Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mercury Goes Direct and Looking to the Plutonic Root

We've navigated our way through a tricky solstice period and are now released from some of the most constricting aspects.

We made our way through Sun conjunct Pluto in Capricorn December 26 and Mars in Capricorn square Saturn in Libra December 29, which had some bleakness and bottoming out effects associated. We`re now slowly putting some time and distance between us and the grinding, heavy-hitter aspects that were working away beneath the buoyance of the holidays.

Mercury went direct at 19 Sagittarius early this morning, and the travellers stranded, delayed and diverted by wicked winter storms in the United Kingdom and along the eastern parts of the United States and Canada will be breathing a sigh of relief that the holiday season is coming to a close. A wicked Mercury retro it was, infused powerfully with both Pluto and Mars in Capricorn energy at the time of the retrograde station.

We saw uncharacteristically stormy weather wreak havoc in the United Kingdom and along the eastern side of Canada and the United States. But there was weird weather in many other areas, too, including much cooler than usual temperatures in Florida and much wetter weather in California.

With Pluto involved, there is a deeper and broader root cause for the symptoms of wicked weather and resulting Mercury retro chaos. And with Jupiter about to form a conjunction to Uranus in Pisces on the day of the 13th degree Capricorn New Moon/partial solar eclipse January 4, I think we can look to the disruption of the Gulf Loop Current by the BP oil disaster.

The Loop Current plays a crucial role within the Gulf Stream, the ocean current that travels from the tip of Florida along the eastern coastlines of the United States and Canada. The Gulf Stream then splits in two, with the northern stream moving to northern Europe and the southern stream moving to West Africa.

The Gulf Stream influences the climate of the east coast of North America from Florida to Newfoundland and the west coast of Europe. In particular, this current carries warm water across the Atlantic, making Western Europe warmer than it would otherwise be.


Dr. Gianluigi Zangari, an Italian theoretical physicist, warned this past cardinal t-square-infused summer that the disruption of the Loop Current within the Gulf Stream could cause extreme weather and temperature changes, as well as droughts, floods and resulting crop failures. More fodder for the derivatives schemes.

And here's the Piscean tip: the Loop Current plays a crucial role within the Gulf Stream which plays a crucial role within the interlinked system of ocean currents that regulate global weather patterns. To say that the disruption of the Gulf Loop Current means the disruption of all weather patterns on Earth and, therefore, all life on Earth, is no exaggeration.

Here's where we're being attacked at this tail-end Piscean Era: with all the inter-related aspects of life on this planet. Permeate the whole by attacking individual parts. Ripple-effect shock waves set off by broad-scale events that reach right into personal lives.

Venus is in late Scorpio and will enter Sagittarius January 7, having moved out of retrograde shadow degrees and the Via Combusta at 13 and 15 degrees Scorpio.

Venus will square Neptune-Chiron in late Aquarius while trining Jupiter-Uranus on the day of our Cappie New Moon/solar eclipse (big aspects day), and our gut-level intuitive understanding gets a big workout from the Pisces-to-Aquarius, we're-living-in-some-sort-of-sci-fi-novel backdrop. Have your Scorpionic bullshit detectors at the ready! We're going to have to honour every last twinge of our feelers here - both personally and on the social/global scale. The key is reality-based smart over possibilities-driven hopeful. This far along, every Neptunian/Piscean trick in the book is at the disposal of those who have no problem putting that to use.

There are big almost-post-Piscean patterns here we need to move out of: patterns of belief, hopes, illusions, ideals, wishes that prove to be wounding mirage again and again. Dig down into your wiliest, craftiest, most boo-yah! self and let that motherfucker rock it as we close out 2010 and enter 2011. Peel through the weak-ass ploys and plays of those working the fuzzy wuzzy, pumped up Neptunian trip. Every layer debunked and illusion shattered matters now - on multiple levels.

We need the new track. The truly new one. Oh boy, do we. And that starts by proving ourselves with the Grand Finale Venus in Scorpio aspects coming...right...up.


shannon said...

YOU rock Willow!
yes, lets find our new track.
much love, appreciation, admiration and acknowlegment of the great seer you are girl.

elfxys said...

:) Hell yeah.

Willow said...

Thanks, Ms. S.

Yes, let's do this thang, shall we?

Hell yeah squared.