Friday, June 10, 2016

Snip, Snip! Severing Ties to Toxic Communication Dynamics with the Sun-Venus in Gemini Quincunx Mars Rx in Scorpio

After forming the exterior conjunction at 16 degrees Gemini on June 6, the Sun and Venus have continued into the last decan of Gemini and will travel in close conjunction until the end of June.

Gemini is known as a highly-communicative sign, indicating a need for a certain degree of social circulation, connection, communication, information exchange, and maybe even a juicy bit of gossip here and there. Gemini likes to be in the thick of it. It likes to know what's going on. It likes to stay busy - including (at times) with the business of others!

However, the Sun and Venus in Gemini are also closing in on 150-degree quincunx aspects to Mars retrograde in Scorpio. Quincunxes are fairly awkward aspects involving two signs that are of entirely different orientation.

In this case, we have light-hearted, chatty, and highly-changeable Gemini interacting with deep, brooding, steely-eyed Scorpio. Gemini will pretty much talk about anything, any time, any place. Scorpio is much more private, reserving its true thoughts and opinions for a trusted few. While words flow freely and plentifully from Gemini, ruled by winged messenger planet Mercury, Scorpio takes more time to digest the information, the tone, and the feel of every word that comes its way, turning things over and over until it has drawn out every last bit of meaning and perspective.

Scorpio can be utterly horrified by Gemini's loose lips, just as Gemini can roll its eyes in annoyance at Scorpio's reticence and need for ultimate control.

Gemini is a sign that doesn't like to get too deep. Scorpio is a sign that inhabits the deep, dark depths most all of the time.

Gemini likes light, airy, chit-chatty. It likes unfettered movement from topic-to-topic, conversation-to-conversation, project-to-project. Scorpio would call all that "phony," "flaky," "flighty," and "non-committal."

A great deal of adjustment is required in order to successfully navigate this type of aspect at the best of times, and here we are dealing with a quincunx involving an angry, frustrated, retrograde Mars placement in highly-karmic late Scorpio.

The dueling orientations indicated by these quincunx aspects are potentially inflammatory, to say the least.

Because we are in Gemini season, the Gemini themes are fairly dominant at the moment. But because we have this quincunx to Mars Rx in Scorpio, the chit-chat and social flow are not as innocuous as they may seem at the surface level. There is an underlying subtext building here - even as Gemini tries to avoid it with charm and glib conversation.

Every tone, every opinion, every word exchanged is being absorbed, felt out, and examined by Scorpio.

There's only so much of that "glossing over" bullshit that Mars Rx in Scorpio can stomach.

As the quincunx between the Sun-Venus in Gemini and Mars Rx in Scorpio tightens, we reach our tolerance point. This means, certain conversational flow will have to be cut off. Certain avenues of communication will have to be shut down. Toxic communication patterns will have to be severed. And we may need to lay this out in no uncertain terms.

If you find yourself feeling like crap after interacting with someone - even when talking about seemingly mundane things - it may be time to eliminate (or limit) communication with that person.

If you find yourself feeling used, anxious, unsettled, manipulated, or unsatisfied after interacting with someone, it may be time to get out of that person's reach.

There is an addictive quality to communication that is very prevalent these days with social media and cell phones omnipresent. This addictive quality - the charge we get from constant stimulation and communication - must also be addressed under these Gemini-Scorpio quincunxes.

The Sun-Venus in Gemini quincunxes to Mars Rx in Scorpio are exact June 13 - 14.

Mercury in Gemini will activate the quincunx to Mars Rx yet again on June 26, just as Mars stations direct (June 29), making the aspect very, very potent.

There are some mind games indicated with all this Gemini-Scorpio awkwardness, and it may be difficult to pinpoint exactly what is going on. But you can trust your gut. You can trust how you feel, deep down. You can trust how a person's words or tone make you feel, even when they are friendly and innocuous enough at the surface level.

When Mars Rx in Scorpio urges you to pull the trigger...pull the trigger. (Metaphorically-speaking only, of course.)

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