Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happy Sun in Sagittarius! Leaving the Energetic Hangover From the First Saturn-Pluto Square

The Sun is passing through the 29th degree of Scorpio today. By tonight, the Moon will be out of Capricorn and into Aquarius, and the Sun will enter Sagittarius.

Yippee ki-yay, cow patty!

This is good news because it means we are moving out of the energetic hangover of the first Saturn in Libra - Pluto in Capricorn square and the coinciding New Moon in Scorpio amidst that big old stellium in Scorp. The related pressure and the hold of any stirred-up fears should ease now...

Scorpio and Capricorn, along with Saturn and Pluto, are heavy hitters. They don't mess around. We dug in deep over the past week, and some long-embedded detritus was spun off as Saturn squared Pluto and the cardinal structural shifts started to get their legs under them. The Capricornian/Saturnine structures started to move according to new agendas, often under as much obscurity from the public as possible.

There are still plenty of dark and dirty allegiances, hidden motivations and obscured manoevres going on behind the scenes, beneath the surface-level handshakes and photo-ops. We still have work to do to bring what's REALLY going on to the surface and to conscious mainstream awareness.

I can feel it - the corruption. And how deeply it really goes. How complex it is and how many twisted corridors it really involves. It's overwhelming at times, as most people continue to swallow the official line or bury their heads in Aquarian/New Age rhetoric. Even the supposed alternatives to the official line have been co-opted and filled with disinformation on many fronts.

Yes, we've only just begun with this aspect, and we've got a Saturn retrograde to go over it all - January 13 to May 30, 2010. There are two more exact squares of Saturn and Pluto to get it all straight, and we're in range of the square for the next 11-ish months. Unrelenting, baby!

One situation that is so very fitting for these energies is the shift to the "new world order" through the usurping of the G8 group of nations by the G20. The G20 nations took the reins in September in Pittsburgh, becoming a self-imposed world government body in charge of economic issues. And this was done, of course, behind closed doors, guarded by fences and thousands of riot cops and amidst almost complete public ignorance. Never has any of this been up for debate by the public in any country. Do most people even know that the World Bank or International Monetary Fund exist? I think no.

It's yet another blatant example of the disconnect between pseudo-elected governments and real, informed public will. These governments, merged with corporate interests to such an extent that they are almost indistinguishable from each other, have an agenda of their own that (to them) supercedes the best interests and will of the public. There is no informed consent here...just consent manufactured through media manipulation, the police state and the drone of their supposed "experts," lulling the public to sleep with tales of economic growth through global harmonization and "co-ordination."

Well, I, for one, don't want to be co-ordinated into your grand plans, you twisted bastards!

They're the worst kind of middle management imaginable. With corresponding delusions of grandeur, of course.

The most recent G20 Summit happened as the Sun in Libra squared Pluto in Capricorn. And now, as Saturn in Libra moves back and forth over that square to Pluto, the figureheads work to solidify this arrangement and get moving with their One World Goverment agenda. They've got less than a year to make their big manoevres, consolidate power at the top of their man-made hierarchies and fuse agendas - as the public is still reeling from the orchestrated economic collapse.

And they're not wasting any time.

The next G20 meeting is scheduled for June 25-27, 2010 in Huntsville, Ontario, Canada, just as Saturn is back up to full speed in Virgo after its retrograde. (Although, there is apparently some debate about moving the meeting to Toronto?)

The G8 meeting will be held simultaneously, and this is being called a symbolic hand-off of power - although the public has been told the G8 will continue as a decision-making body regarding security issues and such. Isn't it funny how this brand of power follows the money? How those supposedly "in charge" of the economic issues suddenly rise to the very top of the hierarchy.

Seoul, Korea, led by President Lee Myung-bak, will then hold yet another G20 Summit in November, 2010.

Implementing the new agendas and imposing the new power players/structures with blistering speed - layering meeting after meeting, crowding the media and allowing for much less public attention on each individual event.

There is no way the public can really dig in to what is going on here on this timeframe and with so little transparency and education on the issues. As I wrote in September's G20 post, the lack of transparency, accountability and public awareness is all very Pluto in Capricorn purposeful. Plutonically merging the activities of bodies of power, consolidating the power and creating as much murkiness and obscurity as possible about the decisions being made behind closed doors.

Using the same strategy, the United Nations General Assembly in New York City went on at the same time as the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh.

Anyway, the Saturn-Pluto series of squares is definitely the backdrop for the next year. You can understand the weight of these times and how important it is to remain aware of what is going on as these new structures and power agendas work to draw everyone into their world-wide pyramid schemes.

But going back to the good news of the day - the Sun is entering Sagittarius tonight, and we start to experience the warmth, faith and optimism that sign has to offer. A very welcome shift at the end of Scorp season! Sagittarius puts a lit candle in the window to guide us, and we start to come in out of the dark...

The Sun's transit through Sagittarius is interesting, also, because Jupiter in Aquarius becomes its dispositor - a strong layer of influence on our day-to-day conscious awareness. Jupiter is in formation in the Aquarius triple conjunction and will conjunct and pass in the zodiac Chiron (December 7) and then Neptune (December 21 - Winter Solstice) before entering Pisces mid-January, 2010. A more extensive post on that is here: Status Update on the Aquarius Triple Conjunction

These Jupiter conjunctions have a nice healing, spiritually-connected feel. A time when our faith can be renewed related to the times we're living through and the change we're working on for humanity. (Well, the change some of us are working on, anyway.) There is reassurance here that the sometimes hellish struggle is worth it and that we're making headway, even when we can't see it in front of us. We're in this together, connected always to those who share our struggle, and these aspects can renew our strength and our faith in what we're doing here. We can feel, even in our darkest moments, that we are not alone, that we are loved and assisted, that there is a candle burning in the window for us...

There is a theme of truth with Sagittarius. Doesn't it seem that getting to the truth about the issues of the day is a full-time job these days? More than full-time. Propaganda after propoganda to wade through.

But Sagittarius also affirms within us the fact that real truth, laid bare, is inalterable. That no matter what wrongs are committed, what injustices are covered up, what corruption is seemingly gotten away with...the truth of what is good and right and high-minded always rises above. It sustains through time. Nothing can ever truly whitewash it or rub it out, no matter how dedicated an effort to do so, because it's one of those things that we carry with us in our hearts and souls.

So soak up all you can and fortify yourselves with the Sagittarius energy (Mercury is also in the sign until December 5) because we're heading to a Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn (December 26 - January 15) that will retro right back to within two degrees of Pluto in Capricorn and the square to Libra! haha

This New Year is going to have a serious undertone, but as always, it's better to know this stuff than to be swept up unaware...

Right? RIGHT??! heehee Just kidding. Of COURSE it is.

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Anonymous said...

I can feel an air of 'impending doom' relating to all organisations or structures involved in scurrilous activities around the world. Its almost as if THEY are going to PAY for what they've done! And they will pay big time.

I reccon 2010 is going to be a VERY bad year for any of these organisations. It heralds the end of the road for the US.