Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Uranus Stationing Direct in Pisces: Keep Your Heads About Ya

Uranus is potent right now in Pisces, stationing direct conjunct the soul mate asteroid Juno. (December 1 at 1:28 p.m. MT) The Moon is also in Pisces for the next two days, adding to the Piscean vibes.

Things are more spacey, time-warpy than usual right now and will be until the end of next week, so keep this in mind and do your best to keep your mind from wandering off into the etheric realms whilst doing anything potentially dangerous like driving, crossing the street, chopping veggies...

No time warping while you run the bath or broil some nachos!

When Pisces is strong, there is a tendency toward little slip-ups, accidents and injuries, so protect against that with grounded mindfulness and by not taking any unneccessary risks. The Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius could tempt us to push the limits, but that is not advisable as Uranus stations in Pisces.

Uranus conjunct Juno in Pisces means we're getting some strong communiques from our spiritual assistance (whatever form that takes) related to the way forward from here, so allow time for that connection and understanding to come through fully. Allow time for it to envelope you, but don't become distracted while doing anything that demands your full focus and attention.

If Saturn in Virgo and the opposition cycle to Uranus in Pisces has taught us anything, it's the importance of managing our time along these lines and successfully balancing the otherworldly/etheric with the material/physical. Both realms have different requirements that need to be co-managed.

The importance of soul mates in our daily lives also comes into focus here with the conjunction to Juno, whether they be people who are constants in our lives or just people we pass by on the bus or in the grocery store. The spiritual will be peeking through in the oddest and most unexpected of places.

At the same time, there's a strong tail-end Piscean Age necessity to filter out any Neptunian/Piscean communication or energy that isn't for you. The ability to screen that energy, turn it off and focus only on our own experiences is especially important during this direct station and will help us from becoming energetically overwhelmed or creeped out. There's another Saturn in Virgo lesson we can put into action - differentiating between what's for you and what isn't and reinforcing boundaries related to that.

Dreams are very potent, too. The division between waking and dreaming life is very thin now, becoming more of a single flow than usual. Dreams can be very literal, and it might help to write them down and analyze them related to what is going on in your day-to-day life.

Uranus in Pisces is in mutual reception with Neptune in Aquarius (indicating the transitional period between Piscean and Aquarian eras) and is the final body going direct related to that mutual reception with Neptune in its place in the long-term triple Aquarius conjunction. After Uranus moves direct, all the outer planets will be in direct motion. Full speed ahead.

Another post on that is here: Status Update on the Aquarius Triple Conjunction

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