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Venus Opposite Pluto And a Clearing of Relationship Deadfall Ahead of New Growth

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Just as stationing Mars sets its sights on forward motion, love, money, and relationship planet Venus in Cancer opposes Lord of the Underworld Pluto in Capricorn, exact on June 30 (8:31 p.m. PDT).

From there, Venus continues to a frictional-but-dynamic square to revolutionary Uranus in Aries on July 7 (7:25 a.m.).

Venus rubbing up against the (now loosened) Uranus-Pluto square, just as action planet Mars regains forward-ho motion in Scorpio, really hammers home the "endings before beginnings" theme and indicates that, in many respects, there's no going home again (Cancer).

As Mars goes direct in a sign of thick karma (Scorpio), there can be no circling back to old comfort zones, old hidey holes, or old, familiar patterns.

Or at the very least, there can be no circling back without major karmic repercussions.

We must consciously pick our way through old fears and old draws as we choose something different, something lighter, something fresher, something freer. No one can draw us back into the old yuck but us. No one can take us back to the stuck places without our permission - given consciously or unconsciously. 

From a previous article:

"New life and new energy are coming as we close out this month of June. Certain areas are being resurrected. True feelings and desires are being revealed. And Mars is stirring the pot in ways that the pot desperately needs to be stirred.

 Mars is now stationing direct in quincunx aspect to Uranus and Ceres in Aries, indicating that it may be quite radical and/or shocking breaks from previous trajectories that are nourishing and validating to us now. We're busting out in new ways over the next two years, based on who we are and what we desire now, while also resolving some long-standing and very sticky karmic issues.

The next two years won't always be pretty. In fact, some of it will be pretty raw! But there is no energy in the same old karmic set-ups. There is no life in the holding patterns.

We're moving to where the life is, to where the energy is, to where the inspiration lies.

And with this martial quincunx energy carried forward for the next two years, there is not much that can stand in our way..."

Venus in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn at the time of the Mars direct station indicates a necessity to move beyond old comfort zones, especially relating/relationship comfort zones, lest we get sucked into one of those energy-less holding patterns again. 

Our fears (Pluto) are being stirred at the moment around relationships and money (Venus). The fear that we can't make it on our own is particularly inflamed, tempting us to latch on to whatever and whomever we find handy. 

Certain people and scenarios are in the process of leaving our lives now. Other relationships are simply morphing, changing form. 

Regardless of the situation and regardless of how tempting it is, though, latching on is not going to be successful.

These aspects indicate that the cauldron must be completely up-ended now, completely drained of unsatisfactory dynamics, so that the new life and new directions can get off on the right foot, with the best shot at developing and growing in a sustaining way over time.

The Venus-Pluto opposition at the time of the Mars direct station is a burning away of deadfall in relationships of all kinds. 

There is a requirement at this time to get out of reach of old obsessions, detrimental attractions, and moth-to-flame scenarios, especially as they relate to love, sex, relationships, and the social scene.

Our weaknesses and vulnerabilities are being preyed upon a little at the moment. Our resolve is being tested as far as "not going back" to what's familiar yet enervating.

With intelligence planet Mercury transiting Cancer as of June 29 (4:24 p.m.), we're gaining new perspective on our classic anxieties and fears and how those things tend to keep us stuck in the same holding patterns.

We experience a New Moon on July 4 (4:01 a.m.), as the Sun and Moon come together at 12 degrees Cancer, also opposite Pluto in Capricorn. Coming out of this New Moon, we have to put new emotional anchors to work.

Venus will move on from the opposition to Pluto in Capricorn, forming a square to rock-and-roll Uranus in Aries, exact on July 7 (7:25 a.m.), that propels us beyond the Plutonic fears. This square indicates a requirement to employ new ways of relating, perhaps even ways that would be considered out of character in some respect. 

Under the energy of this Venus-Uranus square, we have to surprise even ourselves by flipping the bird to old fears, insecurities, and anxieties, especially as they relate to other people, relationships, and the social scene, in general.

Both Mercury and the Sun in Cancer will oppose Pluto in Capricorn on July 7, as well, just as Venus squares Uranus in Aries. 

If you find yourself in a "broken record" scenario with old anxieties acting up, choose a different and more active path through it this time. 

If a certain situation would generally bum you out, concern you, depress you, or otherwise disturb your emotional calm, choose not to dwell on it this time. Don't weigh yourself down in a lead blanket of your own emotion - a Cancerian tendency. Drive yourself into different territory, maybe radically different territory, and don't look back. 

Surprise and thrill yourself with your own white-hot independent streak, with your own wiliness, ingenuity, and ability to successfully handle anything the universe throws your way.

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