Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Anaretic Aries Full Moon Heading to a New Moon in Scorpio on Lucky 13

You don't get much more spicy astrological numerology than this. The next six months of New and Full Moons are absolutely ripe. Working closely with the lunar movements, the feminine is getting this shit FINISHED. Stick a fork in it. It. is. done.

The Moon is on its way to fullness October 22 at 29 degrees Aries (8:37 p.m. CDT). This is the anaretic degree where all the lessons and requirements of the entire sign are boiled down and purified into a potent final exam testing ground. This is where we prove (or disprove) our mastery with the sign's energy and themes and see how well we've done integrating and practising the lessons of the previous 29 degrees.

In Aries, this Full Moon relates to proving ourselves emotionally strong enough, courageous enough and ready for the fresh ground for which we've been striving at this tail-end Piscean era. Proving that we have the courage to be ourselves, to be true to ourselves and to stand in who we are in any situation, with any individual or within any group. Finding the courage to follow our instincts into new territory instead of getting hooked back into familiar same old, same old.

This anaretic Aries Full Moon starts a series involving four additional anaretic degree Full Moons (in Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and Leo) over the next months. These are massive emotional culminations pushing to a head, requiring great skill to successfully navigate. The master lessons, indeed. We have to work for new ground here, proving ourselves inside and out and displaying that we really have learned enough to move on from the Piscean era karmic loops.

October 22 is the book-end 29th degree Full Moon to the zero degree Aries Full Moon we experienced September 23, and we've got a clean-sweep culmination in the first sign of the zodiac - the sign of brand spanking new fresh starts and directions.

As we're currently in Venus retrograde (October 8 - November 18), these two book-end Aries Full Moons provide a culmination point for all the Venus in Aries retrograde themes we've been working on since the last Venus retrograde in March/April of 2009. Here, we see how far we've come and whether we've really entered any new territory at all.

We honed our skills related to identity and valuing our raw, individual identities within the group as a primal guiding force during that retrograde and subsequent Venus cycle. Being true to ourselves and fighting for that right when necessary, speaking up, taking action, taking the lead, following our instincts, exerting our identities in a balanced way and working the right mix of togetherness and potent individuality.

If we don't know who we are and what we stand for at this point, if we're not able to comfortably stand as who we are, this Full Moon could get emotionally rocky, triggering some necessary personal work and actions to take.

We built our Aries muscles during the past Venus cycle, and we're definitely going to need them to power through the last bit of Jupiter-Uranus retrograde in late Pisces and Neptune-Chiron retrograde in late Aquarius.

Uranus and Neptune, of course, are in a late-degrees mutual reception (transiting each other's signs), indicating we're nearing the end of the most intensely overlaid transitional period of the Pisces-to-Aquarius astrological era shift.

But see all this retrograding? We're not there yet.

We've got one last winter of our discontent ahead of us before Jupiter and Uranus re-plant the flag in Aries. And the grasping, clinging Neptunian siren songs combined with Venus retrograde in Scorpio luring us back into sticky, tricky old habits, patterns and emotional weaknesses is going to require all our awareness.

The November 5 New Moon in Scorpio happens at 13 degrees of the sign, the exact location to the degree of the Venus in Scorpio retrograde station earlier this month. A new expression of Scorpio in relationship is ripe for the unfolding - especially related to the hidden power dynamics and energy exchanges between men and women and the masculine and feminine. Sexual exchanges. Emotional and energy healing. Giving energy where and when it's needed most. Soul resources versus physical resources. Self-esteem and self-worth in relationship and out. Making sure that our best energy given is reciprocated in kind - or leaving the situations once and for all.

The November 5 Scorpio New Moon kicks off a series of six New Moons all at 13 degrees of the signs from November to April of 2011 (in Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces and Aries). Lucky 13, baby.

You'll notice the series ends with a New Moon in Aries next April when the Sun, Moon, Mercury retrograde, Jupiter and Uranus will all be in Aries. Here's our grand-scale fresh start and movement fully into the new territory initiated by the Cardinal T-squares this past summer.

But as I said, with Jupiter and Uranus back in tail-end Pisces and a whole lot of retrograding going on in the skies, we're not there yet, and these potent lunar cycles show us what we need to do before we get there. At the tail end of Pisces, what we have to do is quite involved.

The number 13 has a complex history and is considered a powerful and often karmically-encrusted number. There are 13 Full Moons in a year, so that's one facet of it. But we're heading into Hallowe'en with Venus retrograde in Scorpio, and the angle that comes up for me for the number 13 is the coven-busting correlation.

From what I understand, covens could usually be sustained and kept cloaked and protected from the torch-wielding townsfolk up until the 12th member. But once the 13th member was added, there was a shift. The energy was unable to be contained at that point. Things dug a little too deep and triggered a little too much and became unmanageable. The bad blood would start to run, jealousy would rise, there would be political in-fighting and jockeying for power and position, dirty allegiances and back-stabbing. Basically, the coven members would start to get into some serious brass tacks - all the dormant poison would rise to the surface. It was as if a tipping point were reached with the 13th witch, and something would happen to bust up the coven, generally bringing it under fire from the mainstream society. Often, it was an angry member who had been screwed over and felt slighted who would rat the coven out.

Energetic violations and abuses that had long simmered beneath the surface were busted wide open and aired, brought to task, by the addition of the thirteenth witch.

Whether you believe that to be true, you can get a feel for the next six months, triggered by this Scorpio New Moon on the degree of Venus' retrograde station - the 13th degree of what most consider the only sign of the zodiac that can see in the dark.

Potent new energy will be streaming onto the planet and into our lives during these 13th degree New Moons with the potential to shake us out of some really embedded collective and personal yuck...but also with a requirement to bring things to a full conclusion with the anaretic Full Moons. If we don't do it right, if we don't get all of it, we don't enter any truly new territory. There's a rhythm here with these Moons where we can intuit how far we need to take things - and not a step farther.

Plenty of "Thirteenth Witch" situations are at their trigger points, especially with Ceres, Pluto and the North Node conjunct in early Capricorn. We're dealing with restructuring power, especially between masculine and feminine, with a Saturn-serious requirement to be responsible or suffer the consequences.

Ceres has closed the gap and conjoins Pluto today on 3 degrees Capricorn - right in the thick of the Venus in Scorpio retrograde.

The North Node and Pluto are conjoined November 11. Remembrance Day in Canada - the day we remember the war dead. Fitting, I'd say, with the Pluto-North Node-Ceres conjunction. The women of the world risk their lives and sanity bringing life onto this planet only to have it swallowed up by the male-dominated imperialist corpo-war machine.

Going forward (which is the only option) means heading right into the heart of the beast.

Plenty of corrupt, feminine-wisdom-starved structural outgrowths that are on the verge of toppling and intolerably oppressive and unjust power dynamics waiting to be broken up.

But it's also much more subtle than that. The poison has worked it's way in, embedded in some very slick ways. It takes all our Scorpionic X-ray vision, listening with every fibre, to dig it out, to find the toxic pattern and disconnect.

We're busting through some ancient bondage here - centuries or millenia-old grudges and bad feelings and the oppressive power dynamics that have kept us painfully pinned under it all, reliving it. We're working to break through the oppression and subtle tyranny that grows in almost all organized groups, if you really want to be honest about it - even groups of two.

Some very subtle points of justice will have their days in etheric court, triggered by these 13th degree New Moons. Old, dusty, almost-given-up-on cases will be heard and decided, and shackles released.

The tendency, of course, is for the mainstream to circle the wagons, keeping the thirteenth witch individuals far from the perimeters. Black Moon Lilith territory. But the things the thirteeth witches bring to the table, the necessary knowledge, understanding and perspective that have been severed from the whole, never go away. Without those final pieces, the whole will never be whole, what needs to be restored on this planet will never be restored. Things will always be off...way off.

Doing the deep, dark psychic surgeon work, hitting the soul-marks that release house of cards after house of cards is dangerous work - both physically and energetically. Holding understanding of the denied, unintegrated parts of human existence, the misuses of power on this planet, and bringing them to awareness time after time - striving for honesty, authenticity, integration and justice on our planet and, equally importantly, in our interpersonal relations - is not an easy task. It brings the individuals who do it under fire from those who like their houses of cards just fine, thank-you very much.

But we're not in a time when we can let these things pass. There is no more time or energy to sustain that which stifles and snuffs out the human soul.

Did I mention we've got a massive collective karmic clean-up going on at this tail-end astrological Piscean era?

If you're not digging in at this point and working to clear everything popping up in your life that you possibly can - especially in relationship - you're not doing enough.

There is unfinished business here - deep, neglected emotional realities, old, habitual patterns that need to be moved through, and etheric connections that need to be put to rest. Scorpio is a sign of completions, death seeming to be the most final of completions, but in reality, that's only if you do it right. ;-)

The intuitive voice asking for our attention and diligence is sometimes so faint these days. But it will direct us if we quiet the noise and really listen. There's our task as we move through the last quarter of 2010 and these very important lunar cycles.


mountaingirlblues said...

Yeah Happy Birthday Willow !

Anonymous said...

You are quite the catalyst of late, Willow, thank you. :)

I believe it's important to make a distinction here: masculine and feminine are not personality or gender traits, they are polarities, and both exist within all of us. Ideally the one informs the other in a circle of completion, they bring balance to one another.

And this is what I really see happening. During this past cycle what were perceived as masculine ideals were adopted by the entire world en masse, man and woman alike; this was the idea that the most direct means to achieving an end was through aggression, hostility, dishonesty, verbal and physical violence, superiority, making others lose, isolation, (those are actually the qualities of fear and rage, and I'm here to tell you they are not gender-specific). In short, we sucked the love out, and going through this emotional fire is the only way for us to accept that without allowing the nurturing, innovative, cooperative, loving tendencies within us all to inform our thinking and our actions before we take them, we will indeed destroy ourselves. My hope is that we realize the choice is ours to make ourselves, every time.

I'm with you on organized groups as well, and those are the reasons by and large I shun them, though I'm not referring to genuine camaraderie and support for one another. It goes back to the secret handshake idea, and the true meaning of bringing consciousness to anything, IMHO; when we already know that someone is our brother, we generally don't wish to harm them, that's a given, not something we have to agonize over.

And hey! Happy birthday. :)

Amanda Vargas said...

Yes Dear Willow... Yes.... Amen & Awomen... We are in the process, the long awaited process to finally let go and release... to finally die and be reborn... Thank you for your sweetness and kindness towards all of us....

Many cyber hugs in this special day! Happy Birthday! Many happy returns of the day!

sevensistersastrology said...

Willow, I love this post! I totally and completely agree with you on your astrological analysis of all this current and upcoming planetary weather.

I am currently having my Venus in Pisces and the progressed Sun on this Venus hit by the Jupiter Uranus duo, and is all taking place in the 8th house...so conveniently doubling the energy of the Venu/Scorp. retro...double freakin UGH!

I am so in-tuned right now to all of this transformation of feminine energy...rotten and toxic and twisted to the core over the Centuries by horrid Masculine domination. I get it 100%. I just recently had a discussion with my mother about how all of the women in my family having very low self-worth and self esteem, resulting in toxic relationship patterns. I feel like I am bearing the burden of this transformation, and its painful. None of the other members of my family seem to want to deal with the issue...so i guess im stuck with the LOVE consciousness transformation...YIPEE!

So the stage has been set for me. I have attracted a VERY VERY Plutonian character into my life, and he is certainly giving me a run for my money. He is also loaded up with so much Pisces, i've never seen anyone with so much. With my Venus is Pisces in the 8th opposite PLuto, I guess this is very fitting.

So i will stop the rambling now. I share your views and I thank you for another great post!! Rock on sistah!!!!!

shannon said...

happy birthday willow!
you are amazing. hit one outta the park with this one.
i hope you are celebrating your fabulous self . i think i'll be reading this one alot.

freeforall said...

Happy Birthday Willow, and Many Happy Returns!

Tonight I went to see the movie "Secretariat" and it was truly inspiring and a great example of the empowered and integrated female - which is very appropriate for the times we are in where the Divine Feminine will not be ignored.I recommend that every woman go and see this and pay attention to the quiet confidence of this woman who stayed true to herself and her dream while staying integrated and connected with her family. (Of course Secretariat also believed in himself! What an amazingly beautiful horse!)

These are tough, but exciting, times, and I can see clearing off the old patterns happening everywhere. The intensity is unbelievable, yet necessary to clear out the deadwood. What a ride!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a wonderful birthday Willow! 3 little cheek-smacks to you...

shannon said...

this is a juicy discussion, at totally at the forefront of all my deep conversations with my women friends, as well as many of the men i know who are looking at the Divine Feminine in a different light.
I personally in healing from a relationship that describes this breakdown to a tee.. it nearly killed me, but the legacy of my empowered matriarchy, all skilled and accomplished 'witches', comes in riding with Neptune to give me some strength.

Just this morning's headline, that Clarence Thomas' wife has asked Anita Hill for an apology. Wow!
And gues what Anita said!

deana said...

Happy Birthday!

Anon and Ever said...

You are right: “We’re not there yet.” But in sight of it...

Willow said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

msfullroller said...

Happy Birthday Sis!!