Sunday, September 19, 2010

Getting My Bearings with Some New Coordinates

Well, I'm now watching chemtrails being sprayed over a new city!

You can't escape them really. I was on a farm in super rural Saskatchewan about ten days ago having a campfire in the front yard when I heard an engine. I looked up and saw a big, fat chemtrail floating overhead. Thirty seconds later, I looked up again and saw a second one forming a giant X right over the yard. X marks the spot?

Weird times we're living in.

Anyway, some Virgoan housekeeping: contrary to what I originally thought, I'm still at the same e-mail address ( and will be for the foreseeable future.

I'm also on Central Daylight Time now, instead of Mountain, so the times for aspects and ingresses in future posts will be in that time zone.

I've had a difficult transition so far, but I have a big, juicy post in the works. I've been working on a borrowed laptop or at an cyber cafe due to internet problems at my apartment. I'm not sure why I chose to move into the city with both Pluto and Mercury stationing direct, but I got caught in the aftermath of my roommate's ex moving out and the subsequent transfer of telephone and internet has not gone smoothly.

I'm hoping to have this solved by early next week when I will again be available for readings.

The Sun is moving through late Virgo opposite Jupiter Rx and Uranus Rx in Pisces making those last Virgoan details and the remaining Saturn in Virgo hangover very tedious and stressful to deal with. There are certain things (many things) that are simply out of our control, and with Jupiter-Uranus in Pisces opposite a Virgo Sun, this is very apparent. The universe has a mind of its own, which does not work so well with the sensitive nervous temperament of Virgo energy.

We're only a couple days from the Sun entering Libra and Fall Equinox, though, which will be a welcome shift.

The following day, September 23, we have a Full Moon at zero degrees Aries - the first of two book-end Aries Full Moons on the zero degree and the anaretic (29th) degree next month. This emotionally culminates the initial Aries seed time this summer with the cardinal t-square and Jupiter and Uranus in early Aries. It also culminates the previous Venus retrograde cycle in Aries ahead of the upcoming one in Scorpio.

The Sun will conjunct Saturn at the end of this month, and I think that will be a nice, solidifying aspect after a stressful cardinal t-square dominated summer.


mountaingirlblues said...

Willow waiting for your blog about the equinox. Love to hear your take on the astrology of right now, it looks pretty massive! PS last night 5am setting moon was blood red and very beautiful,Take care. mgb.xo

Cerridwen said...

Thank you for a fabulous post ... very helpful and insightful ... I really loved your insights about the Scorpio energies ...

Willow said...

Thanks very much! I've got a post cooking about the Venus station that will be up soon. My internet problem is still not quite solved but should be by early NEXT week. haha I guess I was too optimistic timing-wise.

I'd say this fall's astrology is pretty massive, yes ma'am.