Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Series of Zero-Degree New Moons Produces an Emotional Clean Sweep Effect

We are currently moving through a dense, at times arduous, yet ultimately dynamic period of time as we officially enter the dark half of the year in the northern hemisphere.

As we cross the threshold into the dark half, we experience multiple, piled-up planetary shifts heading into a zero-degree New Moon in Scorpio that is also a partial solar eclipse on October 23 (3:57 p.m. CST). We also move through some potentially angsty “old business” from the Saturn in Scorpio transit before moving into new territory during the last week of October. 

The upcoming zero-degree Scorpio New Moon eclipse is the first in a series of four zero-degree New Moons indicating a major push into new emotional territory and new-era dynamics. We can leave a lot of old emotional detritus behind us over the next months, as long as we are willing to resolve it and make the move into something different. We’re actively seeking openings to emotional breakthroughs, rather than sitting under old, festering emotional issues and sticking points.

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Anonymous said...

Hi willow, I just signed up as an astrology patron. May I have a copy of the article?

You're great. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I thought this was the first of FIVE zero degree moons including the Pisces new moon on 19 Feb 2015

Willow said...

My ephemeris says the Feb. 18, 2015 New Moon is at the very end of Aquarius, giving us book-end Aquarius New Moons (one at zero, one at 29 degrees), followed by a New Moon total eclipse at 29 degrees Pisces on March 20.

But the New Moon could also be at 0 degrees 0 minutes Pisces.

It's a paradigm-shifting time, whichever sign it falls in.

Miney Moe said...

"We are moving out of the enervating reach of "obligation."The truth is, there is no obligation to provide your precious soul stuff, your time, energy,
currency, or support to another person, project, or situation if you are not being fully recognized
or compensated. .. . If you feel stretched past the point that you can tolerate, if people's demands on your
time and energy are grating, there lies the ripe ground for re-configuration.
Continuing to swallow it is not an option. Continuing to process other people's crap without
recognition or compensation is not an option."

I am afraid I am/have become 'this person'the one always demanding things, etc, due to the nature of my reality, etc I am always having to hustle up for shit, ask people for shit, ask for attention, points, donations even, etc usually from relatives or friends who are already way too tapped out, etc - and I'm frankly sick of the whole thing. But I don't know how else to proceed bc it's the nature of the sort of path I've chosen re art, writing, etc

I have no problem reciprocating but for some reason other ppl aren't like me - always needing some bollocks or other - I even actively say 'please ask things of me! I'll help promote your thing, do you a tarot reading, whatever it is'

I don't know what to do about it save 'give up' and go look for the sort of life other ppl have with maybe some shite job & no need to ask/beg/feel like a user/a fraud/etc - it would be nice to have some organic support - IE ppl actually giving a damn & I can go on without others support being like pulling teeth - if I don't get that soon I may just give up

anyway thanks for the articles, sorry re the rant, etc