Sunday, April 11, 2010

Aries New Moon: A New Two-Year Creative Cycle Gets a Strong - Yet Gradual - Push Forward

We're heading to a New Moon at 24 degrees Aries (6:29 a.m. on Wednesday, April 14), and this is the official Grand Opening kick-off for both spring in the Northern Hemisphere and for the new two-year Mars cycle we've just entered.

Mars is the planet that rules the sign Aries, so we say that Mars, currently just up to full speed direct in Leo, is the dispositor of this New Moon, adding a crucial layer of influence to whatever is initiated here.

Mars in Leo is squaring Mercury in Taurus, slowing to go retrograde April 17, so the creative cycle getting off the ground at this New Moon is being tempered by the influence of slow-and-steady Mercury in Taurus. Our steps have to be sure and solid and real as we head forward from here, and we're really digging in in the typically Taurean way.

There is also a necessity to let things unfold in natural timing to secure a solid foundation for our creative output. A little slower than both Mercury and Mars would like, but this is a good thing. In the physical realm, things take their sweet time to grow, and that makes them even better - as is the case with the unfoldment of this Mars cycle.

Mars retrograded in Leo from December 20, 2009 to March 10, 2010 and is just now back up to full speed direct. Mars retrogrades once every two years, marking a new cycle related to all things Martian - especially the setting of new personal goals, the realization of desires and the use of our will and action to achieve those goals and desires.

In Leo, the goals we've set are related to what we desire to initiate and create purely from the love in our hearts - both in our personal lives and in our communities - over the next two years and beyond. The things that will bring heartfelt joy and delight to us and to those around us, sustaining us and our communities through the rough patches ahead.

Love in action (Mars in Leo) is the driving creative force here. Love as the most raw, vital force in our lives, propelling our actions and fuelling our motivations.

This placement also has a bit of an edge to it as we have to fight (Mars) for love to prevail as the force motivating action and direction over the next two years - a crucial tipping point period in many ways.

This Aries New Moon brings themes related to the struggle for survival of the self and our personal identities, exactly as they are. Going forward, we will have to draw battle lines at times for independence, autonomy and the right to self-direction as the Aquarian paradigm begins, ensuring the exact right creative direction for us as individuals. We will have to put some effort (Mars) into it, loving ourselves and each other through even the tough stuff, and we will have to fight for those we love, at times. The fierce, fierce power of Leonine love. Cross it at your own risk.

Mars in Leo also provides a means to increasing the strength and vitality of this love in our lives by keeping it moving and flowing. Mars loves action/motion.

In Leo, the flavour of our Martian goals relates to the application of personal artistry, self-expression and personality, fun, glamour, romance and playfulness. As an offshoot of the romance, children could be involved - either goals to make new ones or goals related to the kids already here.

Here are a couple background posts on the Mars retrograde period in Leo:

Mars Retrograde in Leo: Reclaiming Our Primal Creative Force in the Face of Shifting Structures and Changing Paradigms

Full Moon in Leo and a Sun-Mars Opposition Mark the Official End of the Previous Two-Year Mars Cycle

During the Mars retrograde, we reclaimed our primal creative force and brought it back to our hearts, strong and pure. We slowed our creative processes and our creative output as we were redirected, slightly or completely, and were moved forward again in stronger, more heartfelt directions as Mars went direct.

Our hearts have to be in it now 100%, or really, why bother?

Post-retrograde, we now take charge of the autonomous use of our creative force to achieve goals related to living a life we love to live and seeing the people we love doing the same.

The Full Moon in Leo at the end of January marked the official close of the previous two-year Mars cycle, which had a Cancerian theme.

Now this Aries New Moon, disposited by Mars in Leo, creates an initiating push into this new creative cycle. We officially begin here after the overlapping period of the Mars retrograde and station.

There is a lot of fire energy involved here - passion, joy, creativity, inspiration. Zing! So focus on the new directions and initiatives beginning here that will stoke these qualities in you. We're leaving the past two years behind and moving on.

We're currently in the Dark of the Moon in Pisces, getting still and doing the preparatory wrap-up related to final-sign-of-the-zodiac Pisces themes. I'm excruciatingly happy to let the last bits of Pisces drip to a conclusion here because, for me, that was one wack-ass Pisces season we just went through.

The closer we get to the finale of the Piscean Era, the more overwhelming and draining the Pisces work can be - and we're very, very close to the end here.

Uranus and Neptune (in mutual reception) semi-sextile each other exactly at 28 degrees Pisces/Aquarius on Tuesday, April 13, as the Moon heads to newness in Aries, and you can see the work we've completed here related to the overlap between Piscean and Aquarian eras. We've hit a mark, heading into this fresh, new Aries New Moon, and that is truly something to celebrate.

The Moon enters Aries at 7:31 a.m. tomorrow morning (MDT).


Theodore White, judicial Astrolog.S said...

Nice post Willow, and well-written.

The energy of the New Moon in Aries does give a healthy boost for many people, which comes just ahead of this summer's Cardinal Crisis transits.

So, the month of April, May, and June offer opportunities to break out of the slump of the last 2.5 years for many people.

Willow said...

Indeed. I've written about that in previous posts, and this Aries New Moon connected to the Mars cycle is just another layer of the situation.