Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Status Update on the Triple Conjunction in Aquarius

Neptune is officially direct at 23 degrees Aquarius, so the three bodies hanging out in conjunction in that sign have completed their retrogrades and are now moving direct.

Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius entered into retrograde motion almost simultaneously (May/June 2009) and have gone direct almost simultaneously, as well (October/November 2009).

Jupiter is the fastest moving body of the three and will conjunct and pass both Chiron (December 7) and Neptune (December 21 - Winter Solstice) before entering Pisces mid-January, 2010.

This is the last pass of Jupiter through detached, intellectual, future-vision-oriented Aquarius before it enters much-less-detached Pisces and we have a spotlight put on the spiritual understanding and knowledge we need to fully attain before a better future (and reality) for humanity is possible.

Jupiter transitting Pisces will continue the shift to a spirituality attuned to the Aquarian times (and no, that doesn't mean One World Religion). We will continue to see people preaching irresponsible exponential growth, over-expansion and zero restrictions - over-reaching and then, eventually, falling on their faces. (Jupiter is good for those experiences.)

The misuses and abuses of Aquarian Age rhetoric will reach a fevered pitch as we near 2012 (an often-used official date for the beginning of the Aquarian Age). New Age charlatans with Neptunian tricks galore will be feeding the spiritual materialism addictions, taking it all the way to the bank.

And Aquarian Age corpo-governmental figureheads will be riding the "freedom, change and progress" train while continuing to reinforce hierarchical servitude as usual.

(No coincidence, Sarah Palin has just fired up her U.S.-wide speaking tour to promote her new book. Get in line, people! Her words of wisdom are right up there with Baby Bush's as far as value to humankind.)

All the spiritual excess and unneccessary garbage we'll see during Jupiter in Pisces will be a last-ditch attempt to get individuals to fully take responsibility for their own spirituality, rather than relying on spoon-fed spiritual hierarchy, which really has little place in a true Aquarian situation. That transit will relate to an attempt to get to real spiritual truth, which is a far cry from the commodified, speaking-tour-ized version being sold to the masses today.

But more on that when Jupiter enters Pisces...

Uranus in Pisces goes direct December 1. We can't forget this body in the whole scheme of things because Uranus and Neptune in mutual reception refers, of course, to the transitional times we are experiencing between the astrological Piscean Age and Aquarian.

At the point that Uranus goes direct, the outer planets will be "all systems go."

There are still many things that need to be attended to before we fully enter our "Aquarian state of mind," but the mutual reception being at the ends of the signs involved indicates that we are nearing the end of the most intensely interwoven cross-over period, at the very least.

Things will more than likely get very bizarre as we head to 2012 with a lot of buzz and electicity, but if we've got our feet planted firmly on the ground, there's little chance we will be swept up in any distracting and damaging fervour.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Willow. Great post.

Anonymous said...

I agree. It is so refreshing to read those words and beliefs that often run through my head. Your political humor was just what I needed to end (yes, I know it's 7AM, lol) my day. I will come back to your site often. Have a great day!