Monday, June 20, 2016

Some Scorpionic Guidance From the Vault

Mars is slowing to a crawl at 23 degrees Scorpio, preparing for a direct station June 29. 

Many of the issues that were on our plates during Saturn's transit of Scorpio (2012 - 2015) are now being stirred up, inflamed, and otherwise activated by the action-and-war planet, Mars.

For a refresher on the hidden context and some guidance on how to deal with a malefic planet in big, bad Scorpio, consider purchasing my Saturn in Scorpio article, first published in 2012. The themes are highly applicable to this period of time and will carry forward to some extent for the next two years. (Please note: many of the patrons will already have this article.)

Saturn in Scorpio - $10


I also have a more recent patron article available on the subject, released to patrons May 26, 2016:

Mars Retrograde In Late Scorpio: A Call to Action From the Deepest Reaches of the Soul - $5.75


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