Monday, September 27, 2010

Pallas Athene Square Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius Ahead of the Venus Retro

Feminine warrior spirit asteroid Pallas Athene is coming to the end of her long ten-month journey through the wild and woolly realms of Scorpio and squares Neptune and Chiron, conjunct in retrograde motion at 26 Aquarius, to cap it off.

Pallas squares Neptune-Chiron today and for the rest of September, entering Sagittarius October 7 just before Venus goes retrograde.

Pallas Athene, please take a bow. My hat goes off to you in this sign. You had a tough row to hoe but miraculously did what you had to do and came through it.

The Moon in Taurus opposes Pallas in Scorpio later today and also squares Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius forming a fast-moving fixed T-square. We get a quick reality check here, and grounded Autumnal reality does its magical thing, keeping us attuned to real possibilities rather than the often energetically disastrous style-over-substance false Neptunian kind.

Working with our intricate emotional states, carrying things through and honouring every part even when it's not easy, can help us to finally put wounding Neptunian illusions/delusions to bed as we work with the potency of tail-end Pisces. Those tail-end smoke and mirrors effects that tempt us to fall for the old ploys, going through the wrong door to the wrong people and making us into that sillier, more naive, self-sabotaging version of ourselves. Let's not go back there, shall we? Looking these tendencies in ourselves square-on (and most of us have them), together, and following them firmly out the door (latch locked behind) is the way to discharge them for good. We'll have plenty of practice here as Mars, Eros, the Moon, the Sun, Vesta, Mercury and Venus follow into the very same square Pallas in Scorpio leads us through right now.

This especially has to do with our concepts of the future (Aquarius), as collective hopes and dreams here have been inflated and pumped full of Neptunian ether by last spring's triple conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron at this very degree of Aquarius.

There's a fine line between being reality-based and stomping on our dreams to the point that the future does not seem worth living. With Jupiter and Uranus both retrograding through late Pisces, the bottom drops out frequently and the icy fingers of despair can creep up and take hold whenever we go too far into the tail-end Piscean void.

The Sun and Saturn in Libra challenge us to fend off the despairs by connecting with other people and with the things that bring us pleasure. The people and pursuits that make this life worth living, despite all the fuzzy lollipop ends it has to dish out.

But then there is such thing as going too far into that territory, too. Ah, Libra. You're not as sweet and simple as people would like to think.

At the same time, being honest about the realities on this planet - especially, with Scorpio strongly in the mix, emotional/psychological/psychic realities - is absolutely essential. Anyone insisting that all is hunky dory at this point in human history either has zero understanding of anything outside their own privileged existence or is driven by fearful denial, willing to do anything to stay separate from the more difficult aspects of living and loving in these times.

Mercury has just cleared its retrograde shadow in Virgo, which should kick off some progress and untangle some delays. The combination of Pluto and Mercury stationing direct at the same time on September 12/13 was not a good time in my world. The Plutonic fetal-position terrors combined with Virgoan worry and mental stress are not much of a good time for anyone.

But today, my internet connection has finally been restored. I'm getting a new key to the building that actually works (soon-ish, anyway). And my speaking software arrived by courier today - even though our intercom to let people into the building is not working. At this point, I take what I can get as far as progress goes.

This means that once I figure it out (and provided it works with my free word processing program), I will be able to do e-mail readings while saving my wrists.

My astro article is coming out in the October 1 Phoenix File, also. If interested, you can check it out or subscribe via the link on the right sidebar.


Shannon Lyn said...

I'm so glad that you do this blog. I'm a lurker but just wanted to say it's given me some great insights, especially from another ESP (extra sensitive person).

Anonymous said...

The world is too much with us, to coin a phrase NOT.
I've got ye Uranus conjunct Ye Jupiter in Cancer (south node city) and at 56 years of age have prob moved 'housenhome' 2 to 3 times per annum MIN for MY ENTIRE LIFE: Pema Chodron talks about 'groundlessness' and despite my Virgs grumbling discernment, I think I'm getting it. Scares the bejesus out o this earth sign: I jest loves that ol terra firma, but it ain't firma and it neverwas: geddit?!
Kin't tell you not to freak - cuz I sureashell am - like counting down to end of the month/lease 321 tomorra nowhere to lay my weary head.
Yes, doan give up, sistuh, n doan 'moonlight' yer passion: yuh hold her up tuh duh light o day and place yuh bets on yuhself!

Willow said...

Oh, thanks so much for your comments ladies. Just a rough stretch.

Gad, Sabina...2-3 times per year for LIFE?? I thought 36 times in the past ten years was bad. You're the queen. I'm sorry. Taurus Moon, too. Hates the upheaval...but it's a good, soothing placement, at the very least. It takes a lot to make it freak out, but I guess this would do it.

Mercury just left it's retro shadow today...conjuncts your Sun over the next day or two...crosses your ASC by Oct. 1. It's coming down to the wire. Buy some time if you can! Any way you can take some pressure off.

Daemoness said...

Hugs Willow. I hope you have created a home warm and comforting, well before winter arrives.


Julian said...

Thursday is pray for Sabina day!

Willow said...

It sure is! Let's start early.

shannon said...

as you know , willow, from gazing into my horoscopic universe, you and i share common ground. and like you, my blog has been a life line, when despair and resignation nearly had it's way with me, i would dive in to the watershed and pull out words and images.
you and your blog have been a lifeline, i felt it to be significant when i found yr blog, as i began to take my astrological studies more seriously, your voice and as i call it punk rock style of oracle , resonates with me so deeply.
i guess even though we can read certain energies, we still don't know if we will be okay, ya know?
but as you counseled me (and o so wisely) stick close to your friends and your tribe and as i spoke this mantra to myself, just this morning, surrender.
you are fabulous.

xo paul said...

lurking for astrology fix. Good ideas here. A little heavy on the female, but what can a get axpect?
thx again

xo paul said...

cruising for astrology fix. Nice ideas here. Very creative writing. Chinese holiday on Friday @ celebrating the regime, which might be interesting considering the planets.

Willow said...

Hmm...heavy on the female. I wouldn't say so. You're probably just used to a more androcentric world view and/or astrology.

I'm giving Pallas Athene some much due props for her work in Scorpio...which mostly went unnoticed. So for you to call this post 'female heavy' is pretty fucking insulting.

Alicia C said...

I have been unfamiliar with the asteroids until now - I have started doing some reading on them.

Looking back over the past year, I am wondering what, in the real-world arena, have been manifestations of this energy?

I can think of at least 3 earthquakes (one in my 'native land'), oil spills, etc. That could be part of it.

In my own life I've been coming to terms with being a cowardly boob, and with (unbeknownst to me) having in the past bought into that patriarchal idea of male-female relationships which manifested over the past 3 years in bizarre circumstances now coming to a close.

I wish I could say I was all the better for the new knowledge, experience, etc. In fact I feel quite drained and hopeless about everything right now. Like there's nowhere for me to go. What was there was too ugly and stupid and I dont really want it back, but now there's like.. nothing. A void waiting to be filled by quite-absent will power.

Maybe that's the tail-end Pisces thing you mention.

Willow said...

I would say so.

This post might also shed some light on the subject as far as relationship dynamics at tail-end Pisces:

mountaingirlblues said...

Willow, thanks for the link, venus eros and mars in via combusta!! Um, just incredible.... how all that is happening left right and centre. Not just to me but to everyone i know , and on all levels! I think some of us love/warriors have been training for this all our lives;)....I am hoping the heart knows its way through. Willow you are much loved and supported. I have been lurking here since you started writing and somedays your blog was the only thing that got me through these past few years of the rough ride.... love to you mate.b

Willow said...

Thanks, mgb.

I do believe wholeheartedly in what I do on the blog and in the astrology I's just finding the right foothold for it in the structures that already exist that I have had difficulty with so far.

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.