Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Mercury Opposite Mars Rx: Mental Focus and Endurance are Put to the Test

Communication planet Mercury - still in Taurus - opposes trigger-happy Mars retrograde in Scorpio on June 9 at 25 degrees of the signs (exact 11:01 a.m. CST).

This opposition has some mental exhaustion wrapped up in it, as we are grinding out the final days of an extended transit of Mercury through the sign of hard work, endurance, and sustained effort. We may have to dig deep in order to come up with the energy, resources, and mental power to see this Mercury in Taurus transit through, especially in the midst of the mutable madness currently going on.

Mercury in late Taurus is a very strong influence at the moment, as we have the Sun and Venus conjunct in Mercury-ruled Gemini square Jupiter and the North Node conjunct in Mercury-ruled Virgo.

So it's important to keep our heads cool and our tones level under this potentially-stressful opposition.

The Moon in Leo is working on square aspects to both Mars in Scorpio (11:37 p.m. on June 9) and Mercury in Taurus (1:13 a.m. on June 10), indicating the potential for building emotional tension.

In addition, action planet Mars is moving backward in the zodiac in late Scorpio, creating a bit of a pressure cooker atmosphere, especially in the "subtextual realms."

Watch your tempers - everyone is a little frustrated right now, everyone is a little tired right now, everyone feels a little strung out. We're all stretched at this point. 

Mercury has been transiting the fixed sign of the bull since April 5 (including a retrograde period April 28 - May 22). This transit has provided us with some very necessary grounding, as well as a chance to gain some new perspective on our values, on the values of others, and on how those things mix or do not mix.

But at this point, with just days to go until the end of the transit, the winged messenger is finding it just a little arduous moving through such a slow-paced, solid, and materially-oriented sign.

Mercury wants to fly! But the bull has its feet fixed firmly on the ground.

Keeping our minds focused on work, money, and material concerns (Taurus) is proving even more difficult at the moment because space cadet planet Neptune is stationing retrograde (June 13 at 2:42 p.m.), bringing some multi-dimensional mind drops and surreal time warps.

Even Mercury in earthbound Taurus can have a hard time differentiating between dreams and reality, illusions and the concrete, with Neptune stationing within mutable Grand Cross formation.

The opposition to Mars retrograde in Scorpio adds one final (potentially arduous) hurdle to the Mercury transit, indicating a bit of a "fed up/at wit's end" point - but also a point where one last big push puts us over the top. Again, keep tight rein on your tones and your tempers, and progress will be had.

Mercury has already cleared its retrograde shadow (June 7), indicating some forward-ho progress and a shift related to subjects that have been cemented on our minds since April 14.

This forward-ho movement continues as Mercury enters its own sign of Gemini on June 12 (5:22 p.m.), indicating some ease (or at least some movement) related to communication, connections, transportation, information, ideas, and general mental and verbal flow.

Mercury in Gemini will then activate the mutable Grand Cross formation for solstice (June 20 - 22), forming an opposition to Saturn Rx in Sagittarius and squares to Jupiter-North Node in Virgo and Neptune Rx in Pisces. We're in "fly wide open" territory as the daylight hours reach their peak in the northern hemisphere. It's all a little too much, but I guess that is just enough to get us where we need to go.

Jupiter in Virgo will conjunct the North Node of the Moon exactly at 15 degrees Virgo at the solstice, as well, and some keys are to maintain practical function, maintain daily work and health, stay on top of the mundane details, and carve a path of order out of the chaos. Simplify, purify, and go for your preferences, dropping the bells and whistles.

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