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Timed War Attacks at March Equinox and the Final Uranus-Pluto Square, March Equinox 2015

A transcript has recently surfaced from an interview between retired U.S. General Wesley Clark and Democracy Now's Amy Goodman from 2007.

In the interview, Clark describes the pre-planning by the United States Department of Defense of wars with seven nations - Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran. These plans were divulged to Clark just days after the collapse of the World Trade Centers in New York City in September 2001.

From the interview:

"CLARK: About 10 days after 9/11, I went to the Pentagon, and I saw [Defense] Secretary [Donald] Rumsfeld and Deputy Secretary [Paul] Wolfowitz. I went downstairs to say hello to some of the people on the joint staff that used to work for me.

One of the generals called me in and said, “Sir, you gotta come in and talk to me.” I said, “Sir, you’re too busy.” And he said, “No, no! We’ve made the decision — we’re going to war with Iraq!” This is on or about the 28th of September. I said, “We’re going to war with Iraq? Why!?” He said, “I don’t know!” He said, “I guess they don’t know what else to do.” So I said, “Did they find some information connecting Saddam to al Qaeda?” He said, “No, no, there’s nothing new that way. They just made the decision to go to war with Iraq.” He said, “I guess its like we don’t know what to do about terrorists, but we’ve got a good military and we can take down governments.”

So I came back to see him a few weeks later, and by that time, we were bombing in Afghanistan. And I said, “Are we still going to war with Iraq?” And he said, “Oh, its worse than that.” He said– he reached over on his desk and he picked up a piece of paper, and he said, “I just got this from upstairs,” meaning the Secretary of Defense’s office. And he said, “This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years. Starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and finishing off Iran.”"

You can certainly see that the blueprints for the next 15+ years of United States-led war, death, and destruction worldwide were laid out immediately following that oh-so-murky event in September 2001. We have seen the war machine meet its stated goals with cruel brutality and precision ever since.

The felling of the Twin Towers in New York City on September 11, 2001 is considered by many to be a false flag event - an event that was either orchestrated or intentionally allowed by the United States government in order to create consent for intensified foreign war as well as war against its own citizens by way of spying, harassment, police brutality, and other erosion of civil liberties. 

The collapse of Building 7, a 47-storey skyscraper near the Twin Towers that was not hit by any airplane, has been a major sticking point for the official story (that terrorists flew airplanes into the towers, the towers started on fire and collapsed).

Families of 9/11 victims, architects, and engineers have all joined forces to say: the official story about what happened on September 11, 2001 is impossible. Buildings do not collapse like that either from fire or from an airplane flying into the side. There was no reason, according to the official story, for Building 7 to collapse, especially considering the buildings beside it suffered only minimal damage.

I've long understood that war is pre-planned, intentionally orchestrated, and executed by members of the power elite with only the slimmest of (false) reasoning provided to the public. This very slim reasoning is piped into every mind and home via saturating mainstream media reports, which create what Noam Chomsky refers to as "manufactured consent" from the public at large.

Rather than it being a case where The Good Guys (United States and allies) are simply responding to and attempting to stop violent evil-doers around the world, we can see from Clark's statements that wars are pre-planned years before the first bombs are dropped. 

I've also long understood something that is harder for many people to wrap their minds around - that war is planned according to astrology, and it has been for thousands of years.

From "Uranus Direct on Zero Aries and More Astrologically-Timed Machinations of the Global War Machine," December 20, 2011:

"You’ll recall that the invasion of Iraq under Baby Bush was scheduled for March equinox 2003, just as Uranus ingressed Pisces. In the tropical zodiac, March equinox is marked by the Sun entering Aries... March equinox is a highly potent time, a birth point for new directions, new actions, and new strategic moves, of particular use to those of the Arien/war persuasion. Uranus entering a new sign at the time of the 2003 equinox indicated to U.S. military strategists a prime time to unleash the “shock and awe” - Uranian key words - on the people of Iraq.

Again true to astrological timing, the attack against Libya was scheduled for March equinox 2011, just as Uranus ingressed Aries and positioned itself for a series of seven squares to Pluto in Capricorn. The last time Uranus was in Aries, it also formed a series of squares to Pluto, then in Cancer. That series of squares (1932-1934) coincided with the first years of the Great Depression as well as the advance of global fascism and the positioning of Hitler within the German Nazi Party."

Yes, the United States-led invasion of Iraq and its attack on Libya were scheduled almost exactly eight years apart, on March equinox, just as Uranus, planet of "shock and awe" and of the new astrological era, moved into a new sign (Pisces in 2003, Aries in 2011). Uranus changes signs every 7 to 8 years.

(Attacks committed by Israel against Palestine are often timed to astrological/astronomical events, as well, including this one in November 2012: Israel Opens the Gates of Hell at the Alpha Snake New Moon)

As stated, we are now nearing the end of a seven-square series between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn (2012 - 2015). The final two squares (clashing, tense, frictional aspects) occur December 15, 2014 and March 16, 2015 - just in time for March equinox.

As we have seen, the United States and its Global Governor allies like to plan major war offensives for March equinoxes when Uranus is doing something notable - like squaring Pluto for the final time of the square series, the first time when both planets are moving direct. 

The Uranus-Pluto square series was last experienced from 1932 to 1934 during the Great Depression, the rise of the Nazi Party, and the lead-up to World War II.

And there have been highly unfortunate and orchestrated correlations to that time period throughout the current square series.

When Lord of the Underworld dwarf planet Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, beginning a 16-year transit of the sign of business, hierarchy, status, and structure, the intentional collapse of the United States housing market picked up steam.

Criminally deregulated derivatives on mortgages that were intentionally set to be defaulted on led to a massive transfer of wealth from U.S. taxpayers to the big banks and insurance companies. People who could not afford to own their own homes were given "predatory" mortgages with interest rates that increased as the years went on. Those who were just squeaking by on their mortgage payments found they were unable to pay as the interest rates rose. They defaulted on their mortgages, losing their homes and their equity. And the big banks, the insurance companies, and the speculators were paid out on the massive derivatives schemes that insured those faulty mortgages, rewarding banks for their heinously irresponsible lending practises.

The economic collapse that followed was timed to throw people into joblessness and homelessness, creating turmoil in families, marriages, personal relationships, and communities, much like the Great Depression of the 1930s did. The cracks in society became crevasses in the following years. The jobs lost around 2008 - many of the more decently-paying jobs - have not been recovered, and a staggering 43 million Americans now rely on food stamps to feed themselves and their families. 

From housing derivatives, the speculators and financiers moved into the grains markets with rampant speculation and trading of grains futures that drove the price of food staples up worldwide. This created hunger and starvation all over the world, as well as the mass protests and rioting known as "The Arab Spring." From January 31, 2011: Jupiter in Aries Square Pluto in Capricorn: Uprisings Are Expected. The Global Governors Are Waiting. Freedom is a Complex Dance.

Make the people hungry and desperate and force them to live in miserable, highly-uncertain conditions. This has always been a prime method used by the powers-that-be to weaken and control the populace.   

At the same time, the Harper Conservatives dismantled the Canadian Wheat Board, a sort of farmers' union that sold wheat en masse in the world market so as to achieve a solid and stable price for the product. The Harper Conservatives' semi-legal dismantling of the Wheat Board led to chaos in the grain handling system and much lower prices for wheat farmers. It left individual farmers at the mercy of the "free" market with the remaining Wheat Board members at a strong disadvantage with less wheat to sell and less market clout on the world stage.

From grains, the stock market speculators have moved on to cattle. Grain prices have dipped while speculation and unregulated trading of cattle futures have doubled the price of cattle in 2014. This has coincided with speculation-driven record high meat prices all over the world, after beef prices were intentionally bottomed out a decade ago via the "Mad Cow Disease" scare. From May 26, 2014: Derivatives Schemes Shift from Grain to Cattle, Stock Market Speculation Drives Meat Prices Up Worldwide

The cattle market, like the grains market, was prime territory for stock market speculators, as the prices of those commodities had been artificially depressed for some time.

In addition to the intentional attacks on and manipulation of food, jobs, and housing (the lifesblood of the people), we have, of course, the relentless and merciless war machine steamrolling its way through these Uranus-Pluto squares.

The United States has checked off most of the boxes on its 2001 "Countries to Bomb Back to the Stone Age List." In 2011, the United States was simultaneously bombing six different countries - Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia. And things have not slowed down much since.

As Uranus and Pluto move into their final squares this December and March, we move into a highly volatile period with a combination of Global Governance theatre underway:

There's the media-driven battle between so-called Islamic terrorist group ISIS and NATO forces, complete with highly-suspect beheading videos. Isis is the Egyptian Goddess of Magic, and there is certainly some dirty magic going on here. The long history of U.S. Central Intelligence Agency involvement in the manufacturing, funding, and/or training of groups like ISIS must be at the front of our minds. The brutality is real. The narrative surrounding the brutality is not. The ISIS narrative  being played out via mainstream media is manufacturing consent for yet more bombing campaigns committed by the United States against Iraq, a country already devastated by decades of U.S. bombs and artillery, including ongoing radioactive poisoning from depleted uranium munitions dust. Yet more bombing by the United States government is not the solution here.

Then, there is the unfortunate re-ignition of Cold War embers with the battle over Ukraine: Are the vicious, establishment Russians in control, or are the vicious, establishment European Union leaders in control?

As we move to the highly-charged March equinox of 2015 with Uranus in Aries tightly square Pluto in Capricorn for the final time of the square series, conditions are being created for yet another orchestrated World War. Conditions are also being created for yet another economic collapse in the United States (which can't seem to get a handle on its derivatives gambling problem) that will throw even more people into a state of turmoil.

At the time of March equinox 2015, as Uranus and Pluto start to pull out of their final square, war planet Mars will be in war sign Aries conjunct Uranus (unexpected events, upheaval, revolution, rebellion), and Uranus in Aries will be conjunct the karmic South Node. There is some definite war-based trauma wrapped up in this one. Let's hope the warmonger desires to exploit the astrology are thwarted.

 March Equinox 2015 
Click to enlarge.

In the chart for equinox, you can see the beleaguered North Node in Libra holding the intent for, driving toward, peace, justice, balance, harmony, consideration for others, and good social relations. This is the successful, soul-driven path forward. But you also see the massive counter-balance of bodies clustering around the South Node in war sign Aries. It will take a concerted effort (even an inner battle) to choose peace, love, balance, and meaningful connection to our fellow humans over selfishness, fighting, factioning, and the acceptance of violence. This amazingly potent conglomeration of bodies around the Aries South Node at equinox indicates that anger, tempers, selfishness, and the reckless following of baser instincts could drive us into a quagmire of detrimental karmic conditions, including war.

The Moon will also be in Aries at March equinox 2015, crossing the South Node, Uranus, and Mars in Aries as it pulls out of a 29-degree New Moon in Pisces on March 20, 2015.

 New Moon in Pisces March 20, 2015
Click to enlarge.

Again, we are working with that highly symbolic area of 29 Pisces/0 Aries. This is an area of the zodiac that symbolizes the astrological era shift, as we move from the last degree of the zodiac (29 Pisces) to the first degree of the zodiac (0 Aries). Endings and beginnings all wrapped up in one.

You may recall that the earthquake and tsunami that devastated the Fukushima, Japan nuclear reactors occurred (or were set off) on March 11, 2011 as Uranus moved from 29 Pisces to 0 Aries, heading into the Uranus-Pluto square series. There is some very nasty recent history involved with these degrees, and it's unlikely that the New Moon in the same area this coming March will pass without some planned events coinciding.

There is plenty of Piscean-era unfinished business wrapped up in that 29-degree Pisces New Moon on March 20, 2015, and the following 28-day lunar cycle will likely have many unpleasant and highly symbolic surprises on the war and manipulation fronts. Pathetic Old Money pissing matches among pathetic excuses for human beings. (Or are they really human, after all?)

Communication and intelligence planet Mercury will be in its fall in Pisces at the time of March equinox, conjunct foggy and surreal Neptune as well as wounded healer Chiron. The mass media will once again be rife with fake stories and perspectives attempting to pull the wool over the public's eyes, working overtime to get us to swallow a reality that is ultimately phony, harmful, misguided, and painful.

Mercury in Pisces will also be square Saturn in early Sagittarius at equinox (exact March 16 as Uranus and Pluto form their final exact square), indicating a challenge related to the truth, faith, and belief systems. This square could keep things on track if people are willing to work for the real truth, moving out of dogma, false rhetoric, and religion and belief-based manipulations.  

Ultimately, the Nazis didn't lose the war. They just changed shape. They spread out along the top layer of the global power structure, helping to create and reinforce the system of global fascism we are experiencing today ("Global Governance"). Around 1,600 Nazis were harboured and employed as scientists and doctors by the United States government after World War II via "Operation Paperclip." Many of these scientists and doctors were involved in murder, slavery, toxic chemical production, and human experimentation before and during World War II. These scientists and doctors who were welcomed into U.S. government and business have created some of the hellacious chemical, GMO, and pharmaceuticals corporations that poison and kill us in the post-modern setting today.

What we can understand is that we are being set up here - just as human beings have been set up for thousands of years - for more war, misery, and deprivation. We are being set up to turn on each other. We are being set up to come under increased control by the current power structures. The masses are being set up to accept, encourage, even cheer for their own enslavement and demise.

But when you know you are being set up, when you can see it and deconstruct it every step of the way, it's much easier to break free - at least in spirit.

There are a million ways to throw a monkey wrench into the plans of the Global Governors, including in our day-to-day lives.

And one of those monkey wrenches involves these simple, fundamental truths:

War is wrong. Killing and hurting people is wrong. Manufacturing reasons to bomb and destroy other countries, slaughtering civilians en masse as you move toward your self-interested goals, is wrong.

You can never make two wrongs equal a right.

Life on this planet is precious. But human life is not valued highly - it's not valued at all - by the current power-holders. And that is unbearably repugnant. No one who devalues human life in this way has any real authority over you, over me, or over anything on this planet.

These are basic facts that the media and the war machine want to erase from people's minds.

But holding fast to them, living by them, is one of the more effective things you can do as we are ushered toward a goal that no sane and loving human being wants to see come to pass.

Reject their version of reality. Reject the mainstream media version of reality. Reject their justifications for mass murder and injury by the state. 

Raise your own spiritual principles above the illegitimate rules being forced by the Global Governors. Don't allow their manipulations and lies, including via mass media distraction, to lower you to their level. Practise a peaceful, unfettered, and undeterred way of being. Remember all that is beautiful about life on this planet. Love yourself and others, and treat each other with respect. Remember that you are loved and supported through these dark times.

The Lord hates a coward, as they say, so be brave; be bold; go heart-first. Know that your power (our power), well- and practically-applied in the face of this illegitimate brutality, is so much greater and grander than the power of guns and bombs and depleted uranium and fake news reports.

The truth taken fully into our hearts and souls, the truth ringing from every cell. That's all we need.

Stand up and be counted in the global call for peace, truth, and justice on the planet. 


Anonymous said...

Blessings for you and your loved Ones are a brave and righteous soul..thank you for being a shining light on this dark night.

Please take care of yourself..


Willow said...

Thanks for reading this not-so-happy/shiny article!

And thanks for your comments!

Appreciate it.

COW2000 said...

yeah, I read this blog because it doesn't spout the "obligatory optimism that is fashionable among the privileged classes these days" as John Michael Greer puts it.

Anonymous said...

I think 29 Pisces new moon on 20 March 2015, prior to the March equinox is a SOLAR ECLIPSE. Eclipse at the anaretic degree of not just Pisces but the entire zodiac!

Willow said...

Yes, that's the significance I'm describing in the article:

"Again, we are working with that highly symbolic area of 29 Pisces/0 Aries. This is an area of the zodiac that symbolizes the astrological era shift, as we move from the last degree of the zodiac (29 Pisces) to the first degree of the zodiac (0 Aries). Endings and beginnings all wrapped up in one."

Anonymous said...

Willow -
Thanks for the informative article, and I'm glad you led with the General Clark quotes. I especially like the fact that you included the information about Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz, who were signatories on Project for a New American Century policy paper, which was published in 1999. The paper called for a new catalyzing event analogous to Pearl Harbor, which we've come to learn was in fact a false flag event (US leadership knew the attack was imminent, and had moved the aircraft carriers out of the harbor). Preceding all of this, though, was the policy paper, A Clean Break. We're witnessing the events promulgated by these papers, with the Anglo-Zionist Empire attempting to run roughshod over the rest of the planet. Definitely interesting times... Oh, one last note, that Arab Spring nonsense was also instigated by the neocon planners, along the lines of what happened in the Ukraine (the same manuals were found in each area, translated for the locale).
Thanks for your work!

Greg F said...

I love you, my friendly and beautiful Astro-Promulgator/friend. Ha!

We're on the same side, Willow. Thank you for caring about it all!


Anonymous said...

Brilliant and insightful as always.

Willow said...

Thank-you for your comments!

Anonymous said...

Shit. My brother just got shipped to basic training. He's joined the military not because he's political at all but because he wanted a steady income, hopes of going to college, health insurance and, he hopes, benefits for his family as well. Everyone is patting him on the back telling him how good this will be for him. Who are they kidding?!? I'm devastated and he hasn't even been deployed yet. I see what's coming down the pipeline and you've well covered the astrology behind this. No matter what I say I'm going to be the crazy paranoid person. ( at least until after the fact... maybe even then as well.)

Willow said...

Ugh. I'm sorry. :-(

Seriously, screw the steady income. It is not worth the steady income. I'm sure the pressure to join the Army is immense in a lot of cases, but people have to start withstanding it! Do almost anything else, even if it's for less money.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Screw the income and screw this entire BULLSHIT system altogether! I'm hoping with all my heart he gets kicked out of basic training. All these men and women dead from battle and suicides and for WHAT????? It only serves to kill wonderful people whom are loved and deeply missed, or it serves to screw their hearts and souls if they do make it. Pushing military as a career option has always made me sick but he's had many friends take it and he's going along with it too.

Sincere thanks for practing astrology the way it was meant to be.

Willow said...

I hope he gets released from basic training for some reason, too! And thanks for the compliment.

Yeshe said...

This is so right on, and what I have been feeling deep down inside. The shining light at the end of the tunnel that I see is that, they are becoming so emboldened in their charade that it seems almost impossible these days to NOT see through it. My favorite recent example is the fracking bits the company painted pink for breast cancer awareness month. WTF?!?!?

Anyways, keep on writing. I would love to repost your article. The word needs to get out.

And from an "old generation" goth to a younger one, if you ever want to take a vacation in South Florida, please visit!

Yeshe said...

One last thing, Terry Gross of NPR had an amazing interview with General Wesley Clark where he revealed a lot. I'm sure you can find the interview.

Also, if one compares the manufactured beheading videos with real ones from the Middle East or Mexico ( liveleak has all kinds of them) there is no question they are fake! Those people want you to see the blood and they are all standing around cheering the beheader on!

Willow said...

Please do repost it, if you have a channel for it.

Hadn't heard about the fracking bits painted pink for breast cancer. If that isn't enough to make you weep at the insanity, I don't know what is.

I'm not actually goth, but people often mistake me for goth! Thanks for the offer. :-)

Anonymous said...

This post spoke deeply to me. There is one problem, though. People have all different interpretations of what constitutes "rising above the evil of the times." And those interpretations are often at cross purposes. See, e.g., the fight for/against marriage equality. As I become emboldened to reject the other's version of reality, so is "the other" emboldened to reject my version of reality. It boils down to a question of "why bother." I'm really struggling with this right now. How do other people here cope with this?

Willow said...

I'd say you focus on the threads that go beyond class, race, gender, and sexual orientation. And you keep in mind how people are manipulated and divided along those lines so that it doesn't get you down.

And just keep going. That's key.