Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pluto Conjunct the North Node in Capricorn and Heading Right Into the Heart of the Beast

Ceres, Pluto and the North Node are conjunct in early Capricorn, with Ceres just out in front. Pluto and the North Node come together exactly November 9, and our soul's path forward, the path leading us where we need to go collectively and personally, is driving us right through the heart of the corruption, terror and misery being purposefully inflicted on humankind. We have to see it if we are to change it, every last grasping tentacle.

There is a macabre puppet show going on at this tail-end astrological Piscean era and a sickening global ritual sacrifice of the most symbolic Piscean variety, with those at the top of a corpo-governmental oligarch stealing and manipulating energy, especially spiritual energy. There is attempt after attempt to break what is true and honourable as an offering to all that is sick, corrupted, demented. A grandscale attempt at the bending and turning away of the pure and true from its actual meaning and purpose, harnessing it to create abomination of surreal proportion. With human beings, animal and plant life and the balance of nature simply collateral damage on the way to these end goals.

The Presidents and CEOs are just the middle managers, of course, taking orders from much further up the pyramid scheme chain of command.

As are the New Age leaders - both open and covert - at all levels of that hierarchical ladder, locking their hapless followers in, though most don't recognize the game.

And we have absolutely bleak world headlines showcasing their handiwork.

We're in an era of HAARP-induced weather wars and frequency-induced energy wars, where dirty deeds and horrifying attacks can be committed under the radar, with an angry Mother Nature as convenient patsy.

These are absolutely heinous abuses of energy and of natural law. Atlantis Lite run amok...yet again. Turning our most basic and vital connections to the energies of the Earth against us.

A cholera outbreak has killed 300 Haitians, among the 1.3 million still displaced and desperate for assistance after the January 12 earthquake that toppled houses, businesses and infrastructure. Health officials are worried the cholera may settle in, along with tuberculosis and malaria. And the outpouring of international aid lines official pockets.

The Haitians are people who sought freedom from their enslaving French and British oppressors, no matter how deep the financial debt it would require to pay off the slavemasters and no matter how devastating the trade bans enforced against them. That set of priorities, that energetic precedent, is dangerous to those powers trying to drive the entry into Aquarius their way - away from freedom. As is the depth of soul and spiritual connection that would spur and sustain such a move out of the shackles of slavery.

Seven million remain homeless in Pakistan after the catastrophic floods in July that damaged almost two million homes and destroyed crops on a massive scale in that nation's breadbasket. Here's another deep, spiritual tradition, the strength of which you can see in the calm and peaceful faces of Pakistanis who find themselves in terrifyingly uncertain circumstances.

And in Indonesia, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake was followed by a tsunami and then a volcanic eruption at Mount Merapi in Java Tuesday. All three disasters hit within 24 hours, killing at least 300 with 400 more missing and tens of thousands displaced. This follows the December 2004 tsunami off Sumatra that killed 226,000 people.

Indonesia is another country that holds old, spiritual knowledge, wisdom and traditions - the type that certain forces would not want being carried over from Pisces to Aquarius.

It's being reported that likely among the dead is the elderly spiritual guardian of Mount Merapi, Mbah Maridjan, believed by many Javanese to possess magical powers. Maridjan was the volcano's "widely-loved custodian," regarded as a protector who used a combination of Islamic and animist rituals to keep Merapi under control.

And in Canada's North, yet another fairly pristine and untouched area where traditional people hold an energy close to the Earth, British Petroleum and Imperial Oil (parent company to ExxonMobil, by the way) are attempting to woo the northerners into opening the Beaufort Sea to offshore oil exploration and drilling.

Yes, as the horrifying disaster continues in the Gulf of Mexico, all under media blackout, these companies held a public meeting Monday night in Inuvik, Northwest Territories to pitch their case.

Two companies that should have been liquidated to compensate people in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico are still, in this Pluto in Capricorn Age, open for business and intent on spreading their devastation even further. Not happy leaving even one vein unspiked...

There are still so few, relatively, who can or will connect the dots. So few who are willing to go all the way, to see right to the root, to truly peel away the false idols and shimmering Neptunian mirages.

But that Scorpio stellium is still working away. Mars on the anaretic degree, about to enter Sagittarius early tomorrow morning. The Sun, Mercury, Venus retrograde and Vesta. And the North Node conjunct Pluto and Ceres. The truth is getting harder to deny...


Cairo said...

I've taken most of the week off from the manufactured "real" news and indulged with Halloween movies.

The weather on Wednesday did catch my attention though. Lots of phrases like "never before seen" and the pictures of this storm event! Heck, just shape it like a pumpkin, fellas. Festive.

The US election coming up on Tuesday and I will go vote. Get my sticker. I will want to turn off the TV but wont be able to.

Join hands, all. We'll get the fuck through all of this.

Willow said...

Except the dead and suffering aren't manufactured. I wish that were the case.

You can only really get the story on the Gulf from citizens doing journalism - not from the mainstream media outlets.

13 Muluc said...

This blog is awesome, Willow. I've never seen astrology treated with such insight and relevance. Thank you very much!

Willow said...

Thanks, 13 Muluc! I do my best.

JusB said...

agree dear sir..this blog is so spot on and well a life force and energy of its own. you seem to hit all the hunches, speculations or on the same path as my soul is oftne we connect all that is above with what is below and my soul resonates strongly with you wisdom you bring forth..thank you again this sharing

Alicia C said...

I've been reading up on nodes lately, and I feel like I read somewhere that you were born in a year where the North Node was in Virgo -hence the South in Pisces. Am I right?

To me this adds a whole newly rich layer to what I read because you really truly take the Pisces paradigm to pieces! For those of us with that placement, we seek to in whatever way separate ourselves/evolve PAST the Piscean pull, but in a sense your NN mission must be to help the COLLECTIVE rid itself of it.

(of course if your SN is nowhere near Pisces I'll feel silly)

Anon and Ever said...

You are fundamentally right, there is a Plan in all this...

Do you know how the oil was called in the Middle Ages - that perfectly knew it as it is referred to, by the way, in Marco Polo’s “Travels” book, “Il Milione” - It was called “aqua diaboli”, litterally The Water of the devil...

Willow said...

Another tsunami hit Indonesia December 23, 2018.

"No signs, no warning, and struck in the middle of the night" at a time when people would be gathered en masse for the holidays.

I doubt the timing is coincidental. The catastrophic tsunami that hit Sumatra, Indonesia, killing 227,000+ people, hit on December 26, 2004.