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The Personal Planets in Scorpio Work Their Magic on the Era-Shifting Mutual Reception and Fighting for the Right to See Through Our Own Eyes

What dead fish? I don't see any dead fish. 

So they think the Age of the Fishies is over already, eh? All cleaned up. Nothing left to see. 

There was a massive fish kill September 10, 2010 in the Bayou Chaland area of Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana as well as two additional fish kills over a span of eight days in nearby areas that were also heavily oiled during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. 

The only thing that smells worse than that many dead fish is BP and the U.S. government's official story... 

A statement issued by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) released the day after the Bayou Chaland fish kill stated the fish died from low oxygen levels unrelated to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. According to P.J. Hahn, the Director of the Coastal Zone Management Department, the LDWF came to this conclusion without taking any water or fish samples of the area. 

Hahn collected his own samples of water and fish, and early independent testing found that (surprise, surprise) the fish had oil in their gills and liver. 

Here's the climate as Mars in Scorpio finishes squaring off with Neptune-Chiron retrograde in Aquarius and trining Jupiter-Uranus retrograde in Pisces - and as Pluto, Ceres and the North Node form a potent conjunction in early Capricorn pushing awareness of the corporate corruption of our environment and food supply to the surface. 

A robotic, manipulated, insane official explanation that defies all basic, human logic - and the requirement to shrug that off and dig for the real story ourselves. 

Getting beneath the permeating official line created by such crafty manipulators of the collective ethers takes all our skill, determination and courage. 

Tearing multi-layered masks off the soft-lit illusions that persistently work to keep people enmeshed in insane constructs not their own is a step-by-step process requiring us to go slowly and carefully, countering every official line with raw, gut-level Scorpionic authenticity - and research. 

Digging deeper, holding stronger and truer, scraping back the glossy veneer and the sounds-too-good-to-be-true every time the prescribed Neptunian easy out breezes in and attempts to sway our opinions. 

As the public is lulled back into that wounding Neptunian false sense of comfort and complacency, believing, incorrectly, that it's all over now and we just need to "move forward" (where have we heard that one before?), the Sun, Mercury, Venus retrograde and the asteroid Vesta also move through the murky Scorpionic bayous, fixed on digging us out. These bodies in Scorpio will also square Neptune-Chiron Rx in Aquarius and trine Jupiter-Uranus Rx in Pisces, putting in check the siren song pull into skimming over, cutting corners, emotional detachment, letting the 'officials' deal with it, and blind faith in the future (or in future generations) to save us. 

Scorpio wants us right here. Right in the thick of it. No squirming out of reach. No looking the other way. Dig down under all that fake sand that has been trucked in to the beaches of Florida, and you'll find all kinds of toxic muck. 

Two research vessels have found vast amounts of oil in samples dug up from the seafloor around the Macondo well site. 

Kevin Yeager, a University of Southern Mississippi assistant professor of marine sciences and chief scientist on the research trip, said in an article in USA Today that the oil found in samples ranged from light degraded oil to thick raw crude. 

"Clearly, there appears to be vast volumes of oil present on the seafloor," Yeager said. "We saw considerable evidence of it." 

This, of course, blows claims made by the U.S. government that the oil had largely dispersed and disappeared right out of the toxic water - if we really required 'scientific evidence' to know that that was a false statement. BP and the U.S. government also claim that Corexit has not been used in the Gulf since mid-July. Local residents, however, report it being sprayed into early October. 

An October 10 video from Denise Rednour of Long Beach, Mississippi shows dead jellyfish and tarballs as well as the now all-too-familiar froth of Corexit mixed with oil washing up on the shore and creating vicious vapours. This makes the official claim about the discontinued use of Corexit hard to believe. 

A similar October 18 video shows large fish washing up dead along the shore of a public beach at Grand Isle, Louisiana, with some sort of official workers dutifully burying the evidence. This video shows the same frothy pools of Corexit washing up along with the fish. 

A follow-up video a few days later shows tar balls washing ashore along with dead snails and jellyfish - but the large fish have been removed from sight. 

According to Tulane University post-doctoral researcher and marine biologist Erin Grey, eighty percent of blue crab larvae samples collected by her organization from an area of the Gulf stretching from Louisiana to Florida showed evidence of oily orange droplets that tested positive for hydrocarbons. 

Harriet Perry, a biologist with the University of Southern Mississippi’s Gulf Coast Research Laboratory, has also reported that many of the crab larvae collected by her university have had the distinctive orange oil droplets inside. Perry says that in 42 years of studying crabs, she has never seen anything like it and that 40 percent of the area the crabs are known to inhabit has been affected by oil from the spill. 

And yet the U.S. government still insists Gulf seafood is safe to eat, reopening a 3,000 square mile area of the Gulf to fishing and shrimping south of the Mississippi Delta in early October after "sniff testing" - again, no tissue sampling - just three samples of shrimp from a 1,000 square mile area. No testing for heavy metals, no testing for dispersant. 

The local fisherman are being forced to sign a waiver stating that if they sell tainted seafood and someone gets sick from eating it, they will be held legally responsible. 

In Louisiana, Byron Encalade, the President of the Louisiana Oysterman Association, says the oysters have not spawned, leaving the status of the industry a complete unknown for years to come. 

In Tallahassee, Florida, a woman found oil in oysters she purchased at a seafood store. After several recent deaths from Vibrio vulnificus, a flesh-eating bacteria (also played up as the bacteria that eats oil) often found in oyster beds, researchers are studying how the oil disaster could possibly be increasing the abundance and virulence of these bacteria. 

Florida's Department of Health is warning people to avoid eating raw oysters and exposing open wounds to seawater and estuarine water. 

People are sick, physically and mentally. Millions will potentially be affected. There is no long-term understanding of what this much Corexit mixed with this much oil will do to the ecosystem or to the people living within range of it. Currently, people are debilitated by respiratory problems, headaches, nausea, rashes, exhaustion, tremors, flu-like symptoms, internal bleeding, depression and other mental illnesses. There are reports of diminished lung capacities, dissolving esophaguses, unexplained deaths. The Corexit is burning holes through people's skin. Doctors in the area are diagnosing scabies. None of it is related to the oil disaster, they say. And none of this passes the Scorpio stellium sniff test. 

We're in the territory of the zodiac where our actions are soul-informed, where we're moving by feel through the pitch dark, lovingly whispered to (with the Scorpio planets trining Jupiter-Uranus in Pisces) by all those who have experienced this before. At the root, this struggle has always been the same. 

Rooting out and exposing that which works to manipulate, injure, abuse and destroy us on this planet has always been this hard - harder. 

The web of damage and destruction cuts a broad swath, desperately deep. Impossible to keep on top of the full flood of information, of the extent of the corruption and dirty dealings through time and space. As Agent Orange and napalm morph into depleted uranium and GMOs and chemtrails. As Chevron's Rainforest Chernobyl in Equador's Amazon rainforest morphs into British Petroleum's horror show in the Gulf of Mexico. As guns and batons morph into sonic weaponry. As chemical warfare morphs into cyber and electromagnetic and weather wars. 

But we dig down deep because we know we're here now for a reason. We dig into our precious soul reserves and emanate from there, holding that energy, so valuable, and guarding it carefully, jealously. We've got just enough to get us through, despite the grieving and loss that saps us, if we use these reserves wisely. Mature Scorpio conserves its energy and uses it in the most potent and effective ways. So we step gingerly and cautiously and shrewdly as we tend to our shocked beings, dealing with the evaporation of big chunks of previous lives and selves, missing dearly what we've had to leave behind to get here. And those who have left. 

As the official line bullshit flies fast and furious, coaxing and loving us up and into its waiting arms, we have to trust our own eyes, our own insight, our own body knowledge and gut checks and sneaking suspicions above all else - and act on them. Finding that internal root truth in all situations, going beyond what those people on the flashing picture box tell us. Seeing through the carefully crafted images zipping by with the slick and pretty official words telling us what it all means. 

Easier said than done, though. 

We're in a time when the feminine knowledge, the internal, the intuitive, what we just KNOW is generally ridiculed, downplayed, scoffed at by those invested in the reinforcement of the mainstream constructs. We have to be willing to trust it even though it may make us the ridiculed, downplayed, scoffed at. To hone it until there are no skipped steps, no leaps in logic, no sabotaging blinders - only pure guidance, potent and implicitly trustworthy in every moment. 

I was recently told by a mainstream science and government-touting dude regarding water fluoridation that "the plural of anecdote is not evidence." Basically, he was saying that individual experience does not make scientific "evidence." And I think of what's going on in the Gulf right now and how dangerous that sentiment really is. How dangerous that sentiment always is, actually. What a sad, sad statement when the real experiences of human beings are passed over as unimportant or untrustworthy for the opinions of government and scientific and spiritual employees of the hierarchies who are often just observing those experiences and coming up with bought-and-paid-for spin. 

Can I prove the correlation between a nearby oil flare, radio tower and industrial farming chemicals and a cluster of cancer cases and autoimmune disorders around my family farm? More than likely not. But I know the correlation exists. 

Can I prove that it's unhealthy to live within 100 kilometres of one of three nuclear-armed-to-the-teeth United States Intercontinental Ballistic Missile armed forces sites? 

Can mothers having babies born with deformities and birth defects from Agent Orange exposure THEIR parents experienced 'prove' that correlation? 

Can we prove an environmental correlation between the toxic chemical cocktail in our air, water, soil, food, water and the cancer epidemic? Or with the rise in things like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, Alzheimer's, depression, ADHD? 

Can Native people with rare cancers in northern Alberta prove that it's exposure to the toxic oilsands causing it? 

Can we prove that it's the Corexit burning holes in people's skin in the Gulf of Mexico? 

Will people be able to prove that their health problems ten or twenty years from now are related to the Gulf disaster? 

Can people in Alaska, post-Exxon Valdez disaster? 

Am I able to prove to pharmaceuticals-brainwashed doctors or to the mainstream-science-worshipping public that my health problems are a result of a highly dangerous fluoroquinolone antibiotic that should not be prescribed for minor infections? Even with thousands, probably tens of thousands, of other people reporting the same adverse effects? 

To the stringent (ahem) scientific standards of the day, probably not. But it's getting more and more insane not to see the connections. Isn't it, Scorpio? And again, I'm reminded of the purposeful training of people to look to the "official authority figure" - whether it be government, science or the next New Age "voice of our times." It's all the same machine, keeping people controlled and in line, believing what they are told to believe. Keeping them within the false veneers of pyramid-scheme hierarchies and away from the authentic potency points we need to hit in order to truly shift this shitshow. 

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