Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's Been a Long Time Coming...And It STILL Ain't Here!

The Moon in its dark phase came together with Venus this morning. A conjunction of the feminine planets, merging forces in the deep, dark sign of ancient soul knowledge, Scorpio. Feminine strength and its raw, powerful beauty - wounds, scars and all - holding its position as Saturn in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn square off in the first of three closing squares. Holding its position as the Old School Masculine believes it's divvying up the world and serving it on a silver platter to its cohorts at the top of their man-made pyramid-scheme hierarchies. Dividing it into dollars and cents, euros and yuans, rupees and dinars.

All the raw, soul-deep Scorpio is squaring the triple conjunction in Aquarius and trining Uranus Rx in Pisces. Eyes on the future, eyes on the future is the constant refrain.

But what about now? And what led up to now?

It's been a hurtful trip to this Earth for many of us. A long succession of hurtful trips through the lineages.

And we're supposed to believe a change is coming. That it's almost here. After lifetimes of dirt in our eyes and salt in our wounds, after being ground down and ground down until we barely had the strength to go on. After having the faith diminished to the tiniest pinprick of candlelight. After having what's right and good punished and abused and mocked for so long.

Scorpio is intuition. The soul knowledge we kept inside and carried with us through generations like the most valuable of family heirlooms. Like the best china or lace or silver or pearls. Because it is the most valuable family heirloom.

And we agreed. No, we'll never forget. We'll never give up. We'll continue despite derision and opposition and every dirty trick in the book. We'll use that derision and opposition and all those dirty tricks to get better and wiser and stronger and more effective. Until the change is here. Until we can see it with our own eyes and hear it with our own ears and taste it with our own tongues.

And everyone who kept that promise, who kept his or her soul close, who protected the connection and the knowledge above all else and fought for that right in others, knows the struggle. We know it's the only battle worth fighting here on this beautiful little planet.

Here's Beth Hart, an Aquarius Sun, singing about the real change - not the co-opted Obama-fied version:

Beth Hart's A Change is Gonna Come

It's an old song written by Sam Cooke that has been covered many times, but her version really captures the feeling of this Scorpio square to Aquarius and trine to Pisces to me.

She's singing about all the times our hearts have been broken because the change didn't come. The sweet, child-like hope we had for it that was crushed so many times. And the times we went out on a limb for what was right and good and were left hanging because what was supposed to be there to support us wasn't.

And she's singing about the never-say-die resolve. The sheer strength of will of what is right and good. The power of soul truth. And the love that is so strong it keeps us getting back on our feet to try again...and again.

We can be thankful for the particular brand of Venus in Scorpio love here because with it, the heart has been broken and betrayed so many times that it won't be fooled again. Venus here is not an easy sell. Glossy words and social charms will never impress. Only the real change will suffice.


freeforall said...

Awesome Willow! As a Scorpio, I love all this Scorpio energy and depth.

I also have Saturn square Pluto natally, so actually, the current transit of these two biggies doesn't feel disruptive, but very familiar to me, LOL! I'm probably one of the few people who don't mind this transit!

Great article!

A.G. said...

You are brilliant, your blog is one-of-a-kind. I wish I had such an extensive knowledge of the subject. At the same time, I have something many people have the great/grave misfortune of going without: a direct link to the stuff from the inside. I rarely use calendars.. I don't have to., and I feel guilty reading your website once in a black moon, for it is cost-free and I get my bearings back 100%.. You can moderate this comment if you want.. Keep in touch, I never came across your blog for nothing, you'll see, 10/20/77