Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lucky 13 Sagittarius New Moon as Uranus Stations Direct and the Truth is, It's All Just a Bit Surreal

Uranus is currently stationing direct at 26 Pisces and it's bringing the weird in sometimes overwhelming fits and flashes amidst the stone cold serious grouping in Capricorn (Ceres, Pluto, the North Node and stationing Mercury).

Our December 5 Lucky 13 Sagittarius New Moon (11:36 a.m. CT) is infused with this concentrated Uranus in Pisces energy as Uranus stations direct later that evening (7:50 p.m.). Mars in Sagittarius will be just past a square to Uranus in Pisces (December 3) adding some feistiness to the proceedings.

Emerging soul spaces and rejuvenated inspiration based in direct experience of our own guiding truths, strengthened and clarified at this New Moon as we rapidly transition from Piscean to Aquarian astrological eras.

There are many people who believe they have the truth these wild and woolly days - from New Agers, 9/11 Truthers, and UFO researchers to genetically engineering scientists, politicians, and WikiLeaks. But often, these so-called truth-tellers are wrapped up in the very systems and organizations and ideologies they claim to be attempting to out. What (possibly) started off as true opposition becomes enveloped, assimilated, hooked into the same old end points. Celebrity, cliqueiness and in crowds - and the thirst for recognition within them - start to overshadow the real work.

People realize how difficult it is to stay true, how unpopular the truths no one else wants to touch are - and how unpopular speaking those truths might make them. And they fudge it a bit. They soften their standards for the acceptance and energy of being more palatable to the crowd.

Figurehead truthtellers are put forth as supposed radicals who carefully control the information and oppositional vibes, never coming close to the full root truth.

I recently had an experience with an individual I would consider an establishment truthteller figurehead, after being invited by my roomie to a speech by a man named George Galloway. I hadn't heard of this man and generally avoid these types of things but decided to go with her. It turns out he was on a paid speaking tour across Canada. Of course he was. He's a Scottish MP in the British Parliament currently embroiled in a public pissing match/legal battle with Jason Kenney, the Canadian federal minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, who attempted to have him banned from Canada as a terrorist due to his really quite uncontroversial stance on Palestine and Israel. Basically, he isn't rampantly pro-Zionist as the Harper Conservatives are.

So I sat at the speech for a while listening to him loudly proclaim what I suppose passes for revolutionary thought in Parliaments these days. Most of the crowd was eating it up, clapping at all the right moments. But as I listened to him make his middle-of-the-road points and talk about his accolades and his meetings with Her Majesty the Queen, I thought, if this is what's passing for independent, radical thought these days in the peace movement, we're in trouble.

Why are people still so desperate for an authority figure, a hero? And why are so many people willing to pay to listen to a guy saying things that any woman (or conscious man) knows pretty much from birth?

I closed my eyes, and his loud, emphatic speaking tone started to sound a bit like Hitler's. My head started to ache. My pelvis started to hurt. My feminine energy was protesting that I would sit and subject myself to it.

Needless to say, I had to leave the speech early and regretted parting with my dollars to listen to this man. My roommate did some research later and found out he is anti-abortion and votes that way in British Parliament. Definitely not my cup of tea. But the rapt attention this man was receiving, including a partial standing ovation, was a bit surreal.

It's all a bit surreal, isn't it? The trances, the consensus realities - especially in so-called alternative circles. The establishment has definitely set in in this Pluto in Capricorn Age.

The dispositor of the Sagittarius New Moon is Jupiter in Pisces, which is conjunct Uranus, making the Uranian/Piscean Bizarre-o World flavour even more pronounced.

Think Nazis and NWO-ers dancing the reel with the cast of the early John Waters films to Isabella Rosselini in red lipstick singing a Roy Orbison song.

At this New Moon, we're gathering the Uranus in Pisces flashes of insight as puzzle pieces to guide us through the bizarre and surreal aspects of Pisces-to-Aquarius.

With the Sun and Moon involved, the two luminaries, the truths we're being inspired by at this New Moon are personal ones. The masculine-heavy rhetoric and posturing clear away at the Dark of the Moon. The lunar energy washes over us as we honour the truth that we are, the wisdom that we hold, simply by being, and the direct access we have to it always. The truths we embody just by being who we are and living true to that in these times, with the experiences we've had or understood through our physical and spiritual lineages ringing through every cell. This involves, especially, feminine truth. The truth of the women of this planet. And sure, the truth of the men who hear and feel and know that feminine truth and take responsibility for it. They are few.

This New Moon is a point in time to welcome rejuvenation of the force of optimism in our lives amidst some fairly horrifying circumstances.

The Gulf stream current has been disrupted, more than likely purposefully, by the nightmare going on in the Gulf of Mexico. This basically means all life on this planet has been disrupted. Uranus (disruptor) in Pisces (oceans and energetic flow). There is an old, energy-holder culture whose patterns have been disrupted, destroyed, in the Gulf fishermen and women. A rhythmic, natural flow that helped to regulate life on this planet has been shattered, just as the lives of those people have been shattered with loss of livelihood, loss of way of life and loss of health.

More than that, this is an intentional traumatic break between Piscean and Aquarian eras. A giant symbolic offering to those forces that would like us to head down the dystopian Aquarian track. An artificial jumpstart.

This 13th degree Sagittarrius New Moon is an opening into renewed faith, renewed inspiration and a renewal of our ultimate guiding truth in light of the very tricky times in which we find ourselves living. And in light of our awareness of all those thirteenth witch realities that are still so obscured and denied by the majority. This New Moon portal opens new emotional territory for us along these lines that sustains us going forward from this point.

Sagittarius is often associated with things like university education, philosophy, and religion, but I always found those associations too patriarchal to be the whole story for a sign as connected to our wildness and freedom as Sagittarius. Sagittarius requires intellectual freedom and room to roam, and really, higher education, philosophy and religious scholarship can be trappings. Historically, these things, along with another Sagittarian association, long-distance travel, have been accessible only by people of a certain financial and social privilege and mostly by white men within that privilege.

Sagittarius is a sign related to direct experiences with life that bring us closer to truth, so how can Sagittarius be tied up with these things when every individual did not and does not have access to them? To me, they can be a means to an end, but they are not the crux of the sign - free thinkers don't need ideology or university degrees, although exposure to those things can definitely be beneficial.

The symbol for Sagittarius is the centaur - half human, half horse - and I think the real talent of Sagittarius energy is its development of inherent knowledge of the natural way of things - how things would go down and should go down if we were all really free to live in attunement with the natural world around us.

Although the centaur is often considered a masculine symbol, centaurs are also female, and I think the female aspect of the symbol is part of what emerges at this New Moon.

After Uranus goes direct, every planet in our zodiac will be moving direct. We're moving forward quite rapidly from this New Moon to Spring Equinox and Uranus in Aries. At that point, Uranus will not be back to Pisces for 76 years.

All this forward planetary motion will help to offset the hardcore Mercury retrograde we'll soon be experiencing (December 10-30). Mercury will be the only planet moving retrograde until January 26 when Saturn turns retro at 17 degrees Libra.

So we're on our way at the point of the Sagittarius New Moon to one of the most all-encompassing birth point equinoxes we've seen in quite some time.

This is why the strengthening of our personal truth, the clarifying of our personal wisdom and the rejuvenation of our faith, our spirit and our optimism is so important at this New Moon.

And if you have to walk out of the speech early because it just isn't hitting you as legit, by all means...

The Moon enters Sagittarius December 4 at 11:50 a.m. CT. The New Moon is December 5 at 11:36 a.m. Uranus goes direct December 5 at 7:50 p.m.


psychegram said...

Hey Willow,

Right on. Anyone who's put forward as a truth-teller these days, whatever the context, is just telling a watered-down version of the truth (watered-down ... Pisces?) Galloway, Alex Jones, Wikileaks, whoever they are, a high profile is almost a guarantee of a lack of real substance, a hidden agenda, or an avoidance of the real crux of the matter.

Along those lines, I don't know if you've come across the Cassiopaeans yet, the proprieters of The group arose from an ongoing experiment in critical channeling (the idea being to channel with a ouija board, rather than by going into a trance state, and then to not trust ANYthing that came out of it but instead to test it with research.) The purpose of the group is to serve as a network for, first, the growth of participants and, second, the discovery of the truth of our situation here on the pale blue dot ... whatever that truth may be ... insofar as it even can be discerned. Without any preconceptions.

The reason I mention them is that they're essentially pariahs in the 'alternative' 'truth-telling' circles of either spirituality or conspiracy theory. They get no press, no attention, at all, from other outlets (Rense, for instance), save what they've been able to attract on their own merits.

Your worldview and methodology seems remarkably compatible with theirs.

antidote said...

Hi willow
I live in the UK and have crossed paths with 'Galloway' (over the past two years he has been popping up at various events I too have found myself at). I have never paid to 'listen' to him, don't think he would get away with that over here? He is actually Scottish - and not Irish (as an Irish woman I have to point that out). He was involved in a sex scandal type situation some years ago, and I think this new 'Galloway' persona is his 'rise up from the ashes' moment. Not convinced? He has left a bad taste in your mouth...drink lots and lots of water. Strange Times.

Willow said...

OK, weird, because I was sure he was Scottish, but I think he told the crowd he was Irish?

I only paid 5 bucks, but that was 5 bucks too much.

Willow said...

My mistake. My roomie says he did say Irish. I'm part Scottish, so I guess it was selective hearing on my part. heh.

Anon And Ever said...

Reality has become a surreality, an ersatz of a reality, an ersatz...

Ruth said...

Galloway is a kind of faux revolutionary (he's from Glasgow by the way, but his Parliamentary constituency is East London). He espouses a socialist politics which initially attracted me very much, and gave a rabble-rousing speech at the anti-Iraq war march back in 2003. He then subsequently 'sold out' horribly to reality TV and I began to see him as a rather frightening figure after that. A mouthpiece of fake freedom.

Still the UK has far worse politicians than Galloway. Heard about David Cameron and the worst cuts in post-war British history? Simultaneously with the waiving of Vodafone's 6 billion pound tax bill. Sick times indeed.

I hear you re. the gulf stream too. It looks as if the diversion is turning the UK into a far more harsh climate. A foot of snow (very unusual here in early Dec) and the place has just ground to a halt. It's the third year running of 'unusually' severe weather here.

Brenda Johnson said...

Again, i love your writing. Last weekend at the Chiron workshop we talked about the myth re; the choosing of Chiron by Apollo and Athene (or Artemis) to teach, as he belonged to "wild nature" - i love that theme, as it runs through sagittarius and feel it speaks to the healing we need to do - to me "wildness" connects with "soul" work and that is that if we re-orient to our basic instincts, our senses, "natural" cues, this is where our truths lie, and that in order to proceed in these times of death/decay of all systems, bullshit everywhere, how else do we ?return, or ?reclaim what we know and who we are.
As well, the recognition of the "feminine" as the path that is evolving is supported by writings recently, that are having more influence (than what we hope for in the 70's) like that of Riane Eisler, Real Wealth, creating the caring society and Jeremy Rifkin's Empathic..... - who advises the European Union on ?economics. The web is shifting, transforming and re-arranging. Bles.Brenda

Hamida said...

I have been receiving emails from seeker@yahoo groups for a few years. Normally I don't read them and have been thinking about just getting off the list. Today, I decided to read it and saw your posting which intrigued me, so I came to your blog. I would like to list you on my astrology blog if I may. I like your point of view.
In Evolutionary Astrology, originally developed by Jeffrey Wolf Green, Sagittarius represents Natural Law, that is, the Law of Nature, associated with the feminine, which was supplanted by the patriarchy around 6000 years ago.
I think it is important to see beyond appearances to a deeper truth and not to succumb to fear.