Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pluto Station. Blargh.

Pluto is digging in its heels, just about to turn retrograde at 5 Capricorn on the evening (MDT) of April 6. This planet grinding to a halt is unleashing a sort of energetic carryover from its very intense direct period (September 11, 2009 - April 6, 2010). This carryover energy is washing over us and triggering some cases of the mortal fears and the transformational yucks, especially related to things we've been dealing with over the past six months. Heavy, oily, dense. We can part the curtain and peek outside this heaviness for a breath of fresh air only in fits and starts, so accept the weight of this time period, keep on truckin' and be kind to yourselves.

Despite being past the Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere, we're still technically in the dark half of the year, and sometimes the trickiest period is the home stretch when we're tired (so very tired) and starting to question whether we even have it in us anymore. In Celtic lore, the dark goddess Cailleach (relates to Kali) rules the land until April 30 when we get to the light half of the year and Brigid takes over. Sweet, sweet Brigid. By then, Pluto will be picking up speed retrograde.

So we have to keep putting one foot in front of the other here under the sometimes flattening weight of stationing Pluto in Capricorn. Step-by-arduous-step, Pluto in Cappie says. Burning through dense, constricting detritus and facing down gut-churning fears as we go. Again, we're dealing with collective progress here (Capricorn), and it's impossible to be fully aware of the ancient roots and dynamics we're dealing with - how deeply and intricately they go. We're doing the best we can.

The Moon enters Capricorn at 7:07 p.m. this evening and immediately squares Saturn Rx, which is on that potent zero degree of Libra just about to re-enter Virgo April 7 for a three-month stay (until July 22).

The Moon will conjunct stationing and uber potent Pluto in Cap early tomorrow morning, so it could be another unnerving night filled with deep, dark dreams. Hang in there.

(And I see I started writing this at 1:08 p.m. Very fitting for a post on the collective work and responsibility of Pluto in Capricorn since the Tibetans believe there are 108 sins. Not to mention it being Easter Sunday, the day Jesus Christ rose from the dead after being crucified. See what I mean?)


Ruth said...

yeah, I'm certainly feeling this wading through concrete and barbed wire combined. Truly horrible. And that intense sense of free floating ever-present fear.

Tell me it gets better when Pluto goes retrograde?! I thought it was actually WORSE especially if over your personal planets yet again...

Willow said...

I usually experience Pluto as closer to a conscious level when it's retrograde so a bit less difficult to deal with only in that sense. I think because it deals with what's underneath, retrograde motion feels to be a more natural state for it.

If you get hit with a Plutonic situation when it's moving direct, you're generally dealing with the fallout from that as it moves retro, so again, I personally find that less horrifying than the initial event(s). For other people, maybe not. Depends just how much fallout there is and what kind, I suppose.

What state do you prefer: getting a sucker punch to the gut out of nowhere or rolling on the ground trying to get your air back post-sucker punch? heh

Regardless, this retro isn't going to be all that pleasant heading into the summer eclipse season and the cardinal t-squares. Not dooming and glooming...just realistic!

Ruth said...

I suppose I prefer the second state. At least then, you know you've been hit and you can kind of start to deal with it (before the next load come...)

What's hard to deal with atm is just the sheer relentlessness of the fear/horror/guilt etc. I wouldn't want to work on a psych ward atm, so many people must be disintegrating under this pressure right now (or is that just my gloom-ridden Capricorn stellium speaking...heh)

Willow said...

That's probably accurate. Could be my doom-ridden Scorp stellium talking, though. :-)

It depends also when Pluto kicks in to "cruel" for each individual. For me, this is nowhere near as bad as the straight-up direct period was. *horrors* But again, that may not be the case with everyone.

This station is most definitely kicking up some nastiness. And I feel for you with the transits you have this year. Just keep breathing! And check in here periodically to let us know you're OK.

I should really use you as a case study on the site. :-) People wouldn't believe it.

Ruth said...

Please feel free to use me as a case study! I am more than happy for my current horrors to benefit the study of astrology ;)
I'm so overwhelmed with Plutonian fear atm that I am kind of retreating down a hole. Scared shitless of what the summer will bring. But as I remain alive presumably there is hope...yes, I'll let you know how the survival plan goes!

Jonas-Thanatos the Engineer said...

It is presently 4:40PM, April 6th, and I think I'm genuinely feeling the Pluto process stuff you've been talking about. I was skeptical, in my lifetime I've even been morbidly cynical about it.. But when one feels as I feel now, it makes perfect sense.. To feel this amplitude of suffering, the only thing that can help me through it is to focus on taking one step at a time and to think, like you so beautifully point out, that - I paraphrase - that we're all globally experiencing these changes.. and we can't possibly grasp how profound this stuff is..

I am so skeptical, cynical, etc.. yet right now, I'm fighting the fatalistic pessimistic nihilism with all my force, because it risks killing me and I love life too much.

I looked everywhere for a friend or someone to talk to, and as has always been the case, I came to your blog, Willow, and you helped me make a 180 degree turn away from chaos and death..

I understand it a little better now.. it's not you that's somehow suddenly "saved" me.. it's that I just went from being punched in the gut into being winded & rolling on the ground.. in my case I like the second state much better.. feels like a spring breeze just came over me.. 4:45PM.


Ruth said...

Completely agree Alex- reading what Willow writes has enabled me to make a lot more sense of the sheer weight of horror that seems to be hitting me at the moment (is Pluto transiting your personal planets too? It's backing right onto my moon again...ow)

It completely changed my attitude to what I am going through, which is both an external and an internal crisis, to realise the pain does not all belong to and originate from us, that it's accumulated, ancient and global, as Willow very clearly presents it.

just keep living, I think it's all we can do at the moment...

Willow said...

Yep. JKL. Matthew McConaughey, you are one wise bastard.