Sunday, December 19, 2010

Anaretic Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, and This Post is Probably Already Outdated. It's Just That Lightning-Fast, People.

Our third of five anaretic degree Full Moons is also a total lunar eclipse busting things wide open at 2:13 a.m. CT on December 21, just ahead of the Sun entering Capricorn and Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere at 5:38 p.m. that evening.

The Moon at 29 Gemini opposes the Sun at 29 Sagittarius with Mercury retrograde tightly involved at 26 Sagittarius. That opposition forms a tight mutable t-square formation with Jupiter and Uranus conjunct at 25 and 26 degrees Pisces or a mutable Grand Cross if you include soul mate asteroid Juno at 26 Virgo.

Suffice it to say, this is a lot going on. The mutable signs relate to adjustments, changes, movements, rolling with it. So you can get a feel for the fluidity, especially emotional, required to squeeze the most out of this Full Moon. We're being jostled around and pushed to a high energy point before clicking more solidly into place with our Sun in Capricorn positions conjunct Pallas Athene, the North Node and Pluto, with Mars and Ceres bringing up the rear in the sign of the seagoat.

This Full Moon has a sort of "cleaning out the carburetor" feel to me. Running on high for a short burst of time to clear the old gunk so that we'll be at our best, infused with sparkling fresh faith and inspiration for the sometimes dry, old grind of reaching-for-our-grandest-potential Capricorn within Pluto in Capricorn season. The energetic push up to 29th degree fullness brings things to this emotional high point, albeit a short, chaotic, and bizarrely changeable one under Gemini total lunar eclipse/mutable t-square conditions.

From a previous post on this series of anaretic degree Full Moons:

"On the anaretic degrees, we're distilling the energetic lessons of the entire signs.

At these anaretic Full Moons, the Sun opposite the Moon creates a point of highest pulling tension, a harmonic tightening along the polarity that tunes up the full spectrum of energies and spins off whatever is not necessary moving forward, leaving us with a new mix to play with."

What needs to be said will be said, and what needs to remain wordless wisdom will remain wordless wisdom. Knowing the difference is the Full Moon fulcrum, and here the oppositional tendencies come to 29th degree culmination in Gemini and Sagittarius.

Adding to the challenge, all this will be changing and shifting, crackling with energy in each moment, according to the broadening and shifting of our up-to-the-minute radical spiritual awareness apparent at this Full Moon square Uranus in Pisces. Things are not as they were. The old Piscean constructs, especially the "spirituality" constructs, are losing their charge. In fact, I see this Full Moon as a Grand Finale curtain call for much of the Piscean Age and New Age rhetoric and ideology - one last high before things start to peter out, including the pop 2012 furor, which will be moving forward on fumes from here.

Staying relevant, effective and true with our language and communication, both verbal and non, is the challenge here. With Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius exactly square Uranus in Pisces at the time of this lunation, beliefs and especially structured belief systems are necessarily shifting. The way people communicate their beliefs and connect through them is changing, also. There is a process of sharpening of meaning, shifting language patterns and navigating through staid and stale language constructs and catch phrases within the context of these rapidly changing Pisces-to-Aquarius conditions.

The weakening New Age spiritual hierarchy is playing the same tired memes. You can hear them underlying every conversation and every "new" insight. But, as always, New Age is on the eagle-eyed look-out for fresh energy and converts to envelop into the fold, propping up the pyramid scheme and sustaining itself into Aquarius. Watch for the rebranding underway, the creation of new ensnaring trends, the attempts to cool itself up by co-opting the so-called "darker, edgier" aspects of life on this planet and placing them within their own controlled paradigm.

"This Ain't Your Pluto in Leo's New Age."
"New Age: It's Not Just Love and Light Anymore."
"New Age. For The Discerning Spiritual Fascist."

Watching coddled, privileged, mostly white New Agers trying to wrap themselves around something other than the glazed, Neptunian reinforcement of their own controlled beliefs is good for a laugh, if nothing else.

However, differentiating from New Age beliefs and reinforcing that differentiation will continue to be necessary for anyone who does not desire to be carried along by the stolen, puffed-up energy and momentum of the Love and Light brigade...

Let me tell you. As an astrologer, with so much of the current astrology merged with New Age beliefs and so few aware of the extent of New Age embedding (neither their own nor cultural), this is beyond tricky.

There is a thread available here, stripped of rhetoric and hubris, that we can work to uncover as individuals, making the vital and sustaining connections as human beings living on this planet at this time.

This Gemini Full Moon happens conjunct the South Node at 2 degrees Cancer ahead of the South Node entering Gemini and North Node entering Sagittarius March 3. On some level, our communication and connection in this internet age have reached a peak. The interplay of ideas and information has reached critical mass, and things shift greatly on that front from March until August 2012.

We're getting booted out of some of the emotional and social reliance on this form of connection and turned down the North Node Sagittarian path of direct experiences with the big, bad world, relying on our stores of information, the connections we've made and what we've learned through the interactions as the fires of Sagittarian faith and inspiration propell us forward. This will be a refreshing shift in the long run (barring a total internet crackdown by the Global Governors), but as a Gemini Moon and cyber-astrologer, this energy shift does make me a wee bit uneasy. I'll write more about it in March, but the point of no return is reached at this Full Moon.

Soul mate asteroid Juno at 26 Virgo makes the Full Moon mutable t-square a mutable Grand Cross, and the analyzed and verballized distinctions matter. Saying what you mean and meaning what you say...while things shift and slide all around us.

A sloppy, glossed-over idea of Piscean unity doesn't cut it anymore. Under the more Aquarian overlay, our differences are actually what make us strong and recognizing, honouring and utilizing them is what makes us truly unified. The Virgoan details count in a big way to place us in the positions and within the tribes where we most fully belong.

Juno in Virgo opposes Uranus in Pisces one minute off exactly at the time of the Full Moon eclipse, and this asteroid works to ground the over-the-top Full Moon eclipse vibes, keeping attention turned to what needs to get done with this energy. It's not all chaos and madness and Dionysian celebratory humping in the forest.

The longer-term communications shift indicated by this Gemini Full Moon lunar eclipse square Uranus in Pisces brings the heightened possibility of psychic communication, non-verbal interplay and transmission, and telepathy over long distances among like souls. But the placement of Juno in Virgo, again, shows us that this is not energy to be mucked around with. We're meant to be doing something - usually quite specific somethings - with it. This is actually not a "fly wide open" time with all these squares and oppositions, though many seem to be pumping things up to that point. Boundaries that must be closely kept.

Juno in Virgo brings people and experiences into our lives to help us make the refining and grounding adjustments and effectively work with these cosmic vibes. Juno will make itself known in your life to keep you on track, drawing attention to any areas that need a little tune-up, any rough spots that need smoothing, any neglected details that could trip you up in the long-term. This is the lingering impression of the Saturn in Virgo - Uranus in Pisces opposition cycle. Remember that? How could we forget? These Virgoan tune-ups, coming through the soul mate asteroid, will be especially prevalent coming from contact with other people. Remember: this isn't soul mate as in your one and only true love. It's soul mate as in someone who compells some change, work, adjustment, refinement or improvement in you or your life. These 'soul mate' connections could be irritating as all hell...but they're necessary.

Also colouring this Full Moon eclipse is the fact that Venus is just coming out of its retrograde shadow at 13 degrees Scorpio, finishing with the last degrees of the Via Combusta on December 23. This adds to the celebratory flavour, as Venus is ready to crack into fresh, new territory, integrate the retrograde themes and morph our relationships and relationship styles accordingly.

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led lights said...

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LB said...

"On some level, our communications in this internet age have reached a peak. The interplay of ideas and information has reached critical mass, and things shift greatly on that front from March until August 2012."

I really hope you're right, especially since in thinking about the 'digital divide' this morning, I wondered if the eclipse might somehow highlight the need for greater practical inclusiveness (the real kind as opposed to the pretend, feel-good version) in our communications, with less dependence on overly complicated technology. Quite a few people seem to be operating under the delusion that if someone isn't technologically savvy (or equipped with the latest gadgetry), it must be because of some character flaw or intellectual defect and therefore they're deserving of exclusion. While technology may be moving some of us towards greater connectedness, many, particularly the poor and the elderly, are becoming increasingly isolated through no fault of their own.

I've gone into elderly care facilities where the residents were sitting around a blank TV screen because none of them (including the staff) could figure out how to operate the remotes! Which isn't to say that technology and the internet are inherently bad, but I wish we cared a little more so we could at least recognize there's a problem. For a lot of us, technology isn't second nature.

I enjoyed this post. Happy holidays Willow!

Anonymous said...

What a coincidence - The U.S. Federal Communication Commision now has it's fingers in the Internet pot, as of yesterday, December 22.

Willow said...

Yes, isn't it?

Brenda Johnson said...

Excellent write-up on the eclipse, i really like how you get under the popular conditioned thinking and "stripped of rhetoric and hubris" speak to how we can make "vital and sustaining connections" - so true, and this level of authenticity/integrity/and accountability, is capricorn at its core - Looks like you're workin' during the holidays!!! - Take it easy and enjoy - sending warm blessings - Brenda