally starved or threatened with the possibility of starvation in an attempt to bring them under control.

Biotechnology and the genetic modification of food will also accelerate under this Uranus in Taurus transit, as all the major GMO corporations have merged together to consolidate power and control. (Bayer-Monsanto, Dow-DuPont, and ChemChina-Syngenta) This, too, is a desperate attempt by an unpopular industry, as most of the world continues to reject and resist their poisonous, DNA-altering Frankenfoods. 

However, we also see the inspiring possibility of people-driven innovation (Uranus) in food and agriculture (Taurus) with a strong theme of Uranian independence and autonomy. Technological advances could make it easier to produce or distribute quality food outside corporate channels. Easy indoor and urban growing options may become more widely available. IKEA is one company that has gotten the jump on this trend – it has developed affordable indoor growing systems that would work for apartments, for example, even during the winter. Overall, local food communities/networks/markets should flourish under the Uranus in Taurus transit. 

Taurus is a fixed sign related to momentum. Momentum is hard to generate, but once we are moving in a particular direction, that momentum gains steam and carries us forward. Unfortunately, we are working with some highly-manipulated collective momentum at this time, driving us into a future we do not wish to experience on this planet.

The revolution in values under transiting Uranus in Taurus involves breaking the collective momentum toward another World War…

It involves breaking the collective momentum toward a corporate-controlled and poisoned food supply…

It involves breaking the collective momentum toward less comfort, less physical security, and fewer material resources for most of the people on the planet…

It involves breaking the collective momentum toward a human populace that is increasingly controlled through those manufactured circumstances of lack and desperation… 

We’re hijacking the collective momentum for something better.

I'm not necessarily suggesting there will be a full-out revolution as we move through 2020, though elements of this have been percolating forever. This is more of an instantly-materializing shift. A new way of being that we suddenly step into after decades of striving toward it. 

With the help of Saturn in Capricorn, as well as Jupiter transiting Capricorn from December 2, 2019 to December 19, 2020, what was once the vision becomes the reality.

Under transiting Pluto in Capricorn, things have been breaking down, and illegitimacy/flaws have been exposed in the structures as they exist. Now, Saturn (and later Jupiter) in Capricorn works to build things up in new and inspiring ways. This includes the development of solid and accessible alternative options, moving out of the domination and homogenization of the current ways.

We will be accomplishing a huge amount over the three-year Saturn in Capricorn transit, though we may lose sight of just how much progress we are making when we are in the thick of it. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at zero degrees Aquarius at December solstice 2020 allows for the first, full bird’s eye view, the first full lay of the Aquarian-era land.

The initial battle, I believe, is the extrication of minds and spirits from the toxic control and subtle influence of the authoritarian establishment (again, including pseudo-alternative versions). From there, true alternative paths and avenues for action become stronger and more accessible.

As the tail-end Piscean-era illusions dry up entirely and new ways of thinking proliferate, it's going to be a lot tougher to get the standard, control-based manipulations past people. It becomes "neuro-typical" to be "neuro-diverse." The old rhetoric will be laughable even to those of a more traditional or establishment-friendly mindset. People will be banding together to solve problems, to create something outside the highly-controlled and highly-coerced establishment ways. For more and more people, it simply won't be a choice.

From the time Saturn enters Capricorn in late 2017, we are building toward the broader structural shift indicated in 2020.

Don't despair under increased control ploys or limitations. It may seem that "they" are winning...but they aren't.   

Twenty-twenty marks a turning point on our way to a preferable vision for humanity and for life on this planet. It marks a point where people make the choice, en masse, to take control of their own lives and selves and communities, revoking the trust they had erroneously put in the authoritarian overlords. The influence of the corrupt Old Guard (Saturn) will be purged (Pluto) as much as possible. 

And it's the free thinkers, the square pegs in the round holes, those marching to the beat of their own drums, who set the tone and lead the way. It's you. It's me. It's anyone living a different way, anyone living a preferable alternative, even if only in mind and spirit.

Because yes, our circumstances are tough. The current money system is almost unbearable. There is little to no support coming from the establishment while many of our resources are tied up and misused within that establishment. The preferable alternatives are stamped down, made illegal, thwarted, controlled, co-opted, crushed, and otherwise fucked with at every turn.

But it doesn't matter. Because we'll keep going. You can't hold this lightning-force brilliance back. You can't hold the true power of humanity and of human hearts and minds back. You just can't. 

Though they try. Oh, they surely try.

But they'll never have what we have. They'll never have the purity of heart or the freedom of spirit. They'll never be one of the righteous ones. And they know it. This is what they can't stand. This is why they try to eliminate us in every possible way. This is why they try to divert us and distract us from our true goals.

The Saturn in Capricorn transit (December 2017 - December 2020) has some monumental astrological events associated with it, and there is an element of strategic planning necessary.

Understanding the climate from an astrological standpoint - particularly the dark underbelly - can stop us from being caught up or carried away in the waves of public fear, rage, and hysteria that are being manufactured. From there, we can provide a touchstone of stability for others so that they may also extricate themselves from the manipulation merry-go-round. 

Understand that it's all bullshit. And understand that they've been pulling this bullshit on us for thousands of years.

Don't allow your own hard work and energy to be misdirected toward their orchestrated ends.

We can simply dig our heels in and say: no. 

I hope this astrological document will aid you in your own successful strategic planning for the Saturn in Capricorn transit and Saturn-Pluto conjunction. These are difficult times, to be certain, but they are also times that bring out the very best in us. 

If we accept the challenges laid at our feet, we can come into our full authority, status, and position under this Saturn in Capricorn transit. Cemented. Earned. Entrusted. No one can shake us. No one can take it from us. 

We can build something solid that will sustain not only us but the people and community around us for years or decades to come. These are the sort of epic times we're in. We're working for the long-term here, for the long-range view. And it feels good to know that our efforts set a foundation that will support our own continued development and the development of other people we wish to assist.

There are some shitty moments on their way, too. How could there not be considering the violent-power-run-amok scenarios playing out on Planet Earth?

But keep building. Keep leading. Keep moving in the most promising directions. Keep working to create new momentum, a momentum that carries us into something better.

Maintain your own domain like a boss, but also don't be afraid to employ your Plutonic "fuck it" mental strategy when it all becomes too heavy to manage. Focus on the essentials. 

And if all else fails, just laugh. Dry humour will carry us through many a tight spot over the next years.

Of course there will be nefarious people using the energy of these transits and aspects for nefarious purposes. There will be people who status-climb into positions they have no business being in. That’s a given. But we have to see through all that. We have to be better than all that. And we have to build something better than that, from right where we are.

"Look at a stone cutter hammering away at his rock, perhaps a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet at the hundred-and-first blow it will split in two, and I know it was not the last blow that did it, but all that had gone before." 

- Jacob A. Riis

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Willow said...

April 5, 2019 OpEd article by Jose Antonio Ocampo (former United Nations Under-Secretary General for Economic and Social Affairs) calling for a global currency: https://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/imf-special-drawing-right-global-currency-by-jose-antonio-ocampo-2019-04

Willow said...

Early April 2019: "UN Fears New Libya War As Renegade General Advances on Tripoli"


The initial bombing of Libya took place in March 2011 as Uranus re-entered Aries.

Uranus re-entered Taurus on March 6, 2019. Some key upcoming dates around this ingress:

April 22 - Sun conjunct Uranus in Taurus
May 8 - Mercury conjunct Uranus in Taurus
May 18 - Venus conjunct Uranus in Taurus