Sunday, March 8, 2009


I've run out of Virgoan tasks to pour my nervous energy into. My apartment can only be so clean. There are only so many dishes to do. My taxes are done. The plants are watered. I'm a person who never lets things get too Piscean chaotic, anyway, so there is not much to clean up.

On the other end, I can only meditate so long. There are only so many hot baths I can take, so many candles I can stare into and so much going with the flowing I can do. There's only so much nothingness a girl can take, yo.

We have just come out of several oppositions today, so the tension should start to ease now. I hope. I'm absolutely stir-crazy and feel pulled apart by many different forces, in many different directions. Yuck.

The Leo Moon is motoring through oppositions to the huge (and almost unmoving) Aquarius stellium. It will oppose Chiron, Neptune and Mars in Aquarius over the next 12 hours after already opposing the North Node, Jupiter and Juno.

The Sun in Pisces opposed Saturn in Virgo at around 1 p.m. MST today and brings up the energy related to the ongoing Saturn - Uranus oppositions. These themes are lit up right now, and this will continue as we head into the Virgo Full Moon conjunct Saturn on Tuesday, March 10. Again, this Full Moon should help to ease some tension (after the initial build up).

For me, these oppositions have been related to depression and heaviness combined with spaceiness. Feeling antsy and oddly charged by Uranus/all the Aquarius and at the same time draggy and exhausted by it all. Feeling seasick, being tossed around by the energies of the day and at the same time feeling stuck under the weight of it...under the weight of where we find ourselves on planet Earth right now. And where I find myself.

The void time between destruction of the old and creation of the new. This has never been a very comfortable place for me, but my life circumstances have made sure I've been here many times before. I guess I'm supposed to get better at it. haha

At the same time, we have Venus at a crawl having just turned retrograde in Aries. This is opposing my natal Pluto in Libra, so yet another layer of discomfort.

Not to mention that massive Aquarius stellium squaring all my natal Scorpio. (Anyone with Scorpio or Taurus energy in the chart will be being squared by this stellium.)

And we're in a deep freeze in Canada again. Calgary, where I live, has one of the mildest winters in the country, and we've got a wind chill of -28 at the moment after another big dump of snow. It's been a long winter.

So right now, I'm OK with the fact that all I can do is cope minute-by-minute. And if that coping involves copious amounts of Internet, TV and Zesty be it! :-)

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