Monday, April 19, 2010

Black Moon Lilith-Chiron in Pisces and the Wounds/Wounding Dynamics the Collective Refuses to Face

This thing of beauty is brought to you by the effort of many. It's been through many, many hands. Balinese artisans shaped the silver beads by hand, and Chinese miners dug the turquoise. The turquoise was then shaped and drilled by more people and strung on cord. And then the raw materials passed through an assembly-line production stretching around the globe. I sincerely hope that all involved have fared no worse than I have in life, but you never know. 

I fretted over this when I started making bead jewellery at the store. The effort it took and the processes involved to bring those stone and silver beads to me was astounding. Why so much effort for such a seemingly frivolous activity as jewellery-making? The answer I came to, at least in that window of time, was that it must be energetically valuable in some way - outside of a way for me to sustain myself and the store where I worked. 

The beauty and power of these earth gems must be healing things. And even the act of putting them in order, into pleasing combinations and patterns, must have been somehow beneficial. Otherwise, why would there be such widespread cross-cultural beading traditions? It must be a force doing good things, somehow, as long as every hand that helped it come into being is honoured. 

But this honouring is the big, gaping hole, unfortunately, these days. The crucial links and connections all too often kept invisible. 

There are themes here. Piscean themes. Dark, denigrated, denied energy being held by this psychic catch-all sign. Pisces is the end of the road, astrologically - the 12th and final sign of the zodiac - and it's been a watery grave for many a dirty secret we now need to bring to conscious awareness in order to successfully complete the Age of Pisces. 

To make a successful transition to an Aquarian era, we have to first look at some things that have been held in the collective unconscious for a very long time, playing out in weird and traumatizing ways, and deal with them once and for all. The situation on this planet can't tolerate just carrying this stuff forward, as has been done. 

So it's a serious situation. 

Can we do it? It's hard to say. 

The people willing to even work with this stuff are vastly outnumbered. But in order to give it our very best shot, we have to look at it and attempt to work it back into the whole. Everything matters here. It always has, and not living with this as a guiding principle has created the grand-scale damage we now have to work on. Free will. Don't make me laugh. There's one job to do and one only at this stage of the proceedings. 

There are some big, often painful, themes here. One of which is the understanding that suffering and pain are collectively held as part of the human condition. Understanding and acknowledging this makes the burden bearable, spread among many shoulders over space and time. A bearable burden is important as things intensify and we spin up an overwhelming amount of collective pain held in the subconscious, triggered by the traumatizing events we're seeing play out and living through daily in rapid, concurrent fashion. 

How can human beings take this much? 

Only by sharing it with those who feel and have felt the same things. 

A mine collapse in West Virginia on April 6 killed 29 men. The echoes. Chinese mine collapse kills 18, 21, 42, 12, 3. Mining tragedies around the world. Impossible class situations. People forced into dangerous, soul-eroding work. Bodies recovered. The grief of mothers and wives. Never be the same. Emotionally irreconcilable. Children without fathers. Ghosts for mothers. Dirty fucking wage slavery. Historical slavery. Karoshi. Death by overwork. Soul death by overwork. Quick or prolonged. Industrial accidents. Rig accidents. Farming accidents. Another soldier killed. Drunk driving accidents. Anaesthetising. Rolled his truck. Cherished loved one, many loved ones, gone. Risking your life for a paycheque. Business bureaucrats safe in their offices, depositing blood, sweat, tears and lives into their already fat bank accounts. The dollar value of a human life. The upper-mid class cluck, clucking and tsk, tsking about how terrible it all is while their inflated lifestyles are supported on breaking backs. 

And we could go on. And on. 

The echoes, echoes, echoes. 

There's a new balance necessary here. Those living in denial of underlying painful realities will need to take responsibility by becoming aware of this collective burden and of their role in furthering it - not a popular sentiment these days, especially among the blissed-out set. 

This has been orchestrated, willfully created, this suffering and hell. Let's not do the dead and suffering the disservice of forgetting that. 

And this brings up another thing I keep hearing echoed lately: the idea that good and evil are just a myth. Personally, I've always pegged this as another of the New Age misuses of the "oneness" concept. The idea that good and evil are subjective and that what we experience as 'evil' is just a reflection of evil in ourselves. 

Playing on the guilty collective conscience. 


Do we all have the capacity for evil under the right circumstances? Sure. But do we all choose to align with evil actions and intent and make them our driving force? Nope. 

To paraphrase, the greatest trick evil ever played was convincing people it didn't exist. We can thank the New Age movement in large part for furthering that one. 

We now have legions of people willing to give individuals and organizations committing evil acts a free pass because "we've all been evil in one lifetime or another." Horseshit. This is one of the main reasons I can't stand the concepts of 'past lives' and 'karma' and how they are chronically misused to justify a bunch of partial-truth garbage. 

Let's be clear here: there are people in this world committing horrendous acts of evil, causing pain and suffering of unimaginable scale. Their actions, decisions and coercive influence are causing damage, injury and death. Most often, this is being done knowingly and purposefully. This, to me, is evil, and I'm not sure how anyone can give it a free pass, no matter how New Age foggy things get. 

There seems to be a real feeling that these issues are redundant and behind us now. 


Actually, this couldn't be further from the truth. We need to deal with this, especially the sensitive, touchy points, more so now than ever if we're really going to do this on this planet. 

So am I a bit of a broken record? Sure. But as this stuff just keeps echoing and cycling and swirling, unconscious and unresolved, there's really no question about whether my words are still necessary, is there? 

Saturn's at tail-end Virgo for just three months, offsetting Pisces energy within tail-end Piscean era. The psychic catch-all is overloaded and ripe for abuses. The oceans are at their contamination breaking points. And the importance of responsibly applying Virgo energy cannot be overstated. We don't get another chance this strong to get on top of this stuff.


A.G. said...

Dear Willow, I just wanted to say that your writings continue to ring true, and are immensely helpful. It seems self-evident at this point to say that we are living through "tough times". I find that you frame things in such a way that really the essential comes out, and constantly you present the solution that we're in this together and have to work together. I don't know in such details what is going on cosmologically, but I can say this.. We need a thousand years or so of healing. I think that would do us good, collective healing for a very very long time. Anyway thanks for sharing your wisdom with the world, it makes a big difference to me.


Willow said...

Thanks for your comments, Alex. I appreciate you taking the time.

On this blog, I'm speaking to other people who, like me, desire change to the point that it is/has to be the driving motivation. Nothing else really matters when we're in such a state as we are in. It's been this way since I was born, so I know it's been this way for a long, long time.

When I try to bring it back to the point of us being in it together, it's those people I'm speaking to, directly. I think Saturn in Virgo has gotten us clear on where the lines have to be drawn related to those who choose to tune out the realities of the pain and misery going on and continually being caused.

There are people still comfortable enough within the systems that they can look the other way and just go on with "normal" life.

But I have to accept that I was pretty much born uncomfortable...already past the point where I could just play along. As I'm sure many of the people who read here are.

I think the pain is clamouring to be healed/released, but it's a matter of discontinuing the dynamics that cause the pain and misery in the first place - which is not being done grand-scale.

The healing is being prevented, so I think we have to look at what is preventing it - what is making it re-occur on a cyclical basis and what is keeping us stuck in it. Bring to awareness the dynamics and really make people decide once and for all - do you want to live in a world where this is given a free pass? Do you want to be responsible for giving it a free pass?

I really don't, and I'm sure most people who read here don't. But as far as the comfortable masses, they haven't had to really decide...yet. :-)

For me, it's no decision because the collective misery among living things on this planet is at the breaking point where I am barely able to tolerate.

But of course, as we've gotten into in the past, you can't let the awareness/experience of the pain and misery take you down, either. You have to have enough stability and goodness and things that bring you fulfillment and joy in life that you can stay on an even keel.

Anyway, this is all very Piscean and diffuse, and I know we're needing the details to come together. And I'm sure they will. I'll keep reading the cosmos and letting you know what I think it says...

Anonymous said...

Hey Willow -

Fantastic post. I've been making jewelry with stones for 20 years. Earth gems are absolutely energetically valuable. I started with quartz and moved up to the hard stuff, beryls and corundum. (that's a pun) Working with stones has totally changed my life.

Keep up the great work and I look forward to hearing you on FAR.

regards, J from Mpls.

ash66 said...

Hi Willow
I find reading ur article of interest. i too am afflicted by the lilith/ much so that a little bit of negativity would cause huge disruptions.i have gone through so much in life and ppl r surprised and confused as why i still standand remain positive. please advise on how to protect my self plz.
ash , england

Willow said...

Wow, I just want to point out that I wrote this the day before the Deepwater Horizon offshore rig explosion that killed 11 workers, injured 17 more, and devastated the Gulf of Mexico and the people and animals living there.

The ocean could hold no more...and yet the Deepwater Horizon oil gusher/Corexit disaster AND Fukushima were still to come.