Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mars-Eros-Venus Conjunct in Scorpio Form a Bonded Channel - Potent But Emotionally Deadly

Today, Mars at regular direct speed finally catches up to slowing-to-station Venus at 12 degrees Scorpio. Both those bodies are in tight conjunction to Eros, asteroid of erotic love and beauty, and we're getting into the good stuff.

Things have taken a turn for the deepest depths as these three wrap themselves around our hearts and squeeze out our truest and most profound soul's desires for love, intimacy, sex and togetherness. Our emotions run to extremes with this conjunction - from the devastating and detrimental to the sublime and mystical in a matter of minutes - and the feelings of deprivation if we are not with a love so true can cut exquisitely sharply. Self-esteem can take a hit with these energies, so be loving and gentle with yourself and others despite the edge.

The Venus-Mars conjunction is exact at 4:58 p.m. Central Daylight Time, and at that point, Mars and Eros move out ahead of Venus in the zodiac and start to create some much-needed breathing room as they continue direct while Venus turns retrograde. There's such thing as too much togetherness, too much keeping it real, and these three are at the brink of experiencing it in this conjunction in Scorpio.

Things are not going to let up from this sometimes nearly intolerably intense zone entirely as Venus stations retrograde October 8 just a day after our Libra New Moon (1:44 p.m. CDT October 7), increasing the power of its influence in the sky. At the point of the station, we've got Mars, Eros, Venus and Vesta in Scorpio with Ceres and the North Node coming together with Pluto. Prepare for bumpy navigation through psychic and emotional storms up ahead as we wrest ourselves free of unhealthy attractions, old, karmic ties and outdated attachments in love. Scorp territory.

Saturn's in Libra, and we're challenged to sternly keep ourselves from tipping back into old behaviour patterns in love, driven by desires that have already proven time and time again to be not in our best interests. Examining our desires and holding ourselves back from acting on the ill-advised ones can be just what we need now to slough them off like a dirty shirt.

If you do fall back into Scorpionic siren song territory, never fear. No beating yourself up. Just get back on the right side of things as soon as humanly possible. A Venus retrograde in Scorpio is just begging us to get drawn back into old crap we had the strength to pass over before, but don't let yourself get drawn too far. You can dip a toe in the murky waters, but no diving in, no matter how lovely and sexy and appealing they seem.

Everything we've been experiencing related to love, money, relationship, sex, emotion and shared resources of all types since the beginning of September shall be gone over again as we comb through the imprints of loves past, disengaging from dynamics that keep us repeating more of the same and powering through to healthier, happier and more soul-satisfying ground.

Venus retrograde cycles through the same sign every eight years, so anything love-related from around October/November, 2002 will be especially ripe for discharging here.

There's a lot of heart heaviness to clear before we can come together fully in the types of unions we would really like to experience. It's a bummer, for sure, but we're close - closer than we've been in a good long time.


shannon said...

this is so interesting... beginning a couple of nights ago, i had very vivid dreams of a recently past love, and it stirred up this incredible sadness and nostalgia,when i had thought i had finally found some ground under my feet. derailed for no external reason, the past couple of days i have been as heartbroke as i was when the original volcanic eruption occured. sigh. good to hear it's going to pass soon.
sigh. thanks willow. you rock.

Shannon Lyn said...

So spot on, been dealing with all this junk!

Snow said...

Oct/November 2002, it's when I almost lost my life in a very complicated but fascinating story with a Scorpio. We both felt deeply hurt. Today, it's when I have decided to put an end to another fascinating emotional storm. A real challenge. This time I can feel it will be harder, like an eternal grieving for the rest of my life. Thank you Willow for your insights!

Willow said...

I bet it isn't going to be an eternal grieving for the rest of your life, snow - I think it just feels that way with all this Scorp and Jupiter-Uranus on tail-end Pisces! But sure does feel that way right now.

mountaingirlblues said...

Um, ditto here too everyone! Love triangle, death and babies, past love, infedelity, lover and mother archetypes its all back again for me too! lol but I hope this time I am more prepared..... I would say a lot of growing up and facing the shadow, to do at this end, hope that helps. Thanks again Willow, love your work. Peace.mgb

Anonymous said...

hi!hope you're fine
I have a question for you - if you have the time please
I have my mars at 27d libra in house 8, conjunct uranus at 20d and venus at 14d in house 7.
I understand venus will pass over my mars again and again during her retro motion, but is she affecting the natal mars - uranus - venus conjunction as well?
Also, I have juno at 16d scorpio conjunct my sun at 19d in house venus in conjunction with them too, or is she far away?

Willow said...

Sorry, anon...I can't do analysis of individual charts for free. What I do for free is the astrological writing here, but you can book a 15-minute consult if you'd like.

Anonymous said...

bravo. i'm just at the tail end of an intense new relationship that i had so much hope for, only coming to realize i've again begun dating the same destructive, unstable 'type' for my entire dating history. difficult, strenuous psyche rooted changes are being made involving my sunconscious attractions and the way i relate to these men. ending in a mundane sense, but a personal beginning. your post shed a little light on that, gave it some air. thanks.

Willow said...

This post sheds more light on the subject.