Monday, June 27, 2016

Mars Direct! An Unearthing of Previous Articles to Fortify Our New Directions

Well, our boy Mars is just about to go direct at 23 degrees Scorpio on June 29 (4:39 p.m. PDT), initiating a new two-year cycle related to goals, personal direction and trajectory, desires, physical energy,!

I'm offering a couple older articles here so that interested parties can have this perspective fresh in their minds as they move forward, along with Mars. 

Astrology is like fine wine or an expertly-crafted violin - it often improves with time. The astrological information often makes more sense and gives clarified perspective with a little distance on it. So in light of that, I offer these articles as Mars completes its retrograde period and begins moving forward again through the zodiac.

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The first article was released February 12, 2016 and is titled, "Mars Retrograde 2016: a Re-Direction of Passions" - $9.50

The second article was released March 19, 2016 and talks about the Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius. This article is called "Entering a Period of Beneficial Restructuring" - $6.50

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You may recall that action planet Mars stationed retrograde April 17, 2016 in conjunction to taskmaster Saturn, drawing the energy of that conjunction into the retrograde process and into our next two years on Planet Earth.

Mars and Saturn will finally make their exact conjunction on August 24 at 9 degrees Sagittarius, indicating a check-in point as far as our personal trajectories, goals, and physical mojo are concerned. New directions, goals, and desires should be solidified or shored up in some way around that time.

New life and new energy are coming as we close out this month of June. Certain areas are being resurrected. True feelings and desires are being revealed. And Mars is stirring the pot in ways that the pot desperately needs to be stirred

Mars is now stationing direct in quincunx aspect to Uranus and Ceres in Aries, indicating that it may be quite radical and/or shocking breaks from previous trajectories that are nourishing and validating to us now. We're busting out in new ways over the next two years, based on who we are and what we desire now, while also resolving some long-standing and very sticky karmic issues.

The next two years won't always be pretty. In fact, some of it will be pretty raw! But there is no energy in the same old karmic set-ups. There is no life in the holding patterns.

We're moving to where the life is, to where the energy is, to where the inspiration lies. 

And with this martial quincunx energy carried forward for the next two years, there is not much that can stand in our way...

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