Sunday, December 12, 2010

Exact Mars-Pluto-Mercury Conjunction at 4 Degrees Capricorn

As I type, we've got a line-up in Capricorn of the North Node, Mars, Pluto and Mercury Rx at 2, 3, 4, and 5 degrees of the sign. Tomorrow night between 10:05 and 10:15 p.m. CT, we experience Mercury Rx, Mars and Pluto coming together in a ridiculously potent triple conjunction at 4 Capricorn, just two degrees off our carved-out soul path forward indicated by the North Node. Take note of that 10 minutes in time as we are cosmically awash with understanding and body intuition about how we progress, personally and together, from here.

We've been waiting patiently as intelligence, communication and interaction planet Mercury ground out its retrograde station in Capricorn, and we now gain some very intriguing information and insight as Mercury gains momentum retro and slides back over a conjunction to Pluto, Mars and the North Node.

Mercury has been informed by a sextile to Venus in Scorpio on the day of its station (December 10) that the feminine has a little something to say - strategically, and with purpose. She'll keep it to herself until the right moment presents itself, as the feminine does, but there are some fine points that have been criminally neglected. There is unfinished business from the Venus retrograde and Ceres-Pluto conjunction that must be attended to if we are to make any real progress, rather than recreating the Hel structures of the past. There are touchy areas that need to be touched to bring about the release of the stolen feminine energy still tied up, locked down, languishing - areas uncovered through the diligent efforts of the personal planets transiting through Scorpio, now brought fully into play as Venus moves direct through its retrograde shadow.

All that Capricorn is disposited by Saturn in Libra which, in turn, is disposited by Venus in Scorpio. So it all goes back to our lady, see?

The Sun is in Sagittarius as the bodies come together in Capricorn, and the truth needs to come out. But how far are people willing to dig to get to the real stuff? How many comforting, buffering layers are they willing to come through? Or will they be satisfied with surface scratching?

Venus in Scorpio won't. Take my word for it.

The other feminine body in the zodiac, the Moon, is in late Pisces at the time of the triple conjunction in Capricorn. Uranus and Jupiter are in Pisces, too, sandwiched between the Moon and Black Moon Lilith. The deep, dark, neglected feminine Piscean truth is: we have to get the sea back into the sea goat or the end of the Age of the Fishies and entry into the Age of the Water-Bearer is going to bring one damned unpleasant era on this Earth. Mass spiritual extinction.

Our personal actions and use of words are stripped to the Plutonic bone here, but with good reason. All our energy is needed now for the most effective and empowering pathways.

If we stick to business over emotional habit and allow only the right ingredients into our alchemical mix at the time of this conjunction, personal progress can be fuzed here much more coherently with the broader collective progress we've been aching our whole lives to achieve. The scattered and tattered pieces we've collected from the far reaches of our soulscapes can be brought back into the fold and integrated lovingly, in their own time, strengthening the whole system. We can find the right edges and the right angles, finally, to more consciously (Mercury) fit our personal goals (Mars) like puzzle pieces into the larger framework and broader shifts, thereby finding a new emotional touchstone and security for that beleaguered Cancer South Node.

As the structural outgrowths collectively held in place by brittle and outdated illegitimate power super glue come crashing down, we are zooming through the cracks.

Every body in the zodiac aside from Mercury is moving direct, and we are catching a glimpse of the true potential of these times and of us within them. We're also heading to a short period of time (December 30, 2010 to January 25, 2011) when EVERY body in the zodiac will be moving forward. Though periods of immense pressure and constriction can still be expected, the steps are beginning to be laid out as we move to the first Uranus in Aries March Equinox.

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Appreciate our featuring the Feminine slant and contribution in this post.
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