Friday, April 16, 2010

Chiron Dips Into Pisces: Yoo Hoo! Not So Fast There, Buckaroos

Ah, yes. Here we are. (And we've been here before, haven't we?)

The Atlantean throwbacks are poised to destroy the world again.

And those with the Piscean understanding of how things work energetically as a whole can see and feel it happening and still haven't figured out quite what to do about it.

This is the Aquarian/Piscean divide we're looking across. At times it seems we're so very close to securing the necessary connection. It's right there, and it seems there's hope that we'll be able to impart the necessary spiritual/soul-level concern and balance before it's too late.

But then in a matter of seconds, we're light years apart again, left exhausted and shaking our heads at the hideous arrogance and the astounding lack of foresight or wisdom behind these shiny, new technologies and hybrids and patented ideas.

It makes me laugh (we're dealing in black humour here, folks) that much of the scientific establishment believes it is so very far advanced, so far beyond the common person's ability to understand, with its carefully crafted jargon and purposefully obscured intelligence. It's as if they feel they are speaking to children, feeding us carefully-chosen, easily-palatable crumbs related to what they're up to behind the scenes...when we already know damned well the whole pie has been corrupted.

See, we know these things because we feel them. Our souls tell us what we need to be aware of, even when we don't have the exact scientific terms for it. And this is how we know just how far off they really are at this point in human history.

We know that the world scientific establishment is working on "proving" things that have been understood through spiritual knowledge and wisdom for millenia. Things that really are so very simple that, yes, children are born knowing them.

But they've got only small pieces of the whole that they're playing with. Combine this segmented understanding of things with excessively masculine arrogance developing blisteringly dangerous technologies, and you've got a highly risky situation on this Planet Earth.

Powerfully simple spiritual truths are passed over for the trendy and the sexy pseudo-cutting edge. BOR-RING! say the teenagerly Uranian charge addicts, spiking their veins with nano-technology and robots controlled by thoughts, colonization of the moon and trans-humanist garbage.

It's the Pisceans who have the understanding of the whole, and this is why we keep going, keep trying, despite exhaustion, resistance, betrayal and physical and psychic danger. The stakes are high, and we know it.

There are certainly some within the scientific establishment who still have a working connection to their souls. These people drive a certain level of tokenism for the spiritual/energetically-interconnected/humanist side of things. They're hipper and more in-the-know on this front than their strictly Aquarian counterparts, and we can be grateful for this. But still, it's tokenism, not the driving motivation. It doesn't penetrate to the top.

Money and power and those who hold them are still in the driver's seat here. Top-down hierarchical agendas still rule the application of these grand technologies and the scientific minds behind them. Thousands of Manhattan Projects going on all over this globe...and much worse. An army of tortured monkeys scream out their warnings from nightmare labs around the world. A billion canaries gasp their last gasps in a billion toxic coal mines.

As we know, all this never bodes well for humanity as a whole.

And this placement, Chiron in Pisces for the next eight/nine years, during the first official years of the Aquarian paradigm, indicates the challenges ahead.

To me, it speaks of the same-old, same-old dynamics of the arrogant and masculine-heavy rushing in where angels fear to tread. Patenting life itself, getting it under the establishment's thumb. Misusing energy and nature in the most horrific of ways with no care at all about long-term repercussions.

Those who hold real Piscean understanding are doing what they can to bring the 12th energy of the zodiac to the decision-making table. They see the massive, gaping holes in understanding (and in ethics) of the Atlantean throwbacks toying with the power to dismantle humanity and all living things.

But let's be honest. The Pisces energy and those who embody it have taken quite a shit-kicking up to now. We're tired. We're a little punch-drunk. We're psychically and physically taxed. We feel powerless and helpless at times, as if we're destined to see a history we hoped we would never experience again repeating.

And our numbers are not as strong as they could be with so many still caught up in useless spirtual hierarchy, materialism and ego, feeding their precious energy and talents into the same top-down control mechanisms. Squandering it in one diversionary, escapist past-time after another.

So these are some of the conditions as Chiron begins its transit of Pisces.

The flip side of the wounding is the healing - related, in this sign, to finally anchoring the spiritual understanding and knowledge we've been carrying forward for so long. Activating the 12th energy of the zodiac, the energy that brings everything back together from wounding segmentation. And seeing this energy properly applied as a motivating force guiding the decisions being made on this planet...little by little.

Chiron is entering Pisces at an opportune time, a crucially necessary time. It dips into the first degree of the sign Monday, April 19 until July 20, at which point it retrogrades back into Aquarius.

This adds just a touch of the Piscean understanding and impetus to the proceedings - maybe palatable enough for even the most arrogant of scientific minds to accept? Let's hope so.

We have to be gentle here, but firm. There is no un-knowing what we know. There is no going back to a more fragmented understanding of humanity and life on Earth. So we hold our positions.

And we're aided in this pursuit as the Sun joins Venus and Mercury Rx in the earthiest of earth signs, Taurus, also on April 19, just as Chiron ingresses Pisces.

In the areas where we had begun to fear we were losing our grip, losing our footing and our connection to this Earth, we're reinforced. Our feet are planted. We fully inhabit our bodies here and draw on their inherent wisdom. Our feet grow roots that tunnel deep into the soil, connecting us to the lifeforce that has sustained our entire physical ancestral lineage.

Safely, stably, in a grounded, earth-connected manner - this is how we proceed. This is the fixed foundation we need as we bring forth Piscean wisdom, insight and understanding in practical application. With the deepest respect and reverence for this planet, the ancient wisdom of its natural timing and cycles and the living things upon it. Like this, putting one foot in front of the other, we're sustained.

It's not so easy, though, to find the trust and the courage to fully ground into and inhabit these bodies. Taurus is about what feels sensually good, and much of what is going on on this planet doesn't, especially for sensitives. For many of us, being on this planet, aware of what we're aware of, has not often ever felt truly good.

Our bodies tell us that knowing what we know has brought down a world of pain and injustice on those who have preceded us in carrying this knowledge forward. So we're wary and kept from trusting this physical existence completely.

But the truth of the matter is, the chips are down. It's now or never. We need to let go of the escape hatch door, to fully come to Earth and into these bodies, in order to anchor this wisdom we have, to nourish it, apply it, and give it a fighting chance.

It's not simply the awareness of past abuses that is stopping this from happening. People still attempting to make a go of it within mainstream systems are forced to live at such an unnaturally accelerated pace that it's impossible to truly care for their bodies. They don't have the time to connect to their deepest body wisdom, and they certainly aren't allowed to use it if they do manage to.

People are made to feel guilty about living on 'Taurus time' or needing time in fresh air, out of the office buildings. So they come out of their canned air cubicles only for a smoke break or a quick coffee, the drugs they use to insulate their senses enough to continue, and then plunge back in.

The 'Too Much Information' Chiron in Gemini generation has been manipulated in this way to an unbelievable extreme. This was a gateway generation, the first one to grow up constantly connected and driven by that Uranian charge addiction - cable, satellite, radio, internet, cell phones, text messages, iPods, Blackberries. Constant bombardment. Constant stimulation.

There are so many people living at this bizarre, manufactured Uranian pace, and there is going to be a massive purging and purification required, especially as the Pluto in Scorpios reach the point of electromagnetic toxicity saturation - when they realize what has been fed into their collective. The balancing polarity point for Pluto in Scorpio is Taurus.

Chiron will be in Pisces, conjunct Black Moon Lilith, during the initial cardinal t-square/energetic cardinal grand cross this summer along with that potent Capricorn eclipse conjunct Pluto. The spiritual whole coming together is key in what is initiated here, though this coming together will be obscured (Chiron/BML).

The feminine, spiritual understanding that has been forced into the fringes and the shadows and kept there for so long peeks its head in here, just long enough that it cannot be denied by anyone with even a hint of ancient wisdom in their bodies.

And the power of it, having taken a back seat to the masculine for so long, starts to let itself be known. The damage done will be hard to ignore from here on in.

At the same time, the dark side of Pisces - the delusions, the blind spots, the rosey puffs of Neptunian glamour that lead around by the nose - will be easily manipulated within the collective. Watch the Neptunian smokescreens and identify when the collective subconscious is being pumped full of diversionary energy - both fearful and hopeful. This is some of the trickiest energy to get on top of on this planet, and it is often used against us. We have to work together in earnest to maintain clarity of vision because with Chiron on one end of Pisces and Uranus on the other, the conditions are ripe for traumatizing uses of this energy.

Saturn in late Virgo provides its mastery to assist us with this clarity and precision so we don't miss pertinent details. Deciphering manipulated/manipulative Pisces energy from the holistically healthy and sustaining is never easy, but no one said we were living in easy times.

We have to be much smarter now with this Pisces energy, channelling it into only the most precise and necessary practical application (Virgo). Accepting and working with only the holistically healthy, grounded, sustaining version - rejecting all else. No dumbassery allowed. No leaks. Rock solid boundaries. This is what we've been getting on top of throughout the Saturn in Virgo - Uranus in Pisces opposition cycle. Refining the energy of the 60s and getting real with it. Chiron will be at the potent zero degree of Pisces for the final Saturn-Uranus opposition in these signs April 26. Again, the damage related to unsuccessfully working with this polarity will be hard to ignore.

We really do hold the trump cards here. Despite all attempts, there's no destroying what we know or what we're connected to. We just have to hang in there until we get our chance to play them. Holding steady as grounded Taurus infuses the entire Chiron in Pisces transit...

Storms make trees take deeper roots, and the deeper the roots, the stronger the tree.

We certainly have to be strong little trees these days, don't we?

But we can do this. We were born to do this. We just have to pace ourselves because it's a marathon, not a sprint - more so now than ever.

Chiron retrogrades back into Aquarius July 20 until February 8, 2011, when it re-enters Pisces for good for the following eight years - until February 2019.


Anonymous said...

WOW...awesome and eye opening post for sure...I needed to hear that...Thank you again Willlow!!

Willow said...

You're very welcome.

pamelatables said...

You are so ON . What degree is BML in Pisces this summer? I love it when you write about BML. I have my sun at 19 pisces.

Willow said...

True BML will be at 3 degrees Pisces with Chiron at 0 degrees during the eclipse on June 26. The mean calculation will be at 29 Aquarius. So you can see the cross-over there.

BML will mostly be in Pisces this summer...not sure if it will dip back into Aquarius at some point. It moves around so quickly and erratically. I can't keep track! :-)

Anonymous said...

nobody quite says it like u,, thanks for everything!!

Willow said...

Thanks, P. :-) (I think this is you, anyway.)

Anonymous said...

yup, 'tiz me, girl!! ;)

love, ~ p

Paul said...

Perhaps the Chiron cycle needs to run its course since its discovery in 1977. A cycle that would complete around 2028.

In the meantime, we are Chironically sifting through echoes of the previous Piscean transit wounds around pre WWI and 1963 JFK. Cultural optimism raised and murdered. The period of Chiron mirrors a Torah-suggested 50th year jubilee of debt forgiveness and reconciliation, even redistribution to rebalance and heal. Something moderns seem unwilling to apply like Solon of Athens discipline of the usurers in support of productive but deeply indebted farmers.

mermaid 49 said...

very happy to have found you...sun in Pisces at 19 degrees, Chiron at 3 degrees pisces conjunct south node...have been totally exhausted lately, but reading what you wrote gave me hope...thank you...looking forward to your next writing...

Willow said...

Ooh, Chiron conjunct S. Node in Pisces. I feel for ya, girl. Hang in there. We're getting through together.

Anonymous said...

I understand how you feel.With moon in pisces and sun in taurus I find the modern aquarian energy difficult to cope with--I feel like a fish out of water and its exhausting! Based on what you have said I cant understand why it is the aquarian age that is supposed to be the spiritual age when pisces seems so much more spiritual.
Have a look at this website and see what you think.

Maybe it is the transition thats so difficult