Sunday, April 18, 2010

Black Moon Lilith and What's Going on Behind the Scenes

Photo: Willow

I've been thinking about Black Moon Lilith lately and its effect on this blog. I notice the effect of Black Moon Lilith on my posts, holding things in the shadows so as to protect them, enveloping information within larger posts so that only those with the eyes to see can find it. Only those willing to work for it a bit.

I have to zip around in the oddest of ways to maintain the integrity of this blog at the level where I need it to be, deleting here, transferring words there. Connecting and disconnecting, and then, once the integrity has been proven - sometimes more than once - re-establishing the connection. And all this is done almost invisibly...unless, of course, you're strongly attuned to this energy and understand the way it works.

This relates to how I understand the difference between the mean and true calculations of Black Moon Lilith - the lunar apogee or point at which the Moon is furthest from the Earth in its orbit.

The true Black Moon Lilith point zips around like crazy, back and forth, making mad dashes through large swathes of zodiac degrees. Erratic and unpredictable are two words used to describe its movement. Herculean and whip-smart intuitive, I'll add.

The mean calculation of BML averages out all this erratic movement and comes up with a more steady course through the zodiac.

So I see the mean calculation as relating to the solid, longer-term goals of this deep feminine energy with the true calculation reflecting everything it has to do, all the bases it has to cover and marks it has to hit, to reach those goals, often related to fairness, integration, acceptance and influence within the whole.

Multi-tasking while juggling fire, a Mama duck paddling like mad beneath the surface while maintaining a calmer, steadier demeanour on the surface.

Black Moon Lilith represents the energy of the ostracized feminine force, cast aside when it wouldn't bow down, when it refused to be silenced and continued speaking the dark truths that the society around it would not face or accept.

A lot of people who read this blog have strong Black Moon Lilith placements in their natal charts, and you all know what I'm talking about here. If these themes sound familiar, you probably have a strong BML placement.

You have to do what you have to do, often without worrying about how you are going to explain actions that may seem unfathomable to other people. It really is a matter of survival.

Because of the wounding and horrific treatment of this energy/those who embody it in the past, there can be some extremes in the behaviour. Black Moon Lilith can lash out or rush off into the shadows in a very reactionary way, fuelled by seemingly minor and unrelated events triggering these pains of the past. The reactions really can be overblown. But it's better to be safe than sorry with Black Moon Lilith situations these days. This energy is at the breaking point, as so much is, and simply can't take more wounding through denigration or marginalization.

The problem, I think, comes when you get stuck out there, alone on the windy, barren prairies of your psyche. This can happen for a few reasons: because it's too painful or risky or you're too afraid, angry or ashamed to take steps back in, because you're being punished by those who want to keep you out there, or because you refuse to take responsibility for the destructiveness of the energy you're putting out there, and the collective rejects it for its own protection.

Some expressions of this energy really do need to be refined, and we need to be aware when we start getting too close to those edges...

So it's a delicate dance, working with this Black Moon Lilith. These are tricky times we're living in, and the truth and energy of BML must be applied in the most skillful and artful of ways.

The potential for wounding is there, but staying in the shadows can do just as much damage. So we have to work together on this one, little by little. The entry points for integration of the feminine are at those points where change can no longer be resisted.

This denied feminine energy, the knowledge it holds inside, is so powerful and potent that sometimes just the energetic impression of it gets the job done. Often, that's the best way to get the job done, actually. The full, constant presence of this energy is overpowering, too much for the collective (and us) to deal with, and will come back on us in unpleasant ways if we over-saturate. This is why the rapid movement and the disappearing acts are necessary. (So don't be surprised if this post should disappear for a little while, either!)

Aside from this blog, I've been thinking about the role of this dark feminine force, in general. (And just to clarify, not dark as in evil but dark as in, having to survive and exist in the shadows, in the spaces between the mainstream structures. Black Moon Lilith is scrappy like that.)

I'm especially looking at the influence and role of BML in the potent eclipse chart this summer and in what is being initiated long-term at this point.

The understanding these days is that we need unity. We need to come together in a critical mass if humanity is to break its chains and prosper, rather than falling into the dehumanizing, demoralizing Pluto in Capricorn vortex of complete corporate compliance and related distasteful pursuits.

I'm hearing a lot of dismay about our perceived inability to reach this critical mass. (Echoes from the 60s maybe.)

But I think we have to look deeper than the wounded, interfered with aspects of the Piscean energy so that we don't miss the very real opportunities, however small, for bringing things together more cohesively.

The critical mass is already here. It just needs time to to gel, which we're working on now.

As far as the chart for the Capricorn eclipse conjunct Pluto on June 26 within the cardinal t-square/energetic cross:

We will have Chiron at zero Pisces conjunct true Black Moon Lilith at 3 degrees.

This tells us that the Piscean coming together is going to be painfully intercepted and interfered with at points, with many old wounds to work through before we can even really give a damn.

But aren't we used to working around this already? I should say so.

Black Moon Lilith relates to the primal, emotionally instinctual energetic work of the dark feminine that is always going on in the shadows, under the radar, with only a flicker here and there visible within the mainstream. It's obscured, but it's there, working away. Let's not forget that.

The mean calculation for BML at the eclipse is at 29 Aquarius, which is the degree of the Aquarian Age start as a whole. So, again, you can see what has to happen with the wounded collective feminine/spiritual Piscean energy (true BML) before we get to the longer term goal: successful integration of Piscean lessons/energy and entry into the Aquarian era (mean BML).

There are points we need to anchor here and sore spots we need to be aware of while doing so. Working with this integration process, in whatever form that might take, will be a better use of time and energy than lamenting perceived past failures.

The wise feminine knows that, doesn't she? Just keep paddling because really, what else can you do?


Free Art Exchange said...

Thanks Willow for the Incredible insights. This summer looks to be a wild ride.

Ruth said...

yeah this one is ringing a few bells alright ;) The book on deviant and criminal mothers is coming along in a very BML way for me- zipping in and out of consciousness! heh...

the wounding does feel very powerful atm but also somewhat inspiring. Wisdom under the surface I can't quite reach. (Pisces I guess!)

Paul said...

Bravo! Would like your insight as to how Lilith applies to Eris [first named Xena] discovered in 2004. Perhaps the myth of Pandora is to be rewritten for the West and the dark feminine energy met without fear and loathing and allowed to work.