Monday, April 12, 2010

A New New Age Messiah?

The Hate Man, previously known as Mark Hawthorne, of Berkeley California's Telegraph Avenue is keepin' it real. He's hating, but he's doing it in a loving way.

I saw this guy on this morning (in fact, he's Hot Slut of the Day, now putting him in the running for Hot Slut of the Month and Year), and he's pretty much the embodiment of my stance on the chronic positivity-pushing of the day.

When people of a certain mindset insist on experiencing and looking at only the "positive," it leaves an unbalanced, heaping helping of the "negative" for those who can't deny those aspects of reality.

Since nature works to balance negative and positive charges to neutralize the excesses of both, someone ends up with the difficult work of having to balance the "positive" excesses being created - and it generally falls to those dealing in collective work, such as the homeless philosophers of the world. Especially those homeless philosophers living right on the edge of the New Age bubble worlds - Berkley, Cali-forn-i-a.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Q: You require people to say "I hate you" before you begin a conversation. Do you really hate everyone?

A: I do. But it's a new way of hating. It's about being straight with people. The dictionary defines hate as hostility, but that's heavy. My idea is to be straight about negative feelings that we all have, which is what hate is, and then you can have a real conversation. Don't be threatening or angry or snotty - just straight.

Q: So do you not believe in love?

A: Love? There's nothing wrong with that. I'm into positives, but we should be straight about the negatives to clear them first. My philosophy is to feel the positives more than say them. Act them out.

Hey, thanks, Hate Man! You're doing the world a great service, and most people don't even realize it. I hate that. heh

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Theodore White, judicial Astrolog.S said...

Interesting post in interesting times Willow. One of the things about the "Hate Man" is that it reflects the failure of the feel-good-political-incorrectness-age-of-Boomer Generation-cynicism, and their loss of clout.

I've written on this issue many times, and state that we are in a generational transition that has been quietly building since the mid-2000s.

Now, it is here, with the Boomers about to leave power as the establishment (1993-2011.) Most of the "negatives" being experienced today stems directly from the failure of their "New Age" mantras of the 1990s, which have led to a unbalanced world, not only unsure of itself, but mired in mismanagement, huge economic losses, and a total lack of respect for the creative realities of the world.

In a way, "Hate Man" has got it right about being "straight about the negatives to clear them first."

And that is exactly what we've been seeing happen in the world - as shown by global transits.