Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Moon in Aries Conjunct Retrograding Venus: Themes for the Next 28 Days (March 26 - April 24)

Today we have finally clawed our way to a breath of fresh air. Our head pops up out of the Piscean fog, at least for an invigorating look ahead. New Moon in Aries (Sun and Moon coming together at 6 degrees Aries) conjunct Mercury and retrograde Venus. And the Sun, Mercury and Venus continue their conjuncting dance in Aries until March 30.

This winter has seemed interminable in a lot of ways. Some days it feels as if time has stopped altogether. I think this is partially due to Saturn retrograde in Virgo, opposing the past month's Pisces planets. We've all been waiting (im)patiently for spring to finally roll around.

I've especially been waiting for this day for quite some time. I'm not a huge fan of a lot of Pisces energy, especially tail-end Piscean Age Pisces energy. That spacey, floaty, diffuse stuff doesn't do it for me (as it's on my South Node in the 8th house). The "been there, done that, let's move on" vibe gets a bit exasperating...and heavy..and painful.

We've been in the Pisces void long enough, I say! Time for something to start happening! And yet...Pisces has not given up its influence. (Well, for $@%! sakes!) This is disappointing news for those of us really hoping for some movement right now. (me) But I cannot pull a Piscean trick and gloss over reality. We're not free and clear to move ahead just yet. Still more going with the flowing...

Mars, which rules Aries, is in Pisces right now and will be until April 22. (Mars will enter Aries and Venus will re-enter Aries at around the same time. Looking forward to that!) That means, all the planets currently in Aries (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus) are being influenced by Pisces right now, and our fresh start is tied to wrappings up of a spiritual nature - much of which is out of our hands until it is brought up.

The spring-induced recharging of physical energy is also going to take a while longer. *sigh*

With the personal planets in Aries, there is a definite emphasis on our physical bodies. It's just that our physical bodies are still clearing past cycles. As well, our every move, our every cell is infused with the spiritual significance of these times we're living in, and this creates a heavy demand on our attention and energy. The significance of these times is huge and the physical demand is and has been, correspondingly, huge. We carry the energy of the collective - the quiet faith, the whispered hopes, the sustaining dreams of all who have come before us, and all who are yet to come, really. We are their prayers. This responsibility needs to really sink in before we just pop off in our new Arien directions.

Mars in Pisces is not a very comfortable combo. Mars wants new directions, speed, action, physicality at the forefront. But with Mars in Pisces, our physical bodies are carrying the energetic impressions of all that has come before...even through ancestral lines. We feel floaty, dreamy and adrift within the collective - not focused purely in our individual bodies and identities. We're still a bit "touched." Our goals, movements and physicality, in general, are being informed from other levels. Sticky parts of the personal and collective subconscious manifest through the physical body.

Mars in Pisces marks a period when our bodies can feel especially ancient with odd, unexplainable aches and pains. Low physical energy. We have a foot in both worlds at the moment, and we have to give due care and attention to both or we'll be prone to karmic incidents (weird accidents and sicknesses, for example) that bring us back up to speed. We can't drop our spiritual consciousness in favour of pure physicality, but we also can't space out of our bodies, either. It's a somewhat tricky combo.

Mars relates to goals, and our goals now have to take into consideration what we know about ourselves on a spiritual level.

Also known as "Old Souls Don't Belong on Snowboards."

The energy right now reminds me of this. When I was in my late teens/early 20s, I saw people my age skiing and snowboarding and rock climbing and such, and I wondered why I never got to do stuff like that. It didn't seem fair. So when I was living in Whitehorse, I decided to try snowboarding. Wow. Was I ever terrible. Like...reaaaaally terrible. Had zero knack for it at all. When I finally got to the top of the bunny hill (after falling 10 - 15 times on the rope tow), I started down (as per my bf at the time's instructions) and fell backwards onto my tailbone so hard, I blacked out. Searing pain. I lay there dazed for about five minutes before I could get back up. Subsequent efforts went just as well. I actually did go up on the big lift but fell so many times and made so little progress that I had to ride the snowboard down the hill like a toboggan because it was getting dark and the hill was closing. True story. I wish it weren't.

It was as if it were a physical impossibility for me to snowboard.

And it makes me think of lovely English lady Natasha Richardson at age 45 on that ski hill in Quebec.

Sometimes the world just taps you on the shoulder and says, uh uh! I think the trick right now is to listen...but also to not let it discourage you to the point that you hole up in yourself and don't try anything new. Again...tricky combo.

As I've written before, Venus in Aries is heading back to 29 degrees Pisces mid-April. Here is another indication of these fresh start/completion of past cycles themes...this time in relationships (including our relationship with ourself). And another reason I'm excited for that April 22 - 24 period when both Venus and Mars are in Aries. That time feels very fresh, like the final layer falling away and leaving us with a push into exciting new territory.

One more thing to keep in mind now...big, bad Pluto is stationing to go retrograde in Capricorn and is being squared by all the Aries. Our fresh directions occur within that context. So all the business turmoil, the economic meltdowns, the restructuring, the white collar criminality, the lack of hierarchical integrity across the board...we're going back over it, making necessary adjustments and coming to terms internally with what it all means and what it is going to mean.

Pluto goes retrograde April 4 at 3 degrees Capricorn. That's right! We've only dealt with the first three degrees of Cappie. The retrograde period lasts until September 10.

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