Friday, March 20, 2009

WWA Gettin' Some Cyber Props...

One of my posts was nominated (thanks Saviabella!) for something called Five Star Fridays (thanks Schmutzie!). Check it here:

Five Star Fridays

I'm seriously overwhelmed by the number of blogs on the Web, and sites like this are really nice because they (Schmutzie) provide small chunks of good quality bloggery at a time.

Small steps, Girl of the Limberlost, small steps...

Savia was actually the person who introduced me to Blogger, in general, so muchos gracias, Bella, for your assistance! You have no idea how deep my technological ignorance really goes (which you can see, for example, by the way I don't know how to make the links I post actually go to the sites), so thanks for helping me step into "the future," at least on the blogging front.

(And thanks for telling me what I was doing wrong with the links! Highlight first! Of course. It makes so much sense...NOW!)

I also like that an astrology blog is included with non-astrology blogs. An astro-geek blogger sitting at a table in the lunchroom with the regular geek bloggers. Who would have thought this day would come?

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