Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Last Day of Winter! Sun on 29 Degrees Pisces!

Here's a nice summery water shot from my parent's ranch we can meditate on today as the Sun passes through the final degree of the zodiac - 29 Pisces.

The Sun enters Aries at around 5 a.m. MST tomorrow morning, marking the spring equinox/first day of spring. Daylight hours get longer from here on in (in the Northern Hemisphere).

So enjoy/persevere through this last day of Piscean contemplation and dissolution as we wrap up this zodiac year! (Today is the Western tropical zodiac's New Year's Eve!)

Venus will be back on 29 Pisces April 11 - 23 as we experience that whole "Last Day of Winter" theme in our relationships. Many relationship cycles coming to completion, as well as things to do with self-worth, values, pleasure and love, love, love.

Mars will also move through this degree of Pisces April 20 - 22, so Venus and Mars will basically be conjunct on this degree, passing into Aries within a day of each other, making for a very potent completion/fresh start vibe. I'm really excited for that time.

At the same time, I don't want to believe that I have to be patient until the end of April, but I think it's the case. I'm still not sure what is going to happen with Art of My Heart. Just waiting for a new location to open up and trying to take care of whatever I can take care of day-by-day. Trying not to let the fogginess and lack of clarity aggravate me too much.

The new directions are tied to successful completion of old cycles, as always, but because we are clearing an entire "Age" now, it's even more important that we leave nothing unresolved. Things will wrap up, as always, according to cosmic timing, and we have to work to accept that and go with it.

But still we can celebrate as each layer wraps up! There really is a lot to celebrate. And for now...Sun in Aries is some pretty great news!

Happy Astro New Year!!


SpudOeuf, NY said...

What can I make me smile, rearrange and understand perspectives, and directions. I dig the exercise and your bold freshness on this blog. Be well and take good care of your love, love, love!

Schmutzie said...

You are being featured on Five Star Friday!